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  1. Feature Showcase: Containers (Storage) Overview The illegal community has been asking for a way to group drugs in a container(/storage), the legal community has been asking for a way to make static inventories around their properties (for e.g. by the kitchen fridge, a bedroom cupboard or a storage shelf in the basement). With this Containers feature you can now buy a couple of items that allow you to put items inside of them. You can then give this entire Container to another player who then can take those stored items from it again. Pretty useful for custom item stores where you can stuff all the items bought by a player in a plastic bag and give that plastic bag to them! Features Container Names: You can give your container a custom name which will be displayed in the inventory. Container Description: You can give your container a description to describe any distrinctive marks (primarily for drug dealers putting their brand logo on it). Static Property Container: When you buy a Storage Cabinet you can place this down inside a property you own, creating a static inventory on the location you placed it. You can also set a description with it to describe how the storage would look like or if it is hidden, e.g. in a Chimney. Only tenants and yourself (anyone with a key) can access these containers. List of container items with their storage size and where to buy them: - Backpack (2500 gr storage) - 24/7 Stores - Sports dufflebag (5000 gr storage) - 24/7 Stores - Large dufflebag (10000 gr storage) - 24/7 Stores - Plastic bag (1000 gr storage) - 24/7 Stores - Zipbag (25 gr storage) - 24/7 Stores - Pill bottle (50 gr storage) - 24/7 Stores - Storage Cabinet (10000 gr storage) - Hardware Stores - Medium Cardboard box (5000 gr storage) - Hardware Stores - Large Cardboard box (7500 gr storage) - Hardware Stores - Small Cardboard box (2500 gr storage) - Hardware Stores Commands Containers are directly developped to work with the new inventory GUI, it is recommended to directly use it for the best experience, however you can also use text commands to manage your containers : /cinv (citems, containerinv, contraineritems) [storage id] - Displays the container items from the selected container. /cpitem (containerputitem) [item id] [amount] [storage id] - Puts the selected item with amount in the selected container. /ctitem (containertakeitem) [item id] [amount] [storage id] - Takes the selected item with amount from the selected container. /cdescription (containerdescription) [storage id] - Shows you the set description from the selected container. /setcdescription (setcontainerdescription) [storage id] - Prompts you an UI to set a description to the selected container. /setcname [storage id] [name] - Sets a custom name to the selected container. /placecontainer [storage id] - Places the selected container inside a property (only for Storage Cabinet items). Creating a static inventory in a specific location inside a property.
  2. To suggest generic icons for custom items visit this topic:
  3. Feature Showcase: Inventory User Interface Overview There has been a demand to make interacting with inventories much easier than it currently does with all the commands you have to use. Therefore we have worked on a new system to get rid of all commands for those who use the Action wheel (X wheel). The old commands will still work for those who prefer to access the inventory by command. Credits to @don for developing the Graphical Interface itself. Credits to @St3fan[NL] for making the back-end work with don's Interface. Features Drag and Drop: With the Drag and Drop system you can sort(order) your items the way you would like to display them in your inventory. You can now also drag items from your own inventory to a vehicle/property or vice versa. While holding CTRL you get a window to specify an amount if you don't want to take/place all items. Action menu: Once you click on an item, you will be given an option to use/consume/equip, give or drop the item. Give Item: Once you have clicked give in the action menu, it will gather a list from near players and give you a menu to select the person and amount of the item you want to give to them. Drop Item: Once you have clicked drop in the action menu, it will show you three options: Drop, Trash or Stash. Drop will allow you to select an amount to drop. Trash will trash the item with it's full amount. Stash will prompt a window to enter a stash description similar as how the command works and stashes the full amount of the said item. Commands /myitems (myinv,inv,inventory,items) - Displays your own inventory. /vehitems (vehinv,vinv,vehinventory,vitems) - Displays your vehicle inventory. /propitems (houseitems,hitems,propertyitems,pinv,propertyinventory) - Displays your property inventory. /showitems - Shows your inventory to another player /frisk - Shows you someone else their inventory (LEO)
  4. Not possible. It makes boats fly once they hit waves. #rage
  5. Contact sheriffs about this yourself. If they want a payphone added a developer will add it after LFM asks them to.
  6. Use the template next time. And we wont be making this. We actually going to remove the calculator too. They are barely used features which make room for better "apps"
  7. Use the format and search function. Denied before because not possible.
  8. Search function + right format = no denied, denied before. Clothes wont be abused once a week. More like 100 times a day. People wearing taser belts, handcuffs, cop emblems, cop shirts. Nope.
  9. Not a game suggestion for devs, moved to rules. Also issues with factions should be taken up to LFM/IFM or its leadership.
  10. Feature Showcase: Vehicle charging & fuel consumption Overview A more detailed Fuel Consumption script has made its way to GTA World. For years we used a simple system which made every vehicle consume the same kind of fuel and have the same size of fuel tank. With this fuel update we have made a difference in a couple of things: - Fuel tank capacity: Each vehicle has its own fuel tank capacity. Most vehicles will have 45L (11.89gallons), smaller cars will have 30L, Bikes 10L. In total there will be vehicles ranging between 10-30-45-60-100-250 Liters. Electric vehicles will all have a battery of 100kWh. - Fuel type: In total there will be five type of fuels. Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosine, Hybrid and Electric. Most vehicles are Gasoline, trucks and heavy engine vehicles are running on Diesel. Electric vehicles will run on electricity and hybrid cars will have less consumption due to their dual engines. Hybrids will run on Gasoline. - Fuel consumption: Since GTAV is a game and we have no way to actually measure the pressure you put on your gas pedal we have decided to work with three consumption valuables. Maximum Acceleration, Normal Acceleration and Maintaining Speed. This means if you speed your vehicle from 0 - 60 in a few seconds it will most likely be seen as maximum acceleration. If you accelerate just a little it will be seen as normal acceleration. And if you maintain your speed you will have a static consumption. So the 'cleaner' you drive the more fuel you will save! If you always race your vehicle over the roads it will most likely drain your fuel in no time. Note: Engine, transmission and turbo upgrades make your consumption become higher than stock vehicles. - Electric Chargers: Since we now can no longer 'refill' our vehicles with liquid we need a new place where we can 'refill' our electric vehicles. You will see various Electric Chargers around the map (see photo above), where you pay a public usage fee (between $15-$30) and a price per kWh. - Electric Home Chargers: You no longer wish to look around for an available public Electric Charger? Good news, the hardware store sells a "Home EV Charger" for $30.000 which allows you to charge your vehicle at your own house. It will charge 5x slower than it does on public Electric Chargers and it will be 50% cheaper than public usage. - Fuel canisters: Ran out of fuel or going for a long trip? Make sure to bring a spare few gallons of fuel with you! Visit the 24/7 store for your fuel canister. - Daily prices: Every day the Gasoline, Diesel and kWh prices are different and randomly decided (between a margin per type to maintain realism). So each day you have a chance to refuel cheaper than the day before! - State Electric Vehicle Contribution: The insurance prices for Electric Vehicles have been lowered by a few percentages. Commands /getfuelconsumption or /vstats - This will display statistics regarding your vehicle's fuel consumption. /refill - When you are near a gas station with a Gasoline or Diesel engine. /recharge - When you are near a Home EV Charger or a public Electric Charger you will attach your vehicle to the charger. /detachcharger - To detach your vehicle from a charger. /installcharger - This will allow you to install a Home EV Charger once you have one in your inventory. /givechargerpermission - When you have someone visiting you with an electric vehicle you can give them permission to use your Home EV Charger.
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