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  1. First of all, I would like to thank you and everyone else who responded to this topic. This means players are still excited about SADCR and would like to see it open tomorrow if possible. I'm going to go ahead and crack down on some of the points that you have mentioned to offer you and the community some clarification regarding SADCR. You have stated the following "We have zero current help from LFM or PM in what we need to do currently.". I do not see how Property Management comes into play here as SADCR falls completely under Legal Faction Management. Not Property Management, not SAGOV, not CITYGOV, not any other group but Legal Faction Management is allowed to provide a budget for the faction at this time as it's still a work in progress. Sharvit and I have made it known that we are more than willing to provide any needed budget at any given time to get the faction opened up as soon as possible. I do not understand where you got your information from but it is not from us as I don't believe you have reached out to Legal Faction Management in regards to this topic specifically. Moving on.. You mentioned that SADCR does not have a handler but that's simply not relevant to the progression of this upcoming faction. Sharvit himself and a few other Legal Faction handlers have been asking for updates throughout the past months along with them offering help if needed. It seems that there has been some miscommunication towards you and perhaps the community but I can guarantee you guys that we are actively looking at the progression of this faction. I suggest you send me and Sharvit a private message on the forums to address this further. @CYCOSOCIAL Thanks for the thread and comments.
  2. It was fun role playing with ya! Rip Pjeter
  3. Hello, There will be an update regarding this thread tomorrow. I will keep the thread locked for now as I would like to prevent a bunch of people arguing with each other. Thanks for your patience!
  4. Since you cannot keep this discussion civil, I'll lock the topic and clarify a few things. In-Character actions usually have In-Character consequences. If you think a faction is doing something unrealistic or is breaking the server rules, you make a faction report. If you believe an individual's role-play is sub-par and does not belong on the server, you report it to RPQM. Does someone break the rules? Make a forum report. You guys are just going in circles.. you're all playing characters and not yourselves, remember that. Be nice.
  5. Hello, Is this still something you would like to proceed with? @Dynath
  6. Hello guys, This has been forwarded to Legal Faction Management for review and discussion, thank you for the suggestion! Will post a conclusion down here once we get to one.
  7. Hello everyone, First of all, I would like to thank all of you guys for sharing your opinions and concerns regarding SAPR and the potential of transitioning the faction into SAHP. This topic is something that has been brought up by previous leadership(s) internally and was denied by Faction Management due to a few reasons. The biggest reason is the fact that SAPRs purpose was and still is to attract people to the county and to offer its members a unique experience that is not the 'typical' Peace Officer role. Our main focus should be on improving the faction rather than to transition them into something brand new on a state level. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to message SAPRs leaderships as they are open to them. As it stands right now, the Hunting Law is also not suspended and hasn't been in quite some time. I will leave the thread open for further discussion but as it stands right now, SAPR will not turn into a State Police agency such as SAHP.
  8. Hood

    Server wipe.

    Added a poll for you bud.
  9. I'm gonna say this before more people will add their comment to this suggestion. Police helicopter rules are already being looked into by LFM. I will close this topic if people start getting toxic, keep it respectful.
  10. Topic opened up again, stick to the main discussion and be respectful.
  11. Alright, since this thread has turned into a legal vs illegal player bashing spot I’ll be locking the thread for a few days. It’s genuinely sad that some of you guys cannot stay on topic and properly display your concern without bashing one another. If you don’t want to stay on topic once the thread has been unlocked again, don’t bother commenting.
  12. Hood


    Getting added already tomorrow, thanks for the suggestion!
  13. ———————— In-Character Discord Channel Requests ———————— LEGAL FACTION MANAGEMENT We understand how difficult it might be to run a business or faction without IC communication outside of the game. Legal Faction Management allows the use of In-Character Discord Channels to aid you guys in running your faction or business. You might have a hard time scheduling an opening that suits your employees' IRL schedule or you might need a channel that serves as an intranet for your employees. Rules We allow the following types of channels: 1. An intranet for employees. 2. Channels to notify your employees when you are opening up the business IG. 3. Channels to schedule shifts. 4. Channels to save documentation such as contracts. We do not allow any sort of group chats or WhatsApp chat channels over Discord. If you are not sure whether or not the use of your IC Channel is allowed, explain the use of the channel in detail. Request process: Please fill out the request form at the UCP LFM Request board which can be found HERE. LFM will review the use of the channels and will decide based on the criteria above. Upon approval, an LFM admin will join your discord and will request the necessary usergroups.
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