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  1. Weeny Issi Rally for sale! Security and performance packages Do a good offer!
  2. Was added so you cannot login on both servers at the same time. E.g. different pc or let someone else play on your LC character when in LS. I will look into making it smaller but chances are slim that is possible.
  3. If you're banned in one of the city's you cannot play there, how you RP it that is up to you.
  4. Format. And no, we just made the night smaller for the USA people. We wont change it again.
  5. Anyone know if there is a way to disable them?
  6. Do we even have an actual shark there already or is it admins in shark peds? Cause I dont remember scripting a shark
  7. Ill make an option in /settings after LOA to change almost every time format.... cannot promise 100% but yeah.. Someone tag me in this after the 8th of September.
  8. Ill run it by Staff first because we had rules in place for this. Also cannot have people removing it in an ally with a command after evading or before evading. Should take a few seconds and a cooldown probably.
  9. Uploading will not be possible but I can see about adding pictures by imgur links.
  10. Really nothing possible scriptwise for this. Modding would have to duplicate all those items and put it under a new category.
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