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  2. You're wanting to make it that characters that are found to have used a gun in a crime eligible for a character kill, this doesn't just come down to robberies. Implementing such a ruling would be silly and would also result in the quick death of an entire roleplay scene. If you struggle to see why it would be an unfair consequence then I advise that you try out the same roleplay you wish to have such things implemented for. We already have rules set in place for robberies, if an illegal player shoots to get out of a PD situation / shoots to avoid an arrest; they're eligible for a CK. We don't need to add silly restrictions on top of what we have already. If a character reaches a certain amount of criminal points on their record, they're put in for life. If an illegal player is charged with any form of crime related to a firearm, most likely possession, then they deal with those consequences in-chararacter. Illegal players aren't the main issue when it comes to robberies either, there's a handful of "victims" to said robberies that fail to roleplay adequete fear. If someone breaks the robbery rules we have on the server, report them; if they didn't break anything then handle it in-character, what car were they driving? Did it have a license plate? What were they wearing? Were they masked? There's a handful of ways that legal characters can go about getting justice for what happened to their character, suggesting a ruling that "Character's found guilty to using a firearm in a crime should be eligible for a CK" will never be added, gun charges make up a large majority of felonies on most illegal character's criminal records and I would also argue that it's one of, if not the most popular charge on the server at the moment, do you see where making them eligible to a character-kill because of such a charge would be silly? As I said before, play within the same roleplay scene you aim to critize before making such crazy suggestions.
  3. Silver means nothing when you can go away from the game and come back with a couple 100 million. Pets are nothing in the grand scheme of things but that seems to be your main priority.
  4. ever since they left their publisher the game's play to win state has dropped drastically. PA just throw shit at you every other minute to make progression easier and faster, considering it can take under a day to reach awakening level on a fresh season character.
  5. Troubled Reckless Steppers were given 2 strikes for multiple rules broken by leadership and their members during a recent conflict with another unofficial faction, these rule breaches ranged from failing to roleplay their weapons so they could skip the animation which plays when puliing a weapon from inside a vehicle to multiple ROE violations. On top of this, the faction has showcased abysmal roleplay when it comes to conflicts, the type of roleplay we don't expect. Due to the faction reaching the 2 strike threshold held for Unofficial Factions, the faction will be closed by Illegal Faction Management for failing to meet the standards of what Illegal Faction Management expects from Unofficial Factions. Characters that are involved in the concept will need to cease their portrayal immediately. Any properties or perks that the faction received during their tensure will be revoked in 48 hours, so members have time to collect their things. Leadership will not be allowed to lead another illegal concept for the next 12 months due to this shutdown, this does not apply to all players of the faction as we understand not all members were involved.
  6. Just gotta hope RAGE dev sorts it out, I get the same issues when using the F1 interface.
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