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  1. St3fan[NL]


    Already told you on discord.. We're not looking to implement this anytime soon. The animation looks crap, there is bad support for attach to ped functions etc etc etc.
  2. 1. Use the format next time. 2. I'm once again locking this but due to you guys repeatedly posting it despite it being denied over and over. I will forward it to Nervous privately but don't get your hopes up.
  3. This. Sadly it does not work all the time due to an unknown unfound bug. But we do not need a text balloon or something. Our "[...]" indicator is small and clear enough thank you tho.
  4. There's no point in having Rockstar editor enabled if MODS dont show up. Locking this once again stop bringing it up and use the search function.
  5. You get a popup when you spawn it. No needed for an automated system people will complain it charged them cause they forgot to cancel.. It has pros and cons on both ends. Current system works fine.
  6. They are but they're not cause of a rage update. We havent changed anything and sometimes they sync sometimes they dont.
  7. Update 2.3.4 Change Richman Hotel rooms are now only rented for 24 hours OOC time, that means the time counts down while being offline. Fix Fixed taxi license purchase message price
  8. Soon ™️ All I am going to say 🙂
  9. Looking to purchase a Caracara 2020
  10. You have a few slots FREE to use. If you need more/delete one you need to pay for it. Nothing "retarded" about it. Also next time use the format.
  11. St3fan[NL]

    Sirens keys

    There is already a way to set your keys. Using /sirenkey
  12. First guy said the right answer. To add to this. All IC systems work on IRL times. Its going to be a big cluster**** if we have to note down which time of IG time something happened. Especially for LEO factions.
  13. Not going to happen sorry
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