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Discussion: Illegal Faction Revamp


Do you want to see the faction tier system on the server instead of the current faction system?  

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24 minutes ago, honey. said:

Tier 1 - Faction [3+ months]

  • 1 IFM Property (stash, farm, scheme property etc.)
  • 150g of drugs [paid]
  • 3 weapons a month, limited to handguns AND shotguns AND melee (30 ammo per) [paid]

Does this stack with the previous tier? Tier 1 having 2 IFM properties, Tier 2 4, etc etc or is it just 1, 2 and 3?


the rest i like


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I have to agree with @i dont wanna od in LA here. There is absolutely no need or use for some time requirement to determine if your faction gets weapons or doesn't, that should all be determined ICly. What will happen if this system is implemented, is that factions that drag on for 6+ months will become independent with the amount of guns and drugs that gets given to them, there will be no need to build IC connections. There are tons of old factions which have no reason to exist on the west coast and there are currently more east coast crime than west coast crime on the server (gangs excluded). There have been times when Los Santos had 6 vors running the city when realistically that would never happen, especially when being crowned a vor has been banned since the mid 2010s, which apparently everyone ignores and gets crowned left, right, and centre. What the tier system would enable is an RPG mechanic which should never be a thing on an RP server that pushes for realism. People have been begging for quality checks when it comes to factions.

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I like this idea overall, but I agree that having a set time between faction progression limits things in some way. I agree that it should be a case by case basis as opposed to strict time limits, pardon maybe a couple of weeks to prevent immediate growth.

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