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  1. It supports addons inside of the server folder till 1.1 is on the main server, so it's indeed not worth it on R* Games launcher
  2. Test it for yourself, but if you mean Rockstar Games version will only ever support addons, and addons will not be supported in RageMP 1.1 But I can never guarantee anything, you'll have to try for yourself.
  3. Yes, it's even stated in the main post. Ensure your auto updates in the Epic Games launcher are turned off, and it'll work flawlessy.
  4. Sometimes something breaks, sometimes it doesn't, just retry it with a clean file and see if the issue persists. It could be that you accidently didn't archivefix from within the file back to outside the file. There's .RPF's located inside of a .RPF, and it's a hassle you just drag them out archive fix the ones, and place them back in, but do this step by step.
  5. Main thread reads that this version isn't supported for root modding, though you can add addons in your RageMP folder for now.. till 1.1
  6. There's been others with the same issue, haven't heard from a fix yet :x
  7. It worked a few versions back on 1.1! And I mean 1.1 client and server. You just drop the folders with the dlc.rpf into the new server folder within the client_resources and it works, well it worked maybe that's been changed. I prefer installing the mods in my GTA folder anyway.
  8. 1.1 allows it, this has been tested and worked, just by installing the mods the old regular way. Simply put a txt file with the name "dont-remove-expired-clientside-packages.txt" in your RageMP root. You gotta know what folder you have to put the mods into since all folders will be having encrypted names, they won't use the same folders that we use currently, thats the reason 1.1 reinstalls the entire server into a different folder which means the mods need to be located in that same different folder. You don't need the loader either if you use this method, which means faster game
  9. No you don't have too. Just add a text file called. dont-remove-expired-clientside-packages.txt To your RageMP folder, and assure all your addon folders are in the correct server folder, and they'll work fine.
  10. Strange, I've honestly no clue at this point what could be the cause that leads to your game claiming it's corruption. The steps should work, even for clothing modifications :/ You could always try the addon method, which is on a few other topics, by creating your own addon. And then inserting that into your server folder and see if that works.
  11. What does your archivefix console say when you drop the RPF on it?
  12. Socialclub version doesn't support visual mods like Redux. Only Epic Games & Steam do. If you do have Epic, ensure that you've turned off auto updates.
  13. That's weird, what game version are you using? I have some clothes mod in my SP, that I've installed without a mods folder cause I wanted to see if it works and they seem to work fine after being archivefixed. So what is the game version you are using, SC/Steam/Epic?
  14. You sure you've archivefixed streamedpeds_mp.rpf first? And then x64v? Ensure that you drag out the RPF inside x64, before archivefixing, then delete the old one and drag the fixed one back in, then archive fix x64v. That should solve the corruption issue.
  15. what file path are you trying to archive fix, and are you sure you archivefixed everything? also the RPF's inside of the RPF (which go first), if you modified any in one.
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