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  1. I love this! Good job ❤️
  2. Frontier sold, Premier still available.
  3. Noted, will take up on the offers if I don't get any better ones within a few hours.
  4. $1,350,000 2 bd | 3 ba Full Interior Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/layMLxn Overview One of the most coveted opportunities in Rockford Hills has arrived! Welcome to Eclipse Towers, an ultra luxury penthouse on the top floor featuring jetliner city views. A Davis Architecture & Design redesigned property featuring an impressive 2 Bedroom, 3 Bath with large open spaces and high ceilings. Stepping inside of this, you're greeted by seamless modern design with soaring heights, floor to ceiling windows, tranquil views over the mountains and Downtown Los Sant
  5. $25,000/weekly 2 bd | 2 ba Eclipse Towers - Floor 24, Room 1 - Rockford Hills Full Interior Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/MDJHi3d Overview The pinnacle of luxury living in Los Santos' tallest residential building. Situated in the trendy Rockford Hills, awaits this luxurious penthouse enveloped by floor-to-ceiling walls of glass depicting jaw-dropping city views. No money was spared on the finishing products of this entire unit. One of a kind kitchen w/ beautiful custom designed cabinets, opens up to a large, open living and dining room, which captures the e
  6. /fixinvi does not work at all it seems. Objects spawn at weird angles, you have to flatten the rotation for it to be straight. Other objects inside interiors vanishing when placing down new objects.
  7. I will miss you Bombie ;c
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