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Discussion: Illegal Faction Revamp


Do you want to see the faction tier system on the server instead of the current faction system?  

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Discussion: Illegal Faction Revamp


Hello everyone.


Illegal Faction Management has been working off the suggestions that many of you submitted within the census from September 2021 regarding the current way factions are handled and managed. This is something that is no doubt out of date for a long time now and need some updating and adjustment into how we handle things as a team.


This overhaul is based on the following factors which is causing demotivation across the board within illegal roleplay:

  • Lack of progression, currently the only reason to go for official is because you will be able to get some kind of clout from it, or apply for a gun supplier role. This leads factions to having no goals to achieve other than the ones that they set themselves.
  • Supplier selectivity, this has long been an issue within the community in regards to who gets what and how they are able to get it. I agree that it should be moderated, however, it is causing problems within the community as some people feel completely out of touch.
  • Faction favoritism, this occurs when a faction is favored over others due to "good roleplay", however, there is little to no evidence to support this and it is based purely on personal experience. 
  • Incentives, these small incentives can go a long way in improving the overall mindset of the generic illegal role-player currently. 

As a team, we completely agree there is a lack of transparency, in some areas this is required, but this kind of change requires the opinions of everyone who it might effect as you guys are the player base and this system is to benefit you.


What to do:

  • Please read through the proposed draft of possible changes, nothing is confirmed, these are just ideas, this won't happen overnight, please keep that in mind. This is just an idea.
  • Vote on the poll, this is so we can keep track of how many are for, how many are against. This is the easiest way, so please please vote.
  • Comment suggestions or constructive criticism. This idea is not solely my own, or IFM's own. Faction leaders and group leaders all gave their opinions and adjustments prior to this going public and it has been adjusted based on that.
  • Questions? They're welcome to, just ask as everyone from IFM will be monitoring this to clear up any confusion.


The tier system. A tier system will be the core basis of determining quality and longevity beyond how long a thread has been up. This is also something that will provide goals, ideas, hopes and dreams for illegal role-players to achieve. 

  • Note: Suppliers are not being removed.
  • Note: Time does not equal guaranteed tier enhancement, please read the fineprint.

[ Please note all amounts are subject to change, they are just to show the increases. ]

  • Unofficial Group
    • This is the basic tier, anyone can post their thread and claim to be an unofficial group. 

    • They get no benefits.

    • They must have existed for at least 1 month before being able to apply to be a faction.

  • Tier 0 - Faction
    • Access to the faction script
    • 2x Access to the IFM Discord (leadership)
    • Territory claim
    • 1 IFM Property (stash, farm, scheme property, clubhouse/traphouse)
  • Tier 1 - Faction [3+ months]
    • 1 IFM Property (stash, farm, scheme property etc.)
    • 150g of drugs [paid]
    • 3 weapons a month, limited to handguns AND shotguns AND melee (30 ammo per) [paid]
  • Tier 2 - Faction [6+ months]
    • 2 IFM Properties (stash, farm, scheme property etc.)
    • 300g of drugs [paid]
    • 6 weapons a month, limited to handguns AND shotguns AND melee (40 ammo per) [paid]
    • UCP Promotion
  • Tier 3 - Official Faction [12+ months]
    • 3 IFM Properties (stash, farm, scheme property etc.)
    • 3x Access to the IFM Discord (leadership)
    • 10 weapons a month, limited to handguns AND shotguns AND melee (50 ammo per) [paid]
    • 1 automatic weapon (included in the 10)
    • 450g of drugs [paid]
    • UCP Promotion
    • GTA:W Domain (subject to Panda)
    • Faction Mods (subject to approval from Head of Factions)
    • Thread is highlighted, not exempt from activity.

Regulations (not limited to)

  • A faction can only go up in tiers every 3 months, in the event of a denial from progressing up into the next tier, constructive feedback will be provided by IFM as well as a date that they may reapply. This date will be between 1 month to 3 months depending on the severity of the action.
    • Similarly to how a group applies for official, a faction can request to go up in tiers when they are eligible by time. When a faction meets the time requirements, this does not guarantee a progression through the tiers. This is primarily determined on the quality of roleplay the faction has provided, observations from admins and IFM along with report references if any.
    • If a faction is denied going up in the tiers, they will be given pointers to work on, this will be the constructive feedback as aforementioned. Is it the primary goal of IFM to ensure they can get to that point of being ready so they will be provided with support and oversight where required.
    • The review process may take up to 7 days maximum for a verdict, official feedback may need to be officially drafted up afterwards.
  • If a faction has a supplier, they will receive the supplier amounts rather than the faction amounts. 
  • A faction that receives a strike will have their progression to go up in tiers reset, back to 3 months.
  • A faction strike may be issued in the following scenarios, or similar;
    • A number of faction members are involved in an administrative situation where punishment is issued.
    • Large breaches of Rules of Engagement.
    • Stockpiling of drugs by leadership, or high ranks.
      • Everyone (high or low rank) will be approached and informed they must distribute their drugs otherwise a strike will be issued. High ranks stockpiling will be scrutinized harshly.
    • Stockpiling of weaponry without valid reason.
      • Any usage of using vehicles and abusing the restart and /vpark restrictions for gun stashes is not allowed.
    • Attitude problems within the ranks of members while dealing with any other player, or group of players, within the community. i.e. a conflict which is IC results in OOC toxicity against one another.
  • A faction shut down will occur if there is mass OOC dealing within the ranks, and including metagaming from any member of leadership within faction related activities. A faction shut down may occur for other reasons at the discretion of Management for severe instances of rule breaks.
  • Guns and drugs will be pre-discussed when a faction progresses into tier 1 into what they will be eligible for with assignments given.
    • Handguns will be the priority alongside shotguns for giving to these tiers, the following weapons may be requested.
      • Makarov, MP9, Revolver, CeramicPistol, SIG, SNS Pistol, Pistol
      • Pump Shotgun, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Double Barrel Shotgun
      • Knife, Switchblade, Dagger, Bottle, Crowbar, Brass Knuckles
    • Factions will be given 3 options for the drugs they are able to request upon meeting tier 1. They are allowed to give their preferences however none of this is guaranteed. Each month, they may request 1 of these 3 drugs, this will take up their entire monthly allowance.
      • Factions may submit scheme ideas still for alternative drugs.
    • Leadership must be active, if the top 2 people within the faction are under 0.2 hours, without notifying IFM of an LOA, they will not get their tier shipments.
    • Factions in which receive administrative punishment for deathmatching involving firearms may be reduced to only being able to request melee for that calendar month, or more.



  • "Please, don't make this [territory claims] into a thing no matter what. It's not a good solution, never was one. Let them contest said area IC, whether that makes sense in their lore or not. You're gonna end up closing good faction just because they opened in the wrong place."  - @i dont wanna od in LA
    • This will be re-reviewed by IFM. Thank you everyone who brought it up.
  • "Turf and properties should be prioritised over drugs and guns. I think giving out those kinds of quantities each month just makes suppliers irrelevant. Also, for jail factions, I think you should be able to claim shanks rather than guns each month." - @PKMN_trainer
    • This will be re-reviewed by IFM. Shanks are already able to be applied for instead of the guns each month, it is just weapons as a whole that would be able to be requested. That being said, jail factions may be able to have shanks ON TOP of the guns as that is their primary area of roleplay, maybe in exchange for 1 gun less for 3 shanks or something. Definitely something IFM will take  into account and re-review. Thank you.

  • "I think this is great. Adding to this, I think a zero tolerance policy should be given to unofficial factions who receive faction strikes. There's currently a plethora of unofficial factions who's members are constantly involved in rule breaking. This ruins immersion from already established factions. The rules are there and should be read by factions who actively want to contribute to the illegal RP scene in a realistic and fair manner." - @moD
    • This will be re-reviewed by IFM. This absolutely needs to be addressed and we missed it.
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Just now, voucher said:

I think that it’s overall a good idea, but the month requirements should be removed. The quality of the faction and its roleplay should determine moving up exclusively, how long the faction has been around is irrelevant. 

I agree with this. 

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1 minute ago, voucher said:

I think that it’s overall a good idea, but the month requirements should be removed. The quality of the faction and its roleplay should determine moving up exclusively, how long the faction has been around is irrelevant. 


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