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  1. These aren't even socks, they're part of a full costume. Honestly remove the whole /socks off command, and go back to what it was original as it was fine before. Socks magically appearing after you take off your flip-flops just makes no sense.
  2. ☺️ Was totally not held at gunpoint to post here.
  3. For the love of god yes, make the selection law enforcement factions get available through /uniform to everyone, and blacklist the items that aren't meant to be public. It's literally locking out more customization options! There's actually clothing items locked behind it and with the upcoming clothing update even more items will be hidden from the public. The UI is available for it already, the only change it requires is for that catagory to be available to everyone, and the items that aren't meant to be public to be blacklisted. There's been dozen's of suggestions about adding the badges and armor selection to the public, this also means we can get rid of /manicure that works but we have to redo everytime you swap outfits.
  4. Feels like I'm using NVE, but it's Vanilla. Goodjob EAC.
  5. Even if I didn't have a noticable drop in my frames. I did notice that all the trees are kept loaded in at high quality? Even at far distances. They do not turn into LOD's, which could explain the performance drop some people have? Maybe it's not just the trees, but you can't really test this with the benches placed around.
  6. I'm sure there's multiple suggestions that point at this as well. There's no reason not to add this, maybe even allow everyone to use the badge section in the clothing store, and restrict the actual faction items from being used by civilians.
  7. Keep, but at least give players the option to toggle it as you mentioned.
  8. I found a suggestion that was created in August that's related to this seeing those items are most likely locked behind the badge & armor selections that's only available to PD/SD All I know is that there's biker vests & nails in the selection of PD/SD that aren't supposed to be there?
  9. This suggestion got my support, they know how to blacklist restricted items so these sections should be available to all opening more options for customization, and potential more room for additions in the future.
  10. It's not just a holster restricted to PD/SD, there's custom clothes available to them that's actually meant to be available to the public.
  11. The issue is very strange yep, and only affects a few people 😕
  12. I don't really know what monitoring software to suggest maybe Wireshark could catch faulty packets or errors while playing on the server? But it does sound like a connection issue to me and RageMP's way of implementing it's traffic flow. I'm just gonna say something dumb, but when is the last time you restarted your internet modem? Maybe replug the cable? Make sure your DNS is either set to Cloudflare or Google's DNS. Maybe try to use a VPN connect to a server in Europe and use that to connect to GTA:W. Did you experience these stutters on 0.3.7? Did it start when the server migrated to 1.1? Or did it just start happening over time?
  13. @mencurry how is your internet connection? What do you use, cable or wireless? I don't recommend playing on wireless if there's many other devices on your network, the best way is a cable of course. Since RAGE Multiplayer 1.1 things have changed, and a bad connection sometimes results in hiccups, which feel like they are frame drops or stutters, or just a unpleasant feeling to the camera. Every movement from a player is in the form of a message (packet), just see it like a lot of information coming through and sometimes a message is missing which results in a hiccup, depending on your connection it can lead to more of these or even consistent waves to the point it's there all the time.
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