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  1. Damn, this has me shivering. I would've never expected this to happen. I might support other teams, but today it's literally example of how soccer can turn from a fun game to watch to something very tragic. Pray for Eriksen, hopefully he'll be fine. Pray for everyone in his team, coaches, players, his family and everyone. Keep it positive, people. He'll make it out. With the medical equipment the world has, it'll hopefully end up being enough. The game was going really good, Pukki had his chances, Denmark's whole team had perfect click, but this just shows what it's really about. F
  2. Italy's game was basically on point. Turkey was playing defensive and tried to hold it down there, but shit, that's how it went. We already see great saves too. Ward definitely carried through Wales, even if some of the shots were offside (one of which didn't count as a goal, fortunately). It was a great game to watch. Going to keep an eye on Finland as they go up in their first match. Yes, we beat them as Estonians 1-0 but there's much more to come hopefully and we'll see how they've bettered their team from that match. Oh and yeah, my prediction is to either give it t
  3. The Limitless TV series is sick as fuck. The movie's good as well, for real.
  4. Vain and Lucky got this shit on lock. Shoutout to SEB and OSS.
  5. Besides the previous post and what he mentioned, you should also take in consideration what'd happen with a character you portray. You should definitely read over the rules a few times if you find yourself struggling, but you should be able to put together the rule that applies to certain scenarios anyway. One thing I did was link all the possible rules related to the different scenarios and then wrote up the necessary. You shouldn't go lackluster with what you write, as you have a word limit, but you should mention everything that has to be mentioned. Best of luck!
  6. E-Girls do Onlyfans
  7. Congrats everyone! Good work BaileyG.
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