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  1. NOW HIRING Black Rose Beauty Salon is seeking out the most creative and professional women and men in Los Santos who are licensed and educated in the fields of cosmetology, esthetics, and technical application of nails. Our salon offers a variety of professional services, please read further on our website for more details: HERE » A B O U T U S Black Rose Beauty Salon is a diverse and unique place of employment. We strive to treat our employee's like family. Once the Grand Opening takes place, we plan to open every other day, and will have a scheduling system that we are based upon. The four basic elements of cosmetology are hair, nails, skin, and makeup. These are umbrella categories comprised of different skills, procedures, and treatments. A licensed cosmetologist would receive training in each area, and therefore have various career opportunities. As a cosmetologist, your job is to send your clients away looking and feeling better. You might cut, style, and shape their hair; exfoliate, soften, and remove hair from their skin; clean, shape, and paint their nails; apply makeup; or perform some combination of all these services. Client relationships are an important part of being a cosmetologist. You need to be approachable and good at listening and communicating. Your clients count on you to transform them, and you need to display confidence and explain options. You will likely develop close relationships with your clients—which is one of the many benefits of the profession. Hair will be one of the core elements of your cosmetology training. If you choose to be a hairstylist, you’ll perform a variety of services including shampooing, cutting, and, of course, styling hair. You may also perform scalp treatments, coloring, weaving, perms, and deep conditioning treatments. Cosmetology Skills & Competencies Tips can depend on great customer service and developing a rapport with customers and clients. Possessing certain qualities can help in this regard. People skills: An ability to interact well with others, and to be pleasant and friendly even under trying circumstances, can be invaluable. Think outside the box: Creativity and a willingness to adapt to new trends can be important. Be a good listener: People like to talk about themselves when they have time on their hands, such as when they're sitting still while you tend to them. You'll want to be able to provide appropriate feedback. Physical stamina: You'll spend a lot of time on your feet. Tidiness: This doesn't mean just your work station. Personal tidiness is very important as well. Remember, you're an example of your own work. Education, Training & Certification Training and education requirements can vary depending on the cosmetology field you wish to pursue and state regulations. Education: A high school diploma might be required for some positions. Training: You must complete a state-approved barber or cosmetology program lasting at least nine months to become a hairstylist. Barbers must also attend a barber training program. A makeup artist usually attends cosmetology school for several months to a year. Estheticians must complete a two-year training program that has been approved by the state in which they want to work. Licensure: Every state in the U.S. requires that hairstylists be licensed. Barbers must also get state-issued licenses. You can get a barbering license by completing cosmetology school in some states, but in others, you must get specific training for barbering. Some states combine barbering and cosmetology licenses. Licensing requirements for makeup artists can vary considerably by state, but most do require that estheticians be licensed as well. Work Environment Employers include hair salons, nail salons, barber shops, spas, and resorts. Surroundings tend to be pleasant to attract customers and make them feel comfortable. But these positions often require interaction with various chemicals and sometimes equipment, so protective gloves and clothing can be important. » P O S I T I O N S A V A I L A B L E & P A Y Our salon, given the space provided, currently has two hairstylist booths, two nail tech booths, and two facial customer beds. You can become employed directly by Black Rose Beauty as a cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail technician where you are provided with an empty designated work station for that day. You would make a base pay of $4,000 per hour start pay, (salaries will be negotiable and there will be considerations for raises and bonuses per individual reviews) and collect upon 60% of your earnings for services provided. Employees keep all tips. We currently have the following positions available: Hair Stylist - 2 Available Positions Nail Technician - 2 Available Positions Estheticians - 1 Available Position » H O W T O A P P L Y Interested in becoming part of the Black Rose Beauty family? Please send an email to [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  2. » A B O U T U S Black Rose Beauty Salon was founded in 2021 located in Hawick, Los Santos. We specialize in hair, skin, and nail care. The significance of grooming and self-care has increased over the past few years. Some are naturally good at it, but most of us need help and an outside opinion. And with such busy lives, it is tough for us to spend time learning or even doing some of the physical care daily or weekly. There are a few advantages to visiting your local beauty salon in Hawick. These advantages are not only good in one’s personal life, but it has a positive effect on one’s professional life as well. A boost in confidence is something that every person needs in their life. It releases a fearlessness to venture out into the world and live life to the fullest. Taking care of one’s self plays a significant part in increasing one’s confidence and fearlessness. It uses your appearance to influence you to respect yourself, and when your hair looks fantastic, and your nails are done, you will be able to see its effect on your confidence. » S E R V I C E S Black Rose specializes in various services for both men and women alike. Our services and pricing are as follows: Hair Services - We do our best to provide our clients with all the latest techniques available in the beauty industry. Such as Balayage, Sombre’ and more. We do this in an atmosphere that is friendly comfortable, and down to earth. Come in and let us help you express your beautiful-self in your look! Simple Trim (includes cut, shampoo, drying and styling) - $500-900 Men's Cut (includes cut of your choice, shampoo, drying and styling) - $400-800 Deep Conditioning Treatment (includes a shampoo and conditioning treatment, drying and styling) - $200-400 Formal Styling (includes formal, bridal, specialty braiding) - $500-900 Full Premiere Color and Cut (includes full color, cut, shampoo, drying and styling) - $1000-$1500 Partial Highlights (includes highlighting or partial coloring, cut, shampoo, drying and styling) - $500-1000 Color Correction - Consultation is required. Hair Extensions (includes the extensions, and tools required for placement) - $1500-2000 Nail Services - Basic Manicure - $200 Pedicure - $400 and up Full Acrylic Set (color) - $500 Full Acrylic Set (French) - $700 (Gel polish can be added to any of the above services for an additional $200 charge - Gel typically lasts longer) Skin Care Services - It's an essential part of ‘living a beautiful life’. We have an experienced team of Estheticians who are dedicated on providing the best possible experience for you from the moment you walk in to our oasis. Our facial treatments offer an elevated experience with remarkable results. Live and feel beautiful! Glow Spa Facial - $900 with complimentary consultation Acne Deep Cleaning Facial - $900 Anti-Aging Facial - $1000 Vitamin C Facial - $1000 Hydrating Facial - $900 Additional Services - Teeth Whitening - $990 Microblading for eyebrows (semi-permanent tattoo, it is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that fills in thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller) - $2550 Sugar Waxing Facial - $100 Sugar Waxing Brazilian - $650 Sugar Waxing Full Legs - $550 Brow Wax & Tint Combo - $350 Tanning Services - We specialize and have invested in the newest tanning technology, with our TECHNO stand-up tanning bed, get the perfect glowing tan, every time. We have various plans to choose from: Basic Tan (includes a single tanning session - from 5-20 mins.) - $500 Tanning Membership (includes monthly unlimited visits) - COMING SOON. » M E E T O U R S T A F F Coming soon! Being that we are a newly established salon, we are looking to hire creative men and women in Los Santos who are certified cosmetologists, nail technicians, and estheticians who are passionate in the fields and are looking to join a tight-knit small business. » R E V I E W S Would you like to be featured in our reviews section? Only our most loyal customers get a feature! If you have recently stopped in to Black Rose, please feel free to comment on our website ((below)), for a possibility of being featured under our customer reviews! Feel free to drop an image of your transformation! xo SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES!
  3. Sold! ((I’ll be IG later on this evening, please PM me your contact information and we can meet up!))
  4. Vehicle is stock with some cosmetic upgrades. Felon's are listed for $159,000.00 at Dealerships Just looking for best offer at this time.
  5. Username: Guest285104 Comment: Save the animals! Adopt! There are many homeless pets who need a loving forever home.
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