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  1. Most of the age issues I've seen are from people playing female characters because I assume they love to play the cute young girl in their "prime time" (usually in their early twenties on GTAW), no matter how much they've been through IC or what they have achieved. If there is no faction in the back to push for the time skip of some characters, you won't see some people do it on their own will ever. Time on RP servers is always tricky and confusing for most and I think there is no perfect fix to it other than being the example yourself and aging up your characters when needed, showing th
  2. legends 😔💜 s/o to the day ones
  3. Crystal Heights Room 2, Chamberlain Hills / Forum Drive Pictures and Information: Market Price: $35000 Starting Bid: N/A Buyout: $124000
  4. Keep it up! Congrats on 1 year 💜
  5. congrats everyone, especially @jesscatXD & @Jax 💜
  6. i honestly don't think that there are too many mobs and not enough street gangs, but i think there's too many mc's and overall not enough conflict in the crime scene at the moment.
  7. i'm 100% for the ban of such rp. it brings nothing to the table and is absolutely disgusting, and no one can convince me otherwise.
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