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  1. +1. Being slept on. I guess their activity isn't prime but like come on. These guys doing a good fucking job.
  2. Previously bartending. Now looking for a job. A restaurant from my town has decided to hit me up for another bartending gig, but I'm looking rnow.
  3. Percy doing his things. Don't let these hoes stop you. If you know you know.
  4. Can't wait to see this go official. Dealing them pharmacy drugs and home-cooked meals straight out of the retirement home. Good luck with this, go far!
  5. Just came back from a vacation to Bulgaria where we had a chance to stay a night at Cluj Napoca and another city as well. Would say Romania is nice. Really like the mountains and such there. Fun roads to drive on. I also went to Bran. Gotta say that the Dracula castle is really not worth a while, but I went because other people from my group went. Anyway, decent country you have there, guys. Any suggestions if I ever come back to Romania?
  6. Salzburg is definitely a good shout if you're into history and all that. The town itself is beautiful. I've been there once, like 4 years ago or so and I enjoyed it there.
  7. Some good shit going on here. Shoutout Alexander!
  8. Damn you guys holding it down. Keep getting at it.
  9. Oh wow Sharvit back in it. Gz everyone!
  10. Shook. Rest well, man. 

  11. Gz everyone on their promotions and hope to see the illegal changes made to make the illegal scenery less lackluster.
  12. Damn GZ. All the homies in here doing solid work.
  13. For Ever

    Gun shows?

    Isn't there like 100 people who already flex their guns making deathmatch videos in GTA W? Anyway, I don't think this would work. Sure military, police etc could have a show to show off their cars, equipment and all of that, but a gun show with civs there wouldn't really make sense. I've not seen anyone role-playing a proper ancient gun collector either, that'd even be able to display something. Surely a event team held event or something as such would work, but that'd not make sense as well. + all the modding for guns for just one event wouldn't really justify it in the long term.
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