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  1. Feature Showcase: Mechanic Menu General Information Many of you have been begging for a new modern updated Mechanic Menu. Well here we are, a brand new CEF based Mechanic Menu with all features in one screen. Note: Due to some RAGEMP functions not working as intended I had to make a lot of workarounds for it to function properly. If for some reason a mod is not being applied or the sliders show wrong default values, send me a PRIVATE message so I can sort it, no need for a bug report. Video
  2. It does , just takes a minute. This already exists.
  3. thats weird, let me know if it still happens with the new mechanic menu, does typing out a HEX color work tho?
  4. I will be closing this topic in 24hourish. Most things that have been mentioned are either already scripted or not possible due to rage / gtav limitations. The new system is gonna be a super friendly, easy to use kind of thing and I hope many will enjoy it ? Little Sneakpeak??
  5. Nah those are not "mods" uhh its hard to explain but everything visually modable is in.
  6. - I will change the money to bank only, makes it easier too for something I am trying to do. - Stock purchases will be 50% of the original price (discussed with Nervous). - Camera movement is not going to be added, you can move your camera yourself by pressing F3, a tip about that is added in the design.
  7. This came across my mind too. Will discuss. You will have to purchase All mods at once. All mods that are possible on a car will be able to be purchased.
  8. This topic is about the mechanic modding menu not the maintenance etc.
  9. Hi everyone, The new mechanic menu design and functionality is almost complete!!! I have to do some remaining stuff but while I am still working on it I want to hear some stuff you as community would like to see.. Below is a list of whats possible already (what i have made so far) 1. EVERYTHING IS MODDABLE WITHOUT EXITING THE MENU 2. Modifications tab 3. Paint tab including RGB picker and regular colors picker. 4. Wheels tab including type, model and color 5. NEON tab, allows a full 0-255 rgb 6. Livery tab, shows all possible liveries 7. Extras tab, shows all possible extras. 8. Cart, shows all chosen modification and option to delete chosen mods. Edit: Little sneakpeak??
  10. Lol no, I get paid for being a pediatric Nurse in an academic hospital where I work 40h a week. This entire suggestion will take weeks if not months. You are asking us to separate maybe 1000 clothing items with maybe each 4-5 textures. Then how will torso's work? You cannot buy torso's lol. I have no idea how to pratically make this work. You want a cef? Sure but there are no pictures to display. We have to remember this is still a game. You can already have 30-40 slots.
  11. The alarm you have in /vstats resembles the one in my topic, if you have lvl 3 you have an Advanced system. Antitheft is unrelated to the alarms.
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