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  1. Damn GZ. All the homies in here doing solid work.
  2. Isn't there like 100 people who already flex their guns making deathmatch videos in GTA W? Anyway, I don't think this would work. Sure military, police etc could have a show to show off their cars, equipment and all of that, but a gun show with civs there wouldn't really make sense. I've not seen anyone role-playing a proper ancient gun collector either, that'd even be able to display something. Surely a event team held event or something as such would work, but that'd not make sense as well. + all the modding for guns for just one event wouldn't really justify it in the long term.
  3. Damn mans gone wild in a week reminds me of all the factions in LS that did it. Don't die like them.
  4. Congratz Lucky! Good luck to all the new testers and ofc dxrkside. Groz will be missed!
  5. How did the GW go? I did fairly well for my own leagues, but people did a lot better haha. Luckily due to Calvert injury had King subbed in which rocked me 10 points from him. also subbed out Schmicel for De Gea, a really discussable decision yet I've done it and I guess he'll be fine against AVL. Hopefully Greenwood/Shaw make good points too. A clean sheet from that would definitely push me for a lot of points too.
  6. Leaving this here. Good luck, Chuckles got this on lock.
  7. 300,000$ CB put on hold currently, accepting offers again. TRADE OFFERS for money + vehicles, money + apartments or anything else can be forwarded.
  8. Gratz harrison. Good work everyone else! Keep the hustle up! Good update.
  9. (( Ah thanks. I remember an admin telling me it's actually the FPx3 when selling, but it might've been updated in the recent housing update. Anyway, thanks. UPDATED as well. ))
  10. Kronik looks like a unlucky clover dipped into vodka.
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