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———————— NOTICEBOARD ————————


This thread will remain an informative reference in favor of providing transparency wherever possible and ensuring that information can be widespread wherever possible in regards to Illegal Faction Management. This is the first step for one of the main pieces of feedback we receive.


It is highly recommended you follow this thread in order to get notifications when an announcement has been made, this may apply to all players regardless of their faction status.


— Head of Illegal Faction Management: @Naeno & @slothy

— Senior Illegal Faction Management: 

— Illegal Faction Management: @XIK, @khatz@slump

— Illegal Faction Management Support: @Acid, @Baker., @Element


Notes from IFM — Updated 31-OCT-2022

  1. We are looking into additional modded guns to enter the server, both small semi-automatics, and large ones.

Most recent announcement — Updated 25-NOV-2022


25 November 2022


  • @Igloo is now Assistant Head of Illegal Faction Management.
  • Unofficial Factions may now request properties (excluding chopshops) through Illegal FM, following the guidelines here: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/73184-ifm-—-information-masterthread/#comment-780650
  • All Factions are no longer required to submit an application for a safehouse, instead they need to request it through the Discord with Illegal FM with the property name and reason for needing it as a safe house.
  • All Factions' members will have an enhanced number of graffiti slots for 3.0 to promote more roleplay for them within their areas as well as tagging roleplay.
  • All Factions may make enquiries through the Illegal FM Discord for residential properties within their area of roleplay and will be given priority to available properties if possible.
  • Narcans will be added to 24/7s to be bought to revive from an overdose of the new drugs being implemented.


  • Misc. Suppliers - these will no longer be restricted to "Marijuana" and "Psilocybin Mushroom" after the 3.0 GTAW update, these will take form in being able to be obtained by anyone who continuously participates in a laboratory scheme with high standards of roleplay being considered, this is to lessen the amount of "work" required and more based on quality and skill.
  • Drug Suppliers will be able to request either ingredients (when 3.0 is live) or the standalone drugs. It is highly recommended that ingredients are requested, suppliers will also be able to request their laboratory and if going down the production route will have access to multiple areas of production.
  • Small gun applications are now open.
  • More information here: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/54778-ifm-—-requests-board-formats/


  • Drug Laboratories - This unique scheme initiates the usage of a drug laboratory to make harder drugs while being supplied the ingredients in small amounts to keep the lab running. This allows players to craft their own unique drugs and make a name for themselves through their product. You will be limited to the drug you apply for so be sure to choose wisely!

    You will be ineligible if you have recent or historic administrative action, especially for for drug abuse or OOC dealing.

    When we accept these drug laboratories, we will check regularly that it is remaining mapped and it will be standard practice we cease asking for screenshots after a standard of roleplay has been established so that roleplay does not have to be heavily moderated.

    • Important Note: We will not be giving out labs to make drugs that are unrealistic for the server, such as cocaine or heroin, etc.

    • Disclaimer: This is a very new system that is being implemented and drugs will be very different than they were before, unfortunately for the initial deployment, all drugs will follow the same tolerance measure and contribute to addiction in the same capacity. We ask for everyone to be patient while the system is perfect by developers following feedback from both us and yourselves.

  • Drug Schemes - Drug Schemes are typically reviewed every 2 weeks (14 days) and independent schemes that are ran outside of the operations of a laboratory, for example the following examples would come under a drug scheme:

    • Psilocybin Mushrooms Grows

    • Cocaine Purification

    • Marijuana Growth Scheme (format)

    • Prescription Fraud

    • Smuggling

    • Crack Cocaine Production

  • These changes were made after feedback of too much OOC required to simply just roleplay, we agree with this which is why we are trying to automate the system as much as possible when people clearly are trusted.

  • Heist information elaborated to promote more heist schemes.

  Rules of Engagement

  • No changes.


  • We are finally getting the long awaited graffiti script coming with 3.0!
  • You can join the Illegal FM Public Discord and submit fonts that meet the criteria here: https://discord.gg/HqsM9AFzyY
  • 20221125221921_1.jpg


Drug Statistics  — Updated 05-MAY-2022






Past References: — Updated 15-DEC-2021 


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12 November 2021

 Supplier Program

  • All acceptances from the melee & electronics opening are due to be issued by 15 November 23:59 GMT-0.
  • Due to the changes with weapons following a recent game update, IFM will now leave the weapon specialists' role open. This will remain open until we feel we got a sufficient amount of people covering this role - as this is now way more required than it was before. This still counts towards a faction's supplier count. (minor) (ref: LINK)
  • Tobacco Supplier will no longer count towards a Faction's supplier total, applications remain open. (1 major, 1 minor). (ref: LINK)
  • Drug supplier applications are due to open, multiple people from the same faction may apply but only one person will be accepted.
    • OPEN: 16 November until 23 November
    • Notifications of acceptance will be issued before 30 November 23:59 GMT-0.
  • Drug prices across the board have been reduced supplier side and are now live for suppliers:
    • "I've just gone over and adjusted prices for drug suppliers overall. I'm also going to force weapon suppliers to purchase a specific % of their order as pistols. So we will see over the course of a month or two how this affects the market in-game, but this is obviously done on a supplier level and not a forced in-game price by us, but it should open up for suppliers to price down drugs and perhaps we see more use and sale of them." Shanks

 Unofficial Groups

  • Restrictions on concept submissions have been lifted, no other changes.


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01 December 2021

 Supplier Program

  • All current applications (drug, weapon specialist, tobacco) submitted before 30 November have been reviewed, acceptances have been sent out. If you applied and did not receive a response for your application, it means that you were denied.
  • Device Scanners and NarcoChecks now have a lower chance of breaking.


  • Please see the follow chart for drug usage on GTA:W, now featuring November 2021. Due to the recent acceptances of new drug suppliers, we are hoping to see rises in pills and harder drugs. 


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17 December 2021

General updates

  • Due to other commitments, Bospy has stepped down as leader of Illegal Faction Management and the interim leader is Shanks. Bospy will remain within Illegal Faction Management within a senior role and continue to contribute to benefit the community.
  • The IFM Council, this was a group of non-faction leaders within the IFM Discord who advised on server issues, has been shut down. The following comment was made:
    • "I will be removing this council as it exists here as of now, as it serves little to no purpose anymore. I appreciate some of the discussions and advice we got out of this. This is to not create an elitist group of people that others feel they need to be selected to join in with to have their voice heard. The public discussions among leaders within illegal RP may come with better results."
  • IFM has recently expanded and joining us is @slothy and @lambchops
  • Transparency, as much as possible, is being promoted. We will be avoiding back-end discussions that impact the majority of the community moving forwards. This means that there will be more discussions such as the proposed tier system. While not everything can be shared, we will make more of an effort.

  Supplier Program

  • Gun supplier is now OPEN until 01/JAN/2022, there was an adjustment of the regulations which was a removal and can be observed below. This change was made and clarified because as many people brought up, a faction status does not make anyone more "qualified" or trustable than the next. We have observed that some of the fairer players are those who do not have limitations of faction alliances in-character or restrictions. We are looking for 3 gun suppliers. We are aiming to get all acceptances out by 09/JAN/2022.

    This was removed from the regulations:
    • Additional Gun Supplier Regulations

      • The applicant must be applying on behalf of a faction.
      • That official faction must have been official for at least 3 months.
      • That official faction must have a theme befitting gun supplier.
      • That official faction must have a reputation of good roleplay and abiding by rules.
      • That applicant must have a clean admin record, a realistic character, and must have a realistic background.
  • Active existing suppliers have had amounts increased; this was following the discussion that occurred regarding a proposed tier system as well as a deep dive into the logs to gain a more informed view of what is happening on the ground level of illegal roleplay within the server.


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09 January 2022


  • 30-DEC-2021 - TPP (third person) FOV mods clarified as being against the rules due to the unfair advantage they pose, primarily used within the gang scene.
  • 05-JAN-2022 - Public submissions of unofficial groups has been closed for the time being as we reevaluate the management, moderation, and quality of existing groups.
  • In the next couple weeks, Nervous will be working directly with Illegal Faction Management to improve the illegal scene for both those who roleplay within it and those who roleplay "neutral" characters as prompted by a thread made by a member of the community. We will announce more information on this when it happens, but at the moment it's on the 'schedule'.

 Supplier Program

  • All current applications (gun, weapon specialist, tobacco) submitted have been reviewed, acceptances have been sent out. If you applied and did not receive a response for your application, it means that you were denied.
  • Gun supplier applications are going to re-open on the 10th of January. During this round of applications, while we did induct 3 new gun suppliers, we still have concerns with the fluidity of how guns are being supplied around the server. We had every supplier examined via an automated system to ensure that guns were being distributed. Any issues raised with a supplier was brought to them directly.

    We understand there is a lack of ideal transparency with reasonings for denial, however, sometimes the issues can be with a player themselves. Whether that is recent observations regarding metagaming, or a powergaming mentality, this is enough for the whole application to be re-reviewed. This is in terms of groups and factions applying, sometimes there is no issues with the group or faction, but rather the applicant.

    More than one person from a faction or group can apply at the same time, this increases your chances massively as we trust suppliers as individuals, rather than their affiliation to a faction. In order to have a consistent supplier, they need to be trusted more and more, this is why we increase gun amounts when someone proves they're in it for the right reasons, to improve the community rather than benefit themselves.

    If you applied in the last batch, you cannot apply again, but other members from your group/faction (if applicable) can. During this recent batch of applications, we had a severe lack of applicants within the gang scene. 10% of applications were from members of a gang group or faction, please bare in mind we receive upwards of 60+ applications.

    You do not need a faction or a group! You do not need to be heavily connected, you do not need to be a face everyone knows. If you're concerned you'll be denied based off of being "unknown", make a screenshot thread, develop your character the exact same way a faction or group would. Get involved in discussions within the illegal scene. 


  • Drug use is always going to be a massive part of illegal roleplay, so we are trying to promote where we can opportunities for you guys to give your members alternative ways of creating themselves a self supply. This is separate to drug supplier, but effectively can get them almost similar amounts with dedication.

    This all goes through https://gtaw.link/ifmrequests 
    • Methamphetamine Schemes - [no initial drugs needed] - this is something we have always pushed but we've been even more so lenient in recent times. There was a complaint about schemes being denied if they were in apartments (although I couldn't find examples), however, this will no longer be the case. IC risk will be treated as IC and instead neighbors will be notified of what in theory they'd observe. 
    • Psychedelic Psilocybin Shrooms Schemes - [no initial drugs needed] - this is a scheme type that we have very few people doing at the moment so if this interests you or might interest your faction members, there are tons of resources online. This is very much scheme request that they can pretty much set up anywhere.
    • Crack Cocaine Schemes - [cocaine needed, any purity] - This again is also gaining more popularity, but it's something to let your faction members know IS possible.
    • NOTE: Unofficial groups / unaffiliated people can submit these requests too.
  • Please see the follow chart for drug usage on GTA:W, now featuring December 2021. 
  • GTA_W___Drug_Usage_in_June_July_August_S
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07 February 2022


  • 31-JAN-2022 - honey. put in position of Interim Head of Illegal Faction Management and posted the regime manifesto with all planned changes.
  • 02-FEB-2022 - Groz & Jonesy inducted into the Illegal Faction Management team. Groz as a full member and Jonesy as a supporting aid for requests and schemes when help is needed.
  • 03-FEB-2022 - Existing melee suppliers & some minor suppliers drop amounts increased across the board where relevant.
  • 03-FEB-2022 - Existing drug suppliers drop amounts increased across the board.
  • Overall, there are a lot of discussions still on-going within the Discord which are going to preface and be debated prior to us releasing any extensive additional changes. I am currently working with Web Development to get more UCP support to lessen the paperwork required by illegal role-players. There is also going to be changes to IFM's hiring criteria, the supplier system and faction system. None of these have been fully drafted and remain in discussion to get the best possible outcome for the illegal community.

  Rules of Engagement [FEB/22] - LINK

  • Within The Great Debate Discord, a discussion was held in regards to the Rules of Engagement (April 2021). This was also addressed within the regime manifesto as to what changes can be expected. As a result, a new Rules of Engagement (February 2022) has been released and is expected to be frequently updated to ensure that it is meeting expectations and fitting the server as an entity. Examples of a few differences in the Rules of Engagement are as follows, but not limited to;
    • paperwork for illegal role-players has been removed and replaced with responsibility for internal Discord conflict logs that can be provided to IFM when asked for;
    • radios are completely restricted and outlawed;
    • allies, satellites, co-belligerents, mercenaries all outlawed due to over-complication, replaced with a simple you share cool-downs with allies which are by default 12 hours however can be adjusted with OOC leadership agreement between all involved parties;
    • no looting in war time and no alternative characters and no turf camping, or unrealistic positions such as literal roof camping;
    • block wiping must never occur as a first attack, much stricter regulations on this as well and punishments to accompany;
    • additional notes added to motorcycle club exceptions in convoy rules.
  • In immediate effect.


  • Please see the follow chart for drug usage on GTA:W, now featuring January 2022. 
  • GTA_W___Drug_Usage_in_June_July_August_S
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08 March 2022


  • On February 2nd, "Evolving the Illegal Community Regime" was posted outlining the changes that can be expected under the new administration of IFM. I'll preface this by clearly stating that the faction system and the supplier system have not yet been revamped but they are still planned to be.
      • Suppliers across the board have had their amounts increased - this is however not to be mistaken for a supplier program overhaul as that is still needed and not yet complete. (Those that were bumped have already been notified.)
    • PROPERTIEShttps://forum.gta.world/en/topic/70639-ifm-—-properties-open/
      • Reached a mutual agreement with PM regarding how the sale of faction properties should be an IFM matter, how properties coming in from illegal roleplayers through requests should be something that IFM can chime in on. Clarified the usage of warehouses and who actually has reference over these, primarily PM who will require those illegal roleplayers applying to show reference from IFM.
    • RULES OF ENGAGEMENThttps://forum.gta.world/en/topic/69559-rules-of-engagement-07feb2022/
      • An overhaul and simplified version of RoE which accounts more for gang roleplayers than it did for organized crime roleplayers and being more oriented around their development. This is to increase gang beefs rather than constant shootouts and warring. This was in the process for months before being finalized due to the contributions of illegal roleplayers in The Great Debate Discord.
    • SERVER-SIDE MODShttps://forum.gta.world/en/topic/70180-tattoo-addons-v1-—-suggestions-only/
      • Additional avenues of requesting server-side mods opened up for illegal roleplayers to make their experience more dynamic and based around their experiences for longer lasting concepts.
      • One of the most requested things we have gotten from players is how limited the IFM team is and the lack of people actually on that board to give input to the biggest portion of the community and in general understaffed. An additional role has been added to Illegal FM and will be able to be accessed by Senior Support+ who will begin training within IFM.
    • JAIL INVENTORY & REMOVAL OF FORCED TIMEhttps://forum.gta.world/en/topic/95-game-changelog/page/53/#comment-747657
      • Players will no longer be forced to roleplay within TTCF if they are within a faction script, and when they do get arrested, they will not lose all of their items, especially unique items, and these will be given back to them upon release. 
    • CORPSE BURYING & SHOVEL - https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/95-game-changelog/page/52/#comment-735781
      • /cbury and a shovel item added to hardware stores for more realistic disposal of bodies and to compliment roleplay. This was suggested as in many cases it simply is not feasible to randomly throw a body into the middle of no where or get coroners involved and instead could open up further investigative roleplay for LEOs and the need to be subtle from illegals.
      • There was complaints raised up about the amount of posts that are taken down on FaceBrowser when they hint towards in-character violence or any kind of illegal activity, there is a very small amount of posts that actually remain up. A dialogue was opened by the Head of FaceBrowser Moderation, Selena, and she agreed that new rules will be drafted up to be more in favor of illegal roleplayers on the in-character platform.
    • ADDITIONAL PURCHASEABLE IC BENEFITS https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/95-game-changelog/page/53/#comment-755531
      • We have had plenty of suggestions to not only expand melee items but also increase the amount of items that can be used within roleplay for more dynamic situations. This includes items that can benefit break-ins more than the "lock-pick and go" meta that is currently in place. 
      • 24/7: Ibuprofen (currently TTCF only, $350), Toothbrush (currently TTCF only, $50), Toothpaste (currently TTCF only, $50), Diet Cola (currently TTCF only,$100), Candy Gummies (currently TTCF only, $100), Hard Candies (currently TTCF only, $100), Chips (currently TTCF only, $100), Cookie (currently TTCF only, $80), Instant coffee (currently TTCF only, $100), Tea (currently TTCF only, $85), Jerky (currently TTCF only, $80), Ramen noodle cup (currently TTCF only, $50), MP3 player (currently TTCF only, $900), Energy Drink, Mints, Slushy, Plan B Pill, Ice Cream, Newspaper.
      • Tool Store: Spray Paint Can, Screwdriver, Metal File, Fertilizer, Nails, Pliers, Bolt Cutter, Wire Cutte,r Crowbar (currently supplier only), Golf Club (currently supplier only), Drill, Handsaw.
    • MELEE DRAW ANIMATION REMOVAL https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/95-game-changelog/page/53/#comment-755531
      • Primarily within gang settings, there was an increased amounts of conflictions of people pulling dusters to be confused with weapons due to the animations being the same. This was much debated and concluded to be a downside of using melees, as you're put against pretty much the same risk either way and illegal roleplayers are on the downside as a result.
      • If you encounter a break-in in which the inventory is bare, or you are more interested in the items that are actually there in furniture, you can ask for the admin to make an item for you, this does not delete the furniture. For example; dumb and dumber rob a spot in Alta, they roleplay stealing a radio. 1 Swan - Cream Retro DAB Bluetooth Radio ($1500) This may not happen in the majority of your break-ins, however it can add dynamics when there is an empty apartment when it would have items to take. Try and base your items off of what is actually there physically so it has a reference. You will not get mapped in weapons, and what is given is completely at the discretion of handling admins.
    • MARIJUANA GROWTH SCHEMES https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/54778-ifm-—-requests-board-formats/
      • This is covered under the next section as there is further and more detailed information to be provided - however the long story short is we will be now be giving out seeds for people to grow marijuana through schemes!


  • Methamphetamine has gone up extensively as seen in the below graph since we opened up schemes for people to cook their own. We are at a point where we have many regular schemes so in order to regulate the amount of drugs being created, we will be closing submissions of new methamphetamine schemes until further notice.
  • Marijuana Growth Scheme
    This is a unique scheme in which Illegal Faction Management provides a player with amount of marijuana seeds per 28 days for them to grow and then sell off. This growth process will be done via the weed farming script.
    • Preference and priority will be given to current south central roleplayers, but not exclusive to them;

    • there must be some form of interior mapping;
    • seeds must not be sold off and are for the scheme requester's growth benefit only;
    • someone who is a currently major supplier may not apply, but someone else in their faction, if applicable, may;
    • you do not need to be in a faction.
  • The format to submit this scheme has been added to the main thread with all of the other requests here: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/54778-ifm-—-requests-board-formats/
  • This is a minor grow scheme, this is not a supplier role. This is simply to benefit roleplayers and give them more access to a script that is otherwise gatekept and further roleplay possibilities.


  • GTA_W___Drug_Usage_from_June_2021_to_Feb
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05 May 2022

  Supplier Program

  • All MINOR suppliers open; tobacco (exempt from faction maximum), melee, electronics and weapon specialist are all open for applications.
  • Slight adjustments to supplier applications now requiring confirmation from faction leadership if an application has been submitted on their behalf.


  • Weapon attachments will be coming soon to IFM distribution.

  Schemes and Requests

  • Methamphetamine (production) schemes have been reopened and applications are now be accepted for them again.
  • Marijuana (growing) schemes have had the core amounts boosted up and the restrictions/criteria lowered. These are still "soft" limited to 1 per faction, however if someone utilized another individual to produce/cultivate the marijuana and have the scheme under them, this is fine. We are actively looking for more applicants to begin marijuana schemes to bring in 200-600 marijuana each week.
  • You do not need supplier to supply drugs, you can make crack cocaine through requests using cocaine, you can make methamphetamine through a scheme, or you can grow mushrooms through a scheme, or apply for the marijuana scheme, or prescription fraud related means to get pills. Schemes are dynamic, there is no set "list" of what you can request, get creative and we will discuss with you.
  • Heists are coordinated robberies/plans on a specific house, business, or set of individuals that can be backed by IFM support and resources. We are constantly trying to increase the amount of these to make the scene more diverse for what crime is being committed.
  • GTA_W___Drug_Usage_from_June_2021_to_Apr

  • GTA_W___Drug_Usage_for_2022.png

  Faction Applications

  • In the last 5 months, obtaining faction status has increased in both the time it may take, as well as expectations that are required before we make this jump. This was after an agreement across the team that this status should not be something that is given off of entitlement. We no longer look for reasons to deny, but rather reasons to accept. If there is little to no reason for a group to be moved to a faction status and the quality is not exceptional, or there has been recent administrative action, these will all weigh into why people may be informed to continue their development and reapply.
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13 May 2022


  Illegal Faction Management

  • What is Illegal Faction Management doing?

    Since July 2021, we have been looking at the "drug crisis" and offering other methods of enabling people outside of a supplier role to access lower grade narcotics in order to enhance roleplay. We have since opened schemes/requests for crack cocaine, mushrooms, methamphetamine, marijuana, prescription fraud schemes and, a few trials for other areas of narcotics to be produced. 

    In July 2021, total monthly consumption for drugs was 9648. In April 2022, total monthly consumption for drugs was 23270. This is a 141% increase. It is safe to say we achieved the goal of bringing back the relevancy of drugs. In recent months, there has been a spike of abuse - for example the infamous "drug stacking", not to be confused with realistic polydrug concoctions. This drug system was also developed with few fingers in the pot from Illegal Faction Management. This system is currently being planned an overhaul with all changes, when the plan is finished a "rough timeline" can be released but for now the age old, "we're looking into it" is going to have to do.

    Development and Modding have been excessively supportive of changes to be released to the illegal community, as seen in recent change logs. @St3fan[NL] sweated over a new container system that will drastically improve the roleplay around drugs especially, but also other aspects of roleplay. He also added UI support for weaponry after suggestions from the illegal community with the new UI changes. @Vassilios has been working on QoL changes, directly liaising with community members through the Illegal FM Public Discord to push forwards much wanted changes, not to discredit his work he did previously for /helmet and MCs and his ongoing CCTV project. The graffiti script is also in the works again. @Strobe has been working directly with myself and @Oggy on overhauling the weapon script in terms of damages, recoil and modded weaponry. @Rothschild and @valelele has been all around superstars fixing bugs that are found as well as helping on the backend side of supplier changes. @Adv has also been working constantly to help with the release of UCP support for Illegal Faction Management and the community so that overall things can be streamlined, roleplay can be roleplay without extensive OOC bureaucracy.

    In regards to the "gun crisis", there has been a few calls of action from us prior to this overhaul that is planned. To begin, suppliers have been limited for some time on the amount of autos that can be requested - we have recently added an additional restriction to flood the market with lower grade weapons. In addition, the backend support for components to be released to supplier has been completed by @Strobe and @Oggy which means that we can begin to consider the deployment of these after discussions, further information regarding this will be released when final decisions have taken place. We are aware of the historical supply and demand issues within certain areas of roleplay. @Igloo has been at the forefront gathering data and statistics so that decisions made are not only of an individual viewpoint, but rather facts taken from the server so that our approach can be targeted with a measure to confirm that we are changing what we set out to. 

    Our plan for the upcoming weeks/months is finalize the weapons overhaul, set the drug overhaul into motion, then overhaul the supplier system for both drug and guns.

    Snippets of the work we're doing is all posted and available publicly in our Illegal FM Public Discord.
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23 July 2022

  Illegal Faction Management

  • There has been a lot of discussions behind the scenes as to the changes that were initially discussed within the Illegal FM Public Discord. We have finally moved forwards with the damage and caliber changes thanks to the invaluable time of @Strobe and his dedication to the project. However, as we enter summer, there are LOAs across the board within staff which means that we have a mass influx of work which resulted in a short closure of schemes. This is not something that we want to make a regular thing, however, we have to cut responsibilities where necessary to ensure we can solve high priority issues such as reports that are coming in that demand immediate review.
  • The current change we are working on is perfecting the UCP requests process alongside @Biscuit and @Adv who again have dedicated themselves to helping us better the processes for illegal roleplayers. This does not have a completion date as of right now.
  • Now that weapons have been adjusted, we will be moving forwards with re-reviewing the faction/unofficial group dynamics and the faction system. The drug rehaul is also being revisited now that weapons have finally been finished (pending some bug fixes).
  • @slothy has also been promoted within the team to join @Igloo as senior members within the team.

—  Rules of Engagement [23/JUL/2022]

  • Rules of Engagement initially had a revamp of how it was to be handled in February 2022 as one of the main pointers from the large debate that was hosted within what is now the Illegal FM Public Discord. Over time, we were able to gather a mass amount of feedback and revamp the Rules of Engagement again to fit the server's dynamics more comfortably.
    • Please see the entire thread for the full update, this is in effect immediately. 

  Supplier Program

  • Weapon Attachments are finally being released to suppliers, however, they will not be limited to gun suppliers. This decision was made unanimously between Illegal FM alongside Shanks and Nervous. We will not release all types of attachments yet as this will be a period to adjust the scene for these attachments coming in.
    • Weapon Specialists will be contacted within the next 48 hours with how many attachments they will be granted and they will be able to make a monthly request.
    • Weapon Suppliers will be contacted within the next 48 hours with information on how their requests should be sent in alongside their regular supply requests, if they made a request within the last 7 days, they may make another request without resetting the 30 day timer.
  • We are opening Weapon Specialist for 10 spots to fill. These will be open until 06/AUG/2022.
  • We are opening Electronics Supplier for 10 spots to fill. These will be open until 06/AUG/2022.
  • We are opening Small Drug Supplier for 10 spots to fill. These will be open until 06/AUG/2022. However, only the following drugs may be requested:
    • Valium;
    • Vicodin;
    • Cocaine;
    • Heroin;
    • MDMA, and;
    • LSD.
  • We are recruiting more individuals to the supplier ranks following diversity around the roleplay scene as well as to promote the recent adjustments for electronics suppliers unlocking phones, weapon specialists being able to access attachments. Melee and Tobacco remain open.


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