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The great debate - Shaping the illegal scene for the next years


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Hello everyone,


We'll be starting very soon a new concept on GTA World whose goal will be to involve all the players who want to be involved in an illegal related discussion in order to shape the future of GTAW's illegal scene.


Multiple subjects will be discussed, and the goal will be to close the great debate with decisions & changes for each subjects in order to improve them, from illegal faction management to the supplier scheme & faction system for example.


If the concept is successful, we'll try to do it more often even if it is very time consuming for us to manage.


Step 0 : Discord joining


You'll be invited to join a special discord & to verify yourself, we only accept players involved in the illegal scene of the server in this discord, as legal roleplayers while having a very important voice are already represented in other internal discussions we have. Our goal is to assess the real needs of illegal players.

Once verified, you'll be set to participate to the next step.


The discord can be joined at https://discord.gg/M4BWHBsRNv


Step 1 : Voting for your representives


We'll be naming multiple representives whose goal will be to summarize everything written in each discussions, ensure that there is enough activity & discussion in their subject and will have access to private channels to debrief with IFM & myself.

These representives will be elected by all the players involved in the project, we are aiming for at least 5 of them.


Step 2 : Confirming the subject list with the representives & players


The subject list will be submitted and we'll discuss it to ensure that all major changes players want to see done are discussed in the various subjects suggested, if not we will add more.


Step 3 : Discussing the subjects


We'll be opening the discussions one subject at a time during 24 hours for everyone to debate it, which will be followed by a summary from the representives that will be posted and sent to myself & IFM. The next subject will then be opened for 24 hours, etc.

If we believe that some subjects needs to be rediscussed following internal discussions, we'll be re-opening past subjects.


Step 4 : Review of all the debates & summaries


I'll be personally first reviewing everything and start drafting measures & an action plan to change the server in order to improve it for illegal roleplayers. There might be major revamp especially when it comes to the faction system (the goal in one of the subjects will be for example to finally finish, or not, the tiering system), or suppliers, or even the IFM team concept / work.


Once I'll be done with the review, I'll submit my action plan for discussion with all the administration team and debate it with them.


Step 5 : Publishing the action plan


The action plan that I'll have written will be published publicly for all players to read.




  • Toxicity is fully forbidden on the discord.
  • Getting verified with a character that isn't yours will be punished.
  • Spamming or writing useless sentences will lead to a ban from the discord.
  • Writing stupid comments or non constructive comments during the debate will lead to a ban from the discord.
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