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  1. He's been..- UY
  2. The lord, the savior. Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcom your new support member. @XIK
  3. illegal rp living rent free in ur head
  4. I'm worried about everybody's mental state cause it affects their roleplay overall, affects their decisions and a lot of other factors. You said you are tired and I suggested that you take some rest. It's all peace and love. ☮️
  5. I think legal RPers got nothing to talk about, you guys brought back the cat ears. Shame If that brings RP over guns and shootouts, then I'm Natasha Valentine.
  6. Theres no point man, im fat and banned
  7. ye, what do you think? wanna go against me?
  8. Tifa

    a big guy

    Devon Passmore. A member of Niggaz Blasting Gunz 13.
  9. the anime dude who hates illegal rp didnt post anything here for some time
  10. Lolo must be as sad as me carnal
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