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  1. @ballistic I’d recommend trying the UCP password recovery and resetting your password to start with. If you’ve changed your email, I’d recommend trying both your initial email and the changed email. If you continue to have issues, feel free to reach out to me via Forum PM’s or Discord at Boots#7163.
  2. @Roc263 Sometimes it can take a few tries to get in, I believe right now there were some reported issues on connecting to the server, so it’s likely being worked on. I’d recommend to keep trying to connect and if it fails, try back again in an hour or so.
  3. Welcome to the community @Roc263! In your toolbar on the top of the server window, hit the button that appears to be what looks like a download button, it has an arrow pointing downwards. That’s for direct connection - Use the following direct connect IP to join the server: Let me know if you have any questions!
  4. Agreed, and I think it will be adjusted as needed with our feedback. It’ll take some getting used to for the most part but I think it’s a unique idea to help improve and create more roleplay.
  5. **Business Announcement** To all my incredible clients and friends, after much consideration I have determined that it's time that I part ways with the Black Rose Beauty Salon. I've spent countless hours planning and coordinating the creation of Black Rose Beauty to provide exceptional salon service to the city of Los Santos, and I feel that over the years I've maintained a strong presence in the amazing community of Alta/Hawick and I've striven to provide a modern yet relaxing salon environment to both the men and women in this community. I appreciate all of the business that you've provided to help stabilize my small business for as long as it has existed, and I encourage you to continue to support the business as I transition the ownership of the business off to my fellow co-worker and hired manager, Ella Hansen. I know that the salon will be kept in great hands, and will continue to provide exceptional salon services to the community. And with that, I thank everyone for the amazing memories during our times of service. I am thankful to have met such amazing men and women from all walks of life and have built lasting friendships with a lot of our clientele. Sincerely, Kaylee Volta
  6. Welcome to the community! There are a lot of great guides in the forums that you can rely on and don't hesitate to use the /helpme command while in game or the #newbie-help channel on the GTAW Discord if you get stuck with a question that you need answered rather quickly if no one else is able to help you. Although I started on the server back in 2019, I would recommend just getting out into the world and visiting open businesses and sort of watching how people interact until you get more comfortable with the server! Best of luck on your character development, most importantly have fun!
  7. Hey SparkMyte, So here’s the steps on how to make a business page - bear with me as I’m doing this from my phone instead of my PC. Step one - Hit the three ellipsis in the top left corner of the Face Browser interface and select ‘Pages’. Step Two - It will pull up a list of pages and you hit the small green button with the plus sign on the right-hand side. Step Three - Enter in your page information, and there you have your business page! Hope this helps!
  8. I’d recommend to reach out to a member of Property Management over forum PM’s. It very well could’ve been the case above, but they’d be able to confirm that for you.
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