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  1. I really like the snow, but please remove it until you find a solution for the interiors. I know it's only three days but it's really frustrating to be inside them during this.
  2. By far the best graphics designer that i know of ❤️
  3. Support, also add a notification when your insurance actually runs out. There's been so many times where I've been driving my car uninsured because I had no clue it ran out.
  4. And that they're allowed to void all mistakes they make when driving without consent from both parties.
  5. My man @Lewwwy holy shit, congratulations bro ❤️
  6. The entire portfolio has been refreshed and updated with new maps! Hope you enjoy.
  7. Locking an unlocking properties when a car is in range is pretty annoying, but that's just me.
  8. Selling this iconic book store & cafeteria located on Prosperity Street. The interior has recently been re-designed by Davis Architecture & Design using materials to set this business apart from any other. Asking Price: $800,000 Full Interior Gallery https://imgur.com/a/PLyYQuV
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