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  1. The maps provided are made for FiveM, and the packages are encrypted. There's no way we can convert those.
  2. Getting myself into modding and 3d modeling, which has now given me the ability to create models such as vehicles, maps & small props from scratch and all the way to a finished product.
  3. Submit Clothing Mods Hello! This guide aims to assist those that wish to provide clothing mods that align with our server's current standards. We receive numerous mod submissions from players, but only a few meet the criteria we currently enforce. As the small team that we are, we lack the manpower to do all these fixes ourselves. It's crucial for us to maintain these elevated standards for clothing mods due to our growing number of mods on the server. This ensures that the game maintains its intended beauty and performance without encountering issues such as LOD glitches when characters are viewed from a distance. When evaluating mod submissions, we mainly focus on these specific aspects: LOD Levels LOD, or Level of Detail, is essential. This involves rendering less detailed versions of the model as the player moves farther away from something to optimize performance. Small accessories such as necklaces does not require LOD's as they aren't seen from a far anyways. Below is a short video on how to quickly make LOD's, it does require you to have some experience with 3d softwares such as 3ds max as shown in the example. https://streamable.com/wqlqfp How do I check if my mod has LOD's? Below is a gif on how you can check this with OpenIV. https://i.gyazo.com/29724f6d807ea984718f5b5c533eea48.mp4 Texture Optimization We refrain from adding 4k or 2k textures as they tend to consume an unnecessary amount of VRAM, which can be problematic considering the server's player count and how many are usually gathered in one spot. To maintain performance, we prefer textures at 512 or 1024 resolution, with some exceptions. Here are examples of a bad and a good texture. You might question why the bad example is considered bad. Well, it contains a lot of empty space on the texture. Despite the emptiness, the game must process all those pixels, which places extra strain on your CPU. If we continue to include textures like these, we simply won't have a good experience playing on our server, at least the players with older systems. This isn't a hard thing to address if you know your way around 3d softwares and Photoshop. Real-life brands are not allowed on your textures. Bad Good Rigging Quality It is vital for clothing mods to be well-rigged, ensuring that they blend seamlessly with other mods. Proper rigging prevents undesirable movements like triangles on one leg of pants moving when the opposite leg is in motion. When the above criterias are met, you're free to submit the mods to me through a forum pm and we'll look at adding them in the following clothing update.
  4. Tiddy

    Double Door Lock

    This is a genius suggestion, yes please!
  5. Several vacancies have been made available! @Mattel @Clash @zuhils @Undercontrol
  6. Tiddy

    New Trash-truck

    If a compatible trash script is made to pickup bins, then we'll consider it. But for now it's not something we're interested in as it likely won't be used or useful for anything.
  7. I'm fairly sure you can just ask for that, I could be wrong though.
  8. I don't follow lsrp, but I haven't seen a noticable decrease in our own player count, so we'll be fine.
  9. The reason these weren't considered is the bad LOD's they have. But yes, this update was favored to the low end market, so vehicles with great performance shouldn't be expected.
  10. Need a mod for this
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