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  1. I personally enjoy it a lot but the hoddog stands are too much.. Too much abandoned ones look unrealistic... in mirror park there are two on the same road..
  2. The problem with Kidnapping in the server is that nobody cares about 'cameras'. Because we have a rule saying only public shops etc (correct me if wrong been on absence) and visible Camera's should be roleplayed. People indeed do it recklessly, if you do it like this IRL you get caught within minutes... Because IRL places are crowded and not empty like in GTAV. My char once got kidnapped outside the RICHMAN HOTEL. That is a luxury busy hotel, but in GTAV its empty and 'nobody' could warn the cops.
  3. There is no point keeping a discussion/suggestion going if we as DEVs dont see it happening right now or the near future. We rather be clear and say no than have people have hope. Plus suggestions are just a box of ideas for us, even if we don't lock it, its not guaranteed we will add it. This is not a game suggestion, nor have you used the format. Please use the right forum to open a discussion.
  4. Use the search function. With 1.1 a lot vehicle sync wise got broken/bugged and we have tried everything on our end. These colors are not supported server side but only clientside which means MORE syncing.. which is bugged so not yet.
  5. NVE causes most texture losses due to the vegetation mods in it. I had no issues since uninstalling it.
  6. We are a roleplay server not an RPG one. You shouldnt PG and if you want to give someone a fair chance /flipcoin yourself but even then you cannot force it on someone else.
  7. I tried to add them, didnt work so not possible for now. We already have a ton of rims though so not really a big issue.
  8. St3fan[NL]


    Already told you on discord.. We're not looking to implement this anytime soon. The animation looks crap, there is bad support for attach to ped functions etc etc etc.
  9. 1. Use the format next time. 2. I'm once again locking this but due to you guys repeatedly posting it despite it being denied over and over. I will forward it to Nervous privately but don't get your hopes up.
  10. This. Sadly it does not work all the time due to an unknown unfound bug. But we do not need a text balloon or something. Our "[...]" indicator is small and clear enough thank you tho.
  11. There's no point in having Rockstar editor enabled if MODS dont show up. Locking this once again stop bringing it up and use the search function.
  12. You get a popup when you spawn it. No needed for an automated system people will complain it charged them cause they forgot to cancel.. It has pros and cons on both ends. Current system works fine.
  13. They are but they're not cause of a rage update. We havent changed anything and sometimes they sync sometimes they dont.
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