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IFM — Supplier Census Results & Information v2


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Beginning of census: September 20 2021

End of census: September 30 2021


In July of 2021, Illegal Faction Management put out a census just before supplier applications were open, as of 20-SEP-2021, all major supplier applications were handled with positions filled.


This census is almost identical to the one we provided in July, the only differences are we added additional questions at the end in order to also consider other aspects of the illegal scene in regards to MELEE WEAPONS.


This thread will be split into 4 parts. I have tried to keep this as concise and accurate to the information we were given. This thread is an informative reference.

































In total, out of 281 submissions, 179 had a written response for a total of 19,957 words. While the importance of this is absolutely 0 in regards to the census' goal, it's to help understand that while all responses were read, we may not have specified it within this section due to similarities to others, duplications, or just not fit for the thread. Some of these will include notes from IFM where able to, some of them will be covered in part 3.


Text from IFM will be in green, the majority will be covered in part 3. Direct quotes will be in quotation marks, if there isn't quotation marks it means I've combined multiple into a summary.


This will include suggestions and general comments, feel free to discuss these suggestions under this thread.


In regards to the drug & gun situation:

  • [Feedback] — "There isn’t that big of any issue pertaining to these two. People can complain about the price being too expensive for guns and drugs but when it’s been passed through so many hands the price is always going to be much higher." 
  • [Feedback] — "Guns seem hard to come by at reasonable prices. Drugs like cocaine are having a shortage and the prices are going up."
  • [Feedback] — "It's way better than it was." 
    • I want to touch on this one, while I am not going to sit here and dismiss the fact an issue still exists, the results we got from this census did show that the majority (although by a minor degree) rested within people being generally average on the price of guns. There is a slow improvement here, but we do acknowledge we have a long way to go. When we combine the second two, which then make up the majority, we still have that issue of guns being overpriced. Please see the last section for the further on this.
  • [Feedback/Suggestion] — "My take is that of a new player who has been around actively roleplaying for the past 10 days on a daily basis. Drugs and guns are extremely inaccessible to people with zero OOC connections as it seems to be the case here, sometimes I'll stumble upon a dealer and get myself some extremely overpriced drugs as for guns it's been a pretty monumental task to get my hands on anything, which is honestly acceptable, I'd love to keep guns under wraps rather than be something very accessible to everyone that wants them, as for drugs I believe drug dealers are doing a horrible job at stimulating the market, each time you approach someone directly or indirectly they deny knowing anything about drugs, I see a guy doing coke in a club by accident, I ask him if I can buy off him or get a hold of his dealer and I get told to fuck off, it happens again a few days later, they deny doing drugs in the first place.


    I feel like drugs are just a way for factions to have a bunch of fancy screenshots of their illicit dealings rather than actively push it to the population, no wonder why civilians don't even do marijuana when it's common as hell in real life, I believe that IFM should push gangs to actively market their product, Davis, Rancho, Strawberry, I used two characters asking for drugs as ICly they're known to be gang territories/shitholes, one black and one white and I usually get told off no matter how my approach was. Personally I don't plan on joining a faction but it feels like it's the only way for illegal roleplayers to get anything, mind you I have been actively roleplaying around illegal characters that'll clearly eventually open up to me and get me a direct line, but gangs seem to be lacking in terms of drug dealing, no point if I have to befriend them for days before they sell me anything, it should be a quick anonymous exchange."

    • This is a big chunk of writing and I apologize, but around 30 people submitted a very similar response and this one was written the clearest. The tl;dr is that guns are more reasonably inaccessible compared to a few months ago and drugs are being roleplayed poorly, especially from dirt-bag dealers. This is something everyone can probably take a piece away from, including IFM. 

      Note: This exact quote was submitted by someone who is not in a faction and selected "petty crime" as their current involvement.
  • [Feedback] — "The problem with drugs and guns is that they fall into the hands of players who just stack them."
    • I will be addressing this specifically in section 4.
  • [Feedback] — Drugs are misrepresented, mainly opioids.
  • [Feedback] — "We should look forward into decreasing the prices or better yet IFM makes a market for said illegal faction in order to cut out absurd "Price Rate" for the drugs. One thing should happened a Supplier shud have its limit how much he should sell the drugs/guns for and also having a separate pricing for illegal factions. This would balance out the server and stop having factions selling them at absurd prices."
  • [Feedback] — "In my opinion, the supply of drugs on the server vastly outnumbers the demand for them. In terms of guns, they are easily accessible if the character has the right connections. The practice of gouging prices of guns when selling to others, in my opinion, isn't a big issue and should be taken as an IC issue. In general, I think the gun market is fairly good with no major complaints on my part."
    • This broadly ranges between who is submitting this kind of response, I went through 52 responses and the majority was that organized crime members struggled LESS in comparison to submissions by GANG members as well as MC members.
  • [Feedback] — "Difficult to impossible for 'legal roleplayers' to ever come by. Marijuana should be legal, utterly pointless right now keeping it in the hands of people who never sell it anyway."
  • [Suggestion] — "Simple, legal marijuana shouldn't have been veto'd, instead IFM should've looked to expand the drug market by pushing the ACTUAL street drugs, fentanyl, morphine, oxycodone and other "legal" drugs which are actually the cause of drug problems in America. Yes this is a server, but the drug market is becoming messed up as legal RP'ers are being utterly trounced because the server doesn't want to adapt a more realistic drug culture. Weed is like a Freddo in the 2000's, dirt cheap and everyone under the sun has it. "
    • I will be addressing this specifically in section 4.
  • [Feedback] — "None of my characters have much difficulty getting guns for personal use. People think they don't get supplier because of staff bias - but then you look at their supplier apps and they are really  bad. I see lots of shit factions from all different sub-communities roaming around with automatics, so the people still struggling to get guns mustn't be trying very hard. 

    Drugs are widely available because there are still more people trying to roleplay dealers rather than addicts (or both). "
    (similar:) "Drugs - given the lack of addiction, the scene is lackluster at best, as it's common to see 'casual cocaine users' who never suffer from withdrawal and don't crave for more."

    • I will be addressing this specifically in section 4.

  • [Feedback] — "There are too many guns on the server as it is and it's already way past the point of "becoming" GTA Online. It's bad. It needs to be heavily regulated and those cringe DM videos that portray very poor quality and repugnant situations have to be dealt with, as well as the characters that encourage and engage in such behavior."

  • [Feedback] — "Too many high caliber guns in circulation at the moment from LSPD perspective. Less of these would be nice."

  • [Feedback] — "With the increase of all these OOC deals that keep popping up in reports and bans, I feel the current system is unfair unless you’re at least somehow connected to a supplier on an OOC level. Suppliers only supply their faction who in turn only supply people they’ve previously roleplayed with. Some being outright OOC deals and some just being very selective and picking those factions who they’ve personally experienced on previous characters because they know their quality. Suppliers sort of act more OOC in their choosing than IC."

    • I will be addressing this specifically in section 4.

  • [Feedback] — "Guns are relatively easily accessible, especially PF guns. People still abuse the system by being involved in crime while having PF license. Not selling their guns but that's a way they obtain it."

    • I will be addressing this specifically in section 4.

  • [Feedback] — "Being from FD gunshot calls are way too common, we'll respond to on average 10-12 GSW calls per ambulance. On the flip side we barely ever get drug calls as script wise you need to use a lot before you become wounded and need the FD."

  • [Feedback] — "Guns and drugs is the only form of currency in-game."

  • [Feedback] — "There needs to be a wide variety of narcotics available on the server beyond marijuana and cocaine. Needs to be a MUCH higher supply of opiates and opioids, as they dominate the current market (2021) much MORE than cocaine, marijuana, and even meth and heroin."

  • [Suggestion] — "As I stated in the prior consensus, I feel we should absolutely break the supply of marijuana. Make seeds easier accessible, make marijuana so over saturated that you see the price drop to something ridiculous such as $80 per gram, even less if purchased in bulk. In real life you see marijuana sell for 8x less than drugs such as cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamine."

  • [Feedback] — Factions in specific were called out regarding OOC deals as well as players. For obvious reasons, we will not provide the names of these factions/players, but we will look into these issues. We got around 23 responses similar to this.
  • [Feedback] — "OOC trading and IRL trading runs rampant on this server and y'all don't do fuck all to stop it."
    • I will be addressing this specifically in section 4.
  • [Feedback] — "As it is, we in the LSFD are plagued with the issue of GSW calls in the early evening to early hours of the morning times - Say, 1700-0400; so much so, that many members simply avoid logging in at this time to avoid the spam of calls. Everyone and their dog has a gun, and while you can argue that it's America therefore an accurate thing, the sheer amount of shootings is far, far too high. 

    As I've stated in the questionnaire, I feel that automatic weapons are much too common; in reality these are very hard to come by in the US. The only methods of obtaining them are either illegal imports, which would be rare and extremely expensive, or through NFA etc - though not a single legally owned automatic weapon has ever been used in a crime since the 1930s. I feel as though shotguns and pistols are the weapons that should be seen most commonly, if at all. Small, snub-nose revolvers; cheap semi-automatic pistols, etc would likely be commonplace for the types of crimes and shootings that are most commonly portrayed in GTAW.

    As for drugs, I cannot comment too deeply on most as I don't have a character heavily involved in the scene, save for casual marijuana use on an alt. However, from an LSFD perspective, the number of overdoses is miniscule. I'd very much like to see a far more severe system for overdosing on drugs in too short of a time; this would limit the mechanical benefits of drug use, and provide a lot more varied roleplay. Adding in some guidelines to the RP - such as those that appear on screen when you use drugs, and in /examine - would also go a long way to enable this RP."

    • This is a big chunk of writing and I apologize, but considering the opinions of other people on the server will always be important. We really pushed for this census to also reach legal roleplayers, especially LEO/FD roleplayers so we can see both sides of the coin. We received around 10 responses that were similar to this from LEO/FD roleplayers alike. This gives a good insight for all of us into what is being dealt with. Why is there not as much overdose roleplay? I would assume this is due to not wanting to be raided by LEOs for trying to roleplay realistically, there has been other comments in this census about distrust between the two divisions of roleplay.

  • [Feedback] — (There was a large piece of text before this, but this is the tl;dr they also provided:)

    "- Pistols and shotguns are overpriced and difficult to come by should be looked into.
    -Understand server economy and preventing garbage people from acquiring.
    -Pricing for drugs is all over the place and should be based on quality of product. Not enough room on pricing, very low profit.
    -Server partaking in harder drug usage is low, especially the club scene. Possible thread educating the community on high functioning addicts needed. Not all users are scab faced, insane and homeless."

    • Whoever wrote this, or anyone who is interested, I will be making a thread educating on the types of addiction, addicts, and everything under this umbrella. If you'd like to contribute, please add me on Discord, honey.#9150 or send me a forum message. If you have any experience with drug usage personally yourself as well, or anything you think that may be helpful, please send me a forum message. We will get some more materials out to help people which I believe, hopefully, will be more openly used if they see "IFM" attached to it.

  • [Feedback] — "There needs to be a /drugcut function on methamphetamine. Methamphetamine can be cut with various chemicals in many forms. Allowing people to cut methamphetamine would greatly satisfy the market where it lacks. In the real world, methamphetamine is extremely saturated in the streets of California and one of the most highly abused drugs. Besides, all methamphetamines are 100% purity as it is right now since there is no cutting function."

    • We got a lot of responses like this. I didn't know this wasn't a widely known thing, but please please please do submit a request here: https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/844-ifm-requests-reports/ If you would like to 'cut' or 'produce' your own methamphetamine. This is something we will let you do with good roleplay. As a tip: You need to roleplay buying all the products, in a realistic way, preferably from players even if the items don't actually exist, it gives 24/7s something to do other than the generic "1 burger please". If you have any questions about this, or don't want to submit a massive request with all your roleplay if you're not sure you'll be given an amount, submit an 'enquiry' thread in that same area. For the format you need to use, you can find it here: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/54778-illegal-faction-requests-board-formats/. Please use the "Scheme" format. You do not need to be a supplier to use this scheme. You do need to actually research what you're doing.

  • [Feedback] — A LOT of responses were how the market is still unfair, there is OOC deals still around. There was also A LOT of responses saying that there is too many guns.

  • [Suggestion] — https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vxf-x9HxBM2m4kxTwz4J4hAzwbquydC9fMUhXGe9yf0/edit# - This is something that was submitted to IFM by @Inked. It is a different concept for how suppliers should be handled. It is one persons' suggestion, you may or may not agree with it but we'd like to hear constructively why or why not you may agree. You can raise these privately if there is explicit information (ie something to do with a supplier opinion).

In regards to the melee situation:

  • [Feedback] — Most illegal roleplayers are always strapped and slinging drugs, there is very little usage of melee items to defend themselves, I've never even seen a broken bottle in game. They should be increased.
  • [Suggestion] — "Melee weapons should be more attainable."
  • [Feedback] — "There’s just not enough variety, melee weapon supplier weapons feel non existent."
  • [Suggestion] — "Melee weapons on the server is good at the moment, but if we were to take another step being able to have the durability of a said melee (knives, example) Blades can be dulled out over time or rusted. We should be able to have rusted knives or dull blades but the outcome of this should be severe and have side-effects when inflicting another player. By having three types of knives (rusted, sharpened, dull) each damage should have its own, with dull being the least, rusted having side-effects  such as tetanus and sharpened blades with excessive damage (limited up to 30-40 depending where he hits him) having a rusty knife should also implicate that it might break at any given time, meaning the durability of it has gone past. But overall I think we should be more prone to knives as people also are allowed to buy knives from stores. Not everything must be in pawnshops or metallurgist metal parts."

    "In the poll I've mostly selected small or improvised weapons - for example the bottle - as those are the sorts of things that I don't think I've ever even seen once. Obviously the non-weapons like crowbars, bats, etc should be easily obtainable, but smaller weapons like knives should also be fairly easy to get - they're sold everywhere in reality. 

    For bottles specifically, I'd like to see a system where one can be created with the right drink item in the player's inventory, but it produces a very obvious /do or /me as the player smashes the bottle. Glassing/bottle attacks are very dangerous, and often fairly obvious. I do not however know of any statistics for their frequency in the US. From an LSFD side when compared to shootings, I'd say we have perhaps 1 melee medical call for every 20 shootings, at best."

    • This will be a suggestion soon, if you have additional ideas for how this may work, please feel free to give your opinion below this thread.
  • [Feedback] — "Revamping melee weapons and combat should be considered. Escalation needs to be enforced more."
  • [Suggestion] — "We need VARIETY! Bring out daggers, make bottles literally accessible with a scriptwise command as long as you have a beer in your inventory. Bring more melee weapons out, and less guns."
  • [Feedback] — "I’d like to see them used more but per usual I’m worried every melee fight will end in someone pulling a gun."
  • [Feedback] — "Not enough of them, and it's a strangely unrealistic process to obtain switchblades and knuckle dusters."
  • [Feedback] — "I think the fix is to take away melee weapons from supplier and make them accessible to the common man. I think that certain melee weapons such as blades, dusters, the broken bottle, hammers, anything like those that would be easily sourced in real life should be somewhat easily acquirable, if at most a tiny bit costlier than other items as easily sourced.

    For the rather unique melee weapons, rather than have it handled by supplier — let players make a request to IFM with those unique weapons and explain why they need them and why it would benefit their roleplay. For instance, a player who is roleplaying around a golf course needing the golf club could submit a request for some and explain why he needs IFM to supply him some golf clubs to be able to do what he wants to RP. Treat it somewhat similar to the sawed-off process. 

    In result, I think that you'll have players choosing to use melee more often because they're easily accessible, and suppliers would focus on firearms. So in order to get firearms, you need to build a connection and the better the connection, the better rate you'll get on the firearms. Lacking that connection/access, you retain access to some melee weapons."

    • Similarly, I didn't know this wasn't common knowledge so I'll just give some information on this. If you run a something like a GOLFING PLACE or similar, please speak with Legal Faction Management. We have said in the past in a joint decision between Bospy and HaveADream that these kinds of establishments would reasonably have access to golf clubs. Please submit a request to LFM if you fall under this category. This is only addressing a small part of this feedback, but an important part. Thank you.

  • [Suggestion] — "They need to be MORE accessible than firearms."

  • [Feedback] — Melee weapons in roleplay does not equal higher roleplay. This kind of comment was submitted a lot, with various examples. I do agree, however, poor roleplay will exist everywhere, I don't think this is a melee specific issue.



To begin, thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to give their opinion and work with us anonymously in order to improve the illegal state of the server, as well as those who reached out individually regarding their answer and discussed their personal circumstances with me. Please note all responses were read and considered among all of the Illegal Faction Management team, however not all responses have been put in this thread due to many reasons. These reasons were primarily, protection against players, duplications, very lengthy, or better handled behind closed doors. There was 281 submissions for this data and an incredible 179 submissions with text.


PLEASE SEE THE PREVIOUS CENSUS (JULY): https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/56076-ifm-—-supplier-census-results-information/


In July 2021, we did a census in which addressed issues with suppliers and our response then, which you can read on the above thread, was about changing what kinds of suppliers we would be giving out and ensuring that we took a harder stance on OOC deals. We stated in July what actions we were going to be taking, and before we get into the information we have gathered from this census, we will address what we have done in order to better the illegal scene.


"Historically, supplier has been abused by people arranging OOC deals. I will say outright I have a zero tolerance policy for our suppliers breaking any rules. From hereon, any violation of rules, up to an including an ajail, will result in a loss of the supplier status. This is a very important and critical role for the server. A supplier wields massive power in who they choose to sell to and who they associate with. Suppliers must set a positive example for the server." Bospy on Upcoming Illegal Faction Changes [LINK]


3 months have passed since the census took place, we have not yet addressed what main promises were made and what was done so that is what we will begin with.

  1. "We are also going to be working with Nervous directly and the development team to monitor these suppliers."
    • As a result of our investigations, 3 suppliers were removed from their positions as we worked alongside the development team and Nervous. We do not tolerate any form of abuse, if you are aware of any currently, please contact @Bospy or @Shanks directly with evidence so we can begin investigating it. You can opt to remain anonymous. We will not fold you into a mold for trying to fix the server's illegal economy. 
  2. "Melee is due to open." & "Electronics is something we do not want to flood the server with, but we will not be gate-keeping either.
    • Melee did in fact, not open. We apologize for this, due to multiple investigations into OOC deals, we were unable to meet this promise. This is going to be reevaluated which is why we included the melee questions within this census. It will not go under the rug, I'll address more on this in the next section.
    • Electronics has also not opened since the census, despite us saying it would. 
    • Supplier applications have been criticized for the length it sometimes takes in order to get a response, therefore we will be adopting a new process under a schedule in order to ensure no one is left waiting. You can message @Bospy and I, @honey., directly if by 16/NOV/2021, someone from IFM has not been in contact with you. Please do this via forum PM, I'll get back to you in 24 hours.
      • 01/NOV/2021 - Electronics Supplier and Melee Supplier open.
      • 08/NOV/2021 - Electronics Supplier and Melee Supplier close.
      • 15/NOV/2021 - Electronic Supplier and Melee Supplier applications all have been given an answer and concluded.
  3. "We will be taking a more proactive approach against OOC deals."
    • In short, was this achieved? Yes. Did we completely eradicate it from the server? No, and we're aware of that too. 

      We have been taking a much harsher stance against people who participate in OOC deals and metagaming within leading positions, some of this has been extremely publicized and some of this has been catches in the shadows that have not been publicized. The reasoning for this, is some situations are very 'minor' whereas others are 'major'. We also cannot give too much information about how these players are caught as it puts those who report it in jeopardy, as well as the system and way we find it into jeopardy.

      While we cannot give as much information about this as we'd like due to what's been stated previously, in the last week, we have located and deleted 67 firearms related to abuse. I will provide more in section 4 regarding this as it relates to some of the feedback we got from the census.


In addition to the above, I want to address some feedback we got back regarding communication and transparency. Illegal Faction Management is not supposed to be a team of people who are looking to screw you around, we handle thousands of requests a month from all ends of the illegal community. This means that sometimes we cannot meet demands as we had hoped too. We have recently been joined by @Igloo and @heathen into our team. They have done incredibly so far and are extremely approachable for any concerns you may have, you can speak to any of us. 


In regards to transparency, this is something we want to work on. An idea currently is to have a thread where we regularly post updates about what we're doing, where we're working around, what's changing. The Illegal Faction Management Discord is exclusive to faction leaders, and the illegal community is much bigger than just these leaders. If this is something you want to see, please let us know in replies. This is to help everyone else, it's hard for us to know what is wanted without feedback.


In reference to part 2 & 3, this section will be the most up to date information we have to provide and to promote transparency, we will give as many details as we can.


Prior to getting into the results, please reference this graph that I have been updating since June on drug usage. This gives you some insight into the kind of data we analyze, as well as a little look into the current 'economy' of drug usage separated by drug type and each month.


In part 2, I marked comments as specifically going to be covered in this section.


— Stockpiling of Drugs.

What is stockpiling? This is when people are collating mass amounts of drugs and holding them within their inventory (to avoid them being robbed), in a property (for bragging rights?), in a vehicle (to avoid them being robbed). It is basically holding onto drugs rather than using them. 


What we will do is simple. We are going to start targeting the players who are stockpiling. IFM has been working with the development team to ensure our system and access enables us transparency with drug ownership. Simply put; we are alerted when someone holds onto X amount of product for X amount of time. We will then reach out to them and give them an ultimatum to prevent hoarders. This is to promote drug abuse and prevent drug piling. This is for people who are not actively seeking buyers or doing any kind of drug dealing roleplay as opposed to people who just can't find customers.


If this doesn't work, we will consider other options regarding drug changes.


What has been done so far? We have already began monitoring those who have been stockpiling, in the coming week, those who have been caught are going to be contacted and asked why they have those amounts. We want to promote distribution, people will not wake up with all their goodies taken away, we want to promote roleplay, we want to help. If you're struggling, touch base with one of us and we will try help you.


The following announcement was put out in the Illegal Faction Management Discord for distribution for all illegal faction leaders on 19-OCT-2021 and was shared amongst groups.



— Drug Abuse vs Realism

In the last 3 months, we have seen a rise of complaints regarding unrealistic drug portrayal. This has mainly come from the glamor of being the drug dealer rather than being the addict. There has been a surge of people just scriptly using drugs without actually roleplaying the effects of this. While I have said this before, we can lead a horse to water but we cannot force it to drink, a 'guide' on drug abuse will be made in order for roleplayers to reference this. This is to promote more abuse, given the impression that it is not done currently due to lack of knowledge. We have no ETA on this, but players who wish to help may do so. We may also seek script changes.


There was also a lot of feedback regarding drug prices. To be clear, IFM will not be setting any OOC prices that drugs should be sold at. This should be purely in character. However, drug prices at a supplier level are going to be reviewed and changed. This is planned to happen in the next couple weeks after discussions with Management to settle at a common ground.


There was a mixed bag regarding drug accessibility. It really seemed to depend on the area that people roleplayed within that changed their answer. To us, this does look to be more of a distribution problem rather than a supply problem. In relation to stockpiling of drugs, we have tracked back multiple shipments in the last 3 months and found the following trend: Drug stockpiling is commonly present in cases of the third and forth persons within the distribution chain.


— PF Gun Abuse

PF abuse is no secret. We are well aware people are using alternative characters to supply their own, or getting their friends to purchase PF guns on their behalf. We have mainly been targeting the larger OOC deals, however we have now moved onto these catches as well. 27 abuses have been found in the last week on an initiative led by @Naeno@Igloo and myself. This is something we will continue looking in to.


The following announcement was put out in the Illegal Faction Management Discord for distribution for all illegal faction leaders on 24-OCT-2021 and was shared to Legal Faction Management and the Firearms Licensing Division within the LSPD.


If you believe you are actually abusing a PF license in some form, contact someone from IFM.


— OOC Dealings

There has been further bans against OOC deals, most of which have not been publicized, however some have been. We are still aware this is an issue and we are going through every single report we receive on it as fast as we can. We do not receive many reports from players so the majority of the catches are found through logs and our own checks and preventions.


Since July 2021, there has been massive overturns of evidence which has led to multiple faction closures, bans, and other changes within the community. We stand on the fact that all OOC deals will be handled severely, however we also acknowledge this process will never be perfect.


In order to protect the process of how these dealings are tracked, we cannot provide more information in the interest of transparency as it is vulnerable to being misused in order to better hide deals.

— Melee & IFM

We received an incredible amount of feedback regarding melee, for the most part, everyone wanted more of melee. This was also stressed that they did not believe it would result in higher roleplay necessarily, but a variation. 


IFM will be posting a public suggestion regarding this. This will be a community wide reviewal process on what script changes can be made in order to boost this area of roleplay. This doesn't include melee suppliers.


We received a lot of feedback about the chopshop script. There is a lot of distain from more established members of the community who have gone through the trials and errors of using the script and want to be more fluid within their roleplay. We acknowledge that the meta isn't realistic, it is more of a script job and fiddle for learning.


Is there alternatives though? Yes, there is. IFM has started to allow "metal schemes" and "scrap schemes". These can range completely from all areas of roleplay, everyone has the opportunity to get something going. For reference, please see this thread: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/54778-illegal-faction-requests-board-formats/


Examples: (You are not limited to these, these are to spark ideas, be creative, be unique.)

  • You run a scrap/waste management company, you go through scrap and waste and check it for anything that may actually be of use. Take unedited screenshots, write up a scheme. This won't be a one off situation, most likely, so you can keep updating the thread with screenshots depending on the terms an IFM member gave you. 
  • You're a hood-rat, spent some time with your homies jacking rides in South Central. You picked up on the catalytic converter thievery trend, learning you can make some buck from it. Submit a request with unedited screens of your roleplay.

— Suppliers

This is the big one. To start with good news:


Supplier applications have been criticized for the length it sometimes takes in order to get a response, therefore we will be adopting a new process under a schedule in order to ensure no one is left waiting.

  • 01/NOV/2021 - Electronics Supplier and Melee Supplier open.
  • 08/NOV/2021 - Electronics Supplier and Melee Supplier close.
  • 15/NOV/2021 - Electronic Supplier and Melee Supplier applications all have been given an answer and concluded.

You can message @Bospy and I, @honey., directly if by 16/NOV/2021, someone from IFM has not been in contact with you. Please do this via forum PM, I'll get back to you in 24 hours.


Please see this thread for more information about applying for the above supplier roles: https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/54842-information-—-supplier-program-open/


In regards to gun and drug suppliers, we are not currently looking to fill these positions at this moment in time. If and when this changes, we will be sure to make sure everyone is aware. 


The supplier system is not perfect, we will be the first ones to acknowledge this. There has been many ideas suggested, for example, we'd like to highlight @Inked's idea [GOOGLE DOC] regarding tier systems and faction systems. Nervous and Shanks are onboard with re-reviewing both the current official faction system and suppler system.


What do you want to see? What changes should be made? What are the pros and cons of your own suggestion? Please check your response is actually CONSTRUCTIVE. Please keep bashing off of this thread, we want to make the illegal scene better, not promote toxicity.



There is a lot of text on this thread, and a lot of this information did not have to wait until now. We will be tackling this communication barrier and adopting a more approachable perspective towards the illegal, and legal, communities on the server. A lot of the feedback we've received has been taken on board, some have been done immediately, as evidenced on this thread, some others will take some more time in order to get the results we are looking for.


I hope that this thread is a better insight into what we've been doing, and what we will be doing, as well as improving the transparency. Further comments regarding the gun situation will be provided by Shanks and Bospy at a later date.

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Very good read (still reading). Really glad IFM is taking the time out to do these censuses and engage with the community on proactive and collaborative solutions to problems. As someone who has been in a similar position, one of my biggest mistakes was not involving the community more in the processes and getting feedback on how to improve things from their unique perspectives that I could not explicitly see from my position.


For those who will read my doc, I just want to toss out that it was written weeks ago and there are some points that even I don't agree with — but chose to keep it the same as a basis. I don't propose it's a perfect solution by any means, but hope it will inspire and incite discussion on ways to address the program and other on-goings within the illegal community for the better.

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17 minutes ago, i dont wanna od in LA said:

that's really dope. good to see you guys become more transparent. could we get an updated list of what drugs apply what scriptwise effect? i feel like that's something that was completely slept on, and wasn't taken into any consideration.

I have forwarded the bugs I found during my investigation to Nervous directly, once they have all been amended I will ensure to provide this updated effects list.

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very good read from a legal player


i do appreciate the transparency in this and would love if LFM did something similiar at some point, to both take feedback and address issues.

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4 minutes ago, honey. said:

I have forwarded the bugs I found during my investigation to Nervous directly, once they have all been amended I will ensure to provide this updated effects list.

What I'm trying to say is that you have in no way or form compared the amount of drug abuse with their respective scriptwise effects. As far as I know marijuana gives you literally 0 script benefits, and yet remains the most popular drug on the server according to the statistics provided. What conclusion does that lead us to? Well, primarily it tells us that it's not oversaturated, and even if it was, it serves a purpose of rather enhancing roleplay than destroying it. 

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1 minute ago, i dont wanna od in LA said:

What I'm trying to say is that you have in no way or form compared the amount of drug abuse with their respective scriptwise effects. As far as I know marijuana gives you literally 0 script benefits, and yet remains the most popular drug on the server according to the statistics provided. What conclusion does that lead us to? Well, primarily it tells us that it's not oversaturated, and even if it was, it serves a purpose of rather enhancing roleplay than destroying it. 

This census was the opinion of the community, not the opinion of IFM. We did not mention anything regarding removing marijuana, or lowering it, just because it was voted as being over-saturated. Some drugs should be over-saturated, it does not have to be viewed as a negative thing. Marijuana is a tool within roleplay, it is not something we are going to be throttling because a census says it's over-saturated, some over-saturation is good. We are going to be looking at enhancing this, not stomping on it.

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