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  1. 2003 Maxwell Asbo SRI Regretfully selling my 2003 Maxwell Asbo SRI, this thing has been solid for me for the amount of miles I have to do back and fourth between work, it's obvious had it's issues being a "highly" modified car. It's currently sat on 893 Miles, although this is going to go up by a little bit as it's still in use, engine wise I've had no problems besides recently replacing the turbo as it went bang previously, but all that's aftermarket. So you're never guranteed reliability eitherways. It's still got ten days insurance on it, although this is most likely gonna be less by the time someone comes through and buys it as I won't be taking any low balls on this thing, I've put money into this and it's simply not worth your interest if you're not willing to pay good money for this thing, I want it to go to a good home, not see it sat in a ditch because some retard has bought it and ditched it, nor do I want to see it sat in a dealer. From factory the SRI is a 1.4 16v Litre N/A with a five speed that pushes 88HP, It's now sat with a one point six litre turbo B16LER which from factory is 189 BHP with a six speed strapped to it, which both are currently sat within this thing, all the work has been done by myself, which I work at Ocean View Customs, so the work has been done properly, I haven't spared a bit of cash on this thing. Specs Engine *Full conversion to B16LER, which is a 1.6 Turbo engine made by Maxwell for their performance variations *Full cat-back resonated exhaust system with a 3" single exhaust tips (yes it spits fire). *Custom made decat pipe. *Been remapped a few times, although on it's current map it makes 204.3BHP. *K&N Aftermarket Air filter *Airtec front mount intercooler *Sump protector because of how low it is Suspension & Wheels *15" JR26's white w/ chrome lip (One has slight curbing). *R888R's Semi-slick's on the front and rear pretty much brand new. *Stance+ Coilovers on the front and rear. *Brembo 4 Pot Calipers (Pair) stock drums on the rear. *Re-Routed brake line as it kept getting caught in the wheel due to how wide they are. Wear & Tear Alright so, the car is pretty clean for it's age but obviously it's a modified car that's almost twenty years old so it's not perfect, it's got a small scuff on the front right side of the bumper where I caught it few weeks ago on a bump on the way home from work, it's not really that noticeable unless you're up close, by the door there's a few small scratches too which I'm not sure how it happened, but they're only really able to be seen if you're looking at it in the light, otherwise it's not noticeable at all. Recently it's started smelling pretty harshly of oil if I'm sat in traffic or just sat idling a strong smell of burning oil is smelt inside, not too sure what it is, nor got the time to sort it as I work two jobs so I've not got time to look into it, but it's not long just had the B16LER six speed gearbox thrown in, so was thinking maybe it's just because it's a box with a new clutch + pressure plate + release bearing. Besides that it's pretty solid. OPEN TO OFFERS
  2. Hey, I'm looking to buy a Vapid Torrence, preferably a high spec one including the security yadada, but will take a look at any specs. Contact me via email: [email protected] (( Forum PM me )) Or send me a message on 7182.
  3. I'm free currently if you inbox me.
  4. If you can do twenty-three I'm all down.
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