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  1. LS Betting now offers LOTTERY chances to win !!! $200.000 !!! We offer the most SECURE way to do so, without SCAMS or anything alike! All you gotta do is pick five numbers from 1 to 60 and one number from 1 to 20 ! Every Sunday we will be doing a LIVESTREAM raffle of the numbers, and the winner with 5+1 numbers will get the JACKPOT of $200,000 CASH! How to Participate? There are two ways. One way is in-person tickets and one is online tickets! In-person tickets are advertised when there is an available partner to put your ticket through! Online tickets are handled online (( via discord )), whereas you will need to go online, sign up on our website and get the access to submit your tickets online! Price per ticket is $1,000 , and players can play up to FIVE tickets in one draw! Good luck! 🙂
  2. FOLLOW UP STORY: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/37049-donald-donnie-balistrieri-balistrieri-loyalists/?tab=comments#comment-332087
  3. Vehicle was sold on buyout price to customer. More cars coming soon! Thanks for the bids!
  4. Vapid Caracara is on SALE and you can't miss it! That truck is what made America great in 2020. One of the best pick-up trucks to go on rides and have fun! Market Price: $100000 Offered Starting Bid: $88000 (buyout: $120000) Insurance: 21 days!!! (from 28/NOV/2020) Turbo: INJECTED! Suspension: Tuned Engine: Rebuilt Brakes: TRD Brakes Transmission: Sport Automatic Contact: 83134724 or e-mail me if you're interested. Higher price offer takes it. (Bids need to be placed here!) (( ))
  5. Western Bagger going for SALE and need it gone! Market Price: $35000 Offered Starting Bid: $28000 (buyout: $37000) Insurance: 28 Days!!! (from 28/NOV/2020 when this ad is posted) Lock System: Upgraded Plates: CUSTOM (Vamanos) Contact: 83134724 or e-mail me if you're interested. Higher price offer takes it. A great chopper-like bike for you to go on statewide rides and enjoy the freedom of this perfect motorcycle! (( ))
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