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  1. Beachside Terror was originally created as a group of friends operating as a tagging crew in the Vespucci area. Known for their unique style of graffiti and bold choice of artwork that could be seen all over the lower Vespucci—primarily Melanoma Street—they quickly gained a reputation as a small yet dangerous group. However, their gradual rise to criminal fame was not solely based on their passionate hobby of graffiti; the crew slowly formed a fierce reputation through their direct involvement in various illicit activities, namely a list of bloody turf wars and acts of drug smuggling for powerful crime organisations like the Mexican Mafia. The raw origins of the crew can be traced back to an older generation led by Hopout Cuevas and Joker Vargas. Under this duo's leadership, the crew established a rapport for their unapologetic and fearless approach to graffiti culture. With the newfound protection and endorsement from the notorious Mexican Mafia, the crew rebranded themselves as Varrio Terrorside 13 and aligned themselves with the powerful criminal organization, which controls the grand majority of Mexican-American street gangs wreaking havoc on the Los Santos streets. This co-sign allowed the newly-developed gang a significant level of power and awe on the streets and they quickly established themselves as one of the most feared and respected gangs in the area. However, their rise to power was not met without challenges; the gang found themselves entwined in a bloody feud with Public Enemy No. 1, a predominantly white skinhead gang also known as PEN1. The conflict between the two gangs was brutal and saw the death or long-term incarceration of members on both sides. With the brunt of Varrio Terrorside 13's leadership fallen victim to the consequences of this barbarous battle, the gang inevitably fell into a crippling period of inactivity. After a handful of years spent in quiet dormancy, rumors began to plague the streets of Vespucci, hinting at the resurgence of a new generation of Beachside Terror. Slowly but surely, many tags that mimicking the once-famed crew's distinctive style started littering the buildings on and around Melanoma Street, sparking curiosity and speculation among the residents of the area, as well as a fear of repeated events. The word on the streets suggested that a new generation of young delinquents had taken up the mantle of Beachside Terror and were determined to reclaim the crew's place as one of the most feared groups in the area. The new crew was said to be led by Nitro Contreras and Chino Aranda. To ensure a swift and stable reign, one of their key strategies was to restore the old connections that the crew once had with the Mexican Mafia. With this renewed connection, the crew was able to regain its chokehold on the lower Vespucci area. Following their rebirth, the crew realised that their old name carried too much baggage and memories of a bittersweet past. A new generation meant new feats to accomplish. They would therefore come to be known as Terror Town 13. Thread credits go out to @XIK, @Plottin & @occ Terror Town 13 is a fictional Sureño gang that originated from a tagging crew called Beachside Terror. The transition from a tagging crew to a full-fledged gang occurred after two months of development. Our aim is to accurately portray a modern Sureño gang in the west side of Los Santos and provide an enjoyable experience to whoever roleplays with our faction. Permission to post screenshots must be granted by leadership in our Discord server. For any questions on how to join or inquiries about the faction, feel free to PM @XIK.
  2. This thread will show the life of David Gonzalez, a young teenager from Goma.
  3. Varrio Villains, also known as Vinewood Villains 13 is a primarily Mexican-American street gang on San Vitus Boulevard. Vinewood Villains 13 originally started out as a tagging crew back in 1996, and consist of several cliques which include, San Vitus Lokos, Troubled Boyz, and Violent Lokos. Varrio Villains consist of many active members and is considered one of the largest Hispanic sets in Vinewood. As many years gone by, Vinewood Villains then grew into a Hispanic set and quickly gained reputation for being reckless in Vinewood and all around Los Santos. They participated in many illegal activities and began working with powerful organizations which include The Mexican Mafia. Varrio Villains are allies of The Mexican Mafia and fall under the Sureno 13 brand. They are rivals with 18th Street and Barrio Mojados and are actively beefing with small Crip sets in the Vinewood Area. They also claim Piru Killer, and Crip Killer due to their active feud with African-American gangs. Vinewood Villains13 are also known as Cop Killers due to their rivalry with the Los Santos Police Department, and Los Santos Sheriffs Department. Vinewood Villains also feud with other street gangs that aren't near Vinewood. In the late 1990's when the Vinewood Villains set began to affiliate themselves with the Mexican Mafia where they adopted the name Vinewood Villains 13 many other sets under the Sureno 13 brand attempted to beef with Varrio Villains which ended up in the death of Angel Gamboa, a member of Vinewood Villains 13. OOC INFORMATION Thread credits go to @zuhils, and @$KIP We're roleplaying a fictional Sureno gang that started out as a tagging crew. After the gang grew and grew, they slowly turned into a gang in Vinewood and eventually got involved with the Mexican Mafia. We are trying to aim to portray a modern day Sureno gang Vinewood. For any questions on how to join the faction or any questions in general, shoot a PM to @zuhils or @$KIP
  4. Eastside Playboys 13 The Eastside Playboys 13, also known as the "Rabbit Gang," is a predominately but not exclusively Hispanic street gang established in the late 1970s on the Eastside of Los Santos and one of the subsets of Playboys 13 around the states. Throughout the years, the Playboys gang became one of the most notorious gangs in the said area, with only a few Hispanic street gangs such as Florencia 13, 38th Street, and the 18th Street gang. The majority of Playboys gang members are filled with hatred in their hearts towards their other low-income neighborhoods, like themselves. They occasionally find themselves involved in disputes over drugs, money, and gang politics. The Playboys gang has a history of engaging in illegal activities too, such as robbery, theft, car theft, and kidnapping. Although The Eastside Playboys 13 are part of the Sureños alliance and have strong ties with the Mexican Mafia, The Playboys 13 have found themselves rivalry with other southerner gangs, while the younger generation of the Playboys is less disciplined and way more violent than the older generation. This is because the older generation of the Playboys gang manipulates the younger generation by romanticizing drug abuse and gang violence. The Playboys gang has a lot of cliques around the said area, which are the Zoo Riders, also known as the Dukes of 35th, Cyclone of 42nd, and Chicos Locos of 49th. Even though these cliques are alive, the Zoo Riders, or Dukes, are the most active cliques in Eastside Playboys 13. The loss of gang members is one thing that all the street gangs in Los Santos have in common, especially the Playboys gang, where some of the members are incarcerated, killed in the streets, and sent into life imprisonment. On numerous occasions, cliques underneath the Playboys have gone defunct over the deaths of their friends or gang members. However, some cliques stand strong together, offering care, protection, and income for those who remain, and one of these cliques is the Zoo Riders or the Dukes. 35th Zoo Riders a.k.a Dukes The 35th Zoo Riders, also known as the Dukes, are one of the active cliques of Eastside Playboys 13 run by delinquent members who are capable of committing crimes in their neighborhood to show their love and loyalty to the gang. Even though the clique has Hispanic roots, the gang has African-American members because of their history. The Playboys' Zoo Riders, or Dukes, became the face of the neighborhood and made a reputation at the drug market in the streets of East Los Santos, which led them to be a threat to the other local gangs around their hood, especially the other Hispanic and black street gangs. While the Playboys gang is getting bigger and growing, these gang members are still looking up to their roots and keeping their neighborhood safe from rivalries. To date, members of the Eastside Playboys use the Playboy Rabbit logo to represent their set. Pittsburgh Pirates merch is a particular logo used amongst Playboys, representing the "P" in the gang's name. Residents and law enforcers are fully aware of the street gangs presents, though the members of the gang still show no remorse towards the evident murders and other criminal activities that they have committed. Eastside Playboys 13 is still active in the said area of East Los Santos, and according to the local Sheriff's Department, the set was the main contributor to crimes in the area.
  5. The Artero Varrio Gangsters 13 also known by the acronym AV13 is a faction composed of predominantly Hispanic-American affiliates. AV13 is a Los Santos based street gang that operates in the Southern area of Los Santos, specifically, Roy Lowenstein and has been since its creation. The faction’s origin traces back all the way to late 1975, where the gang was first formidable for protecting newer fleets of Hispanic-Immigrants from pretty much everything in Los Santos, such as poverty, discrimination, and limited opportunities. After fleeing from their country to Los Santos, many of them, without having any family over in the area, nor any idea on where to go results in them being lost, having to stay in dangerous areas which also includes section-8 housing. After about six-years is when the AV13 gang begin to have problems with other existing street gangs located in Los Santos for example gangs such as, Inglewood Family Gangster Bloods, Bounty Hunter Bloods, and even Athen Park Bloods. Their most notable issue though, is between AV13 and Athen Park Bloods. The feud between the two, started all the way in the late 1980’s, over petty disputes. Though already having many members though, during the civil war in the 1990’s, AV13 exploded by membership due to the active civil wars in Central America, in particular, El Salvador & Guatemala. Due to the war, many Immigrants fled over to Los Santos, in search of a brotherhood, more people to relate to, and which also led them to the AV13 gang who accepted them, without a doubt. Additionally, as the gang gained more members they became increasingly violent. Whilst in the era of the 1990’s, the Artero Varrio Gangsters gang actually got connected with the Mexican Mafia through prison and showed their loyalty to them by embracing the thirteen and just like that, AV13 was a verified faction under the Sureños card. Despite being under the Sureños card the Artero Varrio Gangsters 13 even had conflict with other Sureño factions such as.. Playboy 13, Inglewood 13, and Toonerville Rifa 13. In the early years to come, on the streets, the violence between AV13 and other existing street gangs would increase. It increased to the point of which AV13 began to claim the “Blood Killer” card, as they’d only beef with mostly blood factions. They’d do petty things, such as wearing Blue rags, and mostly blue clothing to display their hatred for the blood factions that they constantly had static with. In the present day, members of the AV13 usually wear some type of merch, or pieces of clothing to Identify each other. For example, affiliates over the AV13 faction would particularly use the New Era hat with a bold letter “A” printed in the center of it, they also use Oakland Athletics. The “A” in the hat is usually to represent the A in Artero. The beef between Artero and Athen Park Bloods still remains until this day. This has been one, if not the most deadliest conflict between two factions with blood being drawn since the 1980s, it’s safe to assume.
  6. Frogtownnn! Frogtown Rifa 13 (FTRX3) is one of the oldest hispanic varrios in East Los Santos, it's roots dating back to the early 1900s during the water drought of San Andreas. They achieved the name 'Frogtown' due to their massive population of toads and frogs in the area due to their homes being located close to the Los Santos river. Although, with the modernization of Los Santos, especially Mirror Park, frogs and toads have not been seen in the area for decades. This is possibly due to the coyotes that roam the riverbed and the toxic chemicals dumped into the river. Arnold "Arnie" Gonzalez Arnold "Arnie" Gonzalez was a highly respected member of Frogtown Rifa 13, even earning his place in La Eme. In May, 2018, Arnie and his accomplices were charged with a RICO case by the Los Santos District Attorney. He was identified as the person who brought the alliance between Frogtown Rifa (FTR), Toonerville Rifa (TVF), and Thee Rascals (TRS) together to sell narcotics across the Mirror Park and Los Santos river region. While he was collecting the tax money from all of this, Arnie appointed "Jorge Grey" as his tax collector due to Arnie being locked up in the Boilingbroke State Penitentiary. With this arrest came the raid of Frogtown Rifa 13 neighborhoods known as, Operation "Gig' Em". This takedown had the arrest of over 22 FTR members and weapons and narcotics were retrieved and taken off the streets. With this came a dying out of FTR activity in their hood. Modern Day FTRX3 As of today, Frogtown Rifa 13 is currently popping back up in the streets of Mirror Park and Eastern Los Santos. Their has been numerous sightings of tags in the area where teenagers known to sport dark green flags and a Florida Marlins hat. Three areas have had numerous taggings, each belonging to a different clique. The cliques go in order as Parkside Winos (PSWS), Churchside Locos (CSLS), and Riverside Malditos (RSMS). These cliques are known to have a presence in drug sales in the area and graffiti, mostly having younger members in the cliques, trying to revive what their prior generation had accomplished.
  7. Hi guys. Welcome to our gallery which will be reserved for eMe roleplay. We mainly plan to venture inside the jail (TTCF) and bring our inmate characters to life. Have a good read.
  8. OOC Info: This faction is invite only for the time being.
  9. This thread will follow the development of Luis Guadalupe, growing up in the Tortilla Flats territory.
  10. E/S Clover Gang was originally formed by a group of Sureno's that had formed a small reputation within the street of Brouge Avenue, after both Front Street Watts Crips and the 103 Hard Time Hustler Crips were totally wiped from the local region, upon their dissipation one of the remaining jumped in set members had decided to reform the set on Brouge Avenue with the help of the local community, the rifa formed together through their life experiences and ultimately ended out forming as a gang of Sureno youths. East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods are a predominately African-American street gang based in the Roy Lowstein region, Davis in a community known as the Low Bottoms. They have been active in that area since the early 1970s before the Blood identity was even forged. Prior to Black gang resurgence during the very early 1970s, there was a gang in the area called Pueblo Players that was active since the 1950s. Upon reaching out to one another, and establishing a deep bond, both the E/S Clover Gang and the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods had decided to effectively merge both of their sets together, the Pueblo Bishop Bloods control Roy Lowstein Boulevard whilst Eastside Clover Gang hold control over Brouge Avenue, both sets are currently defunct and are ultimately working together side by side flying green and red rags with one another. -- OOC Information -- This faction will follow the development of both the E/S Clover Gang & the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods, both sets currently operate on both Roy Lowstein Boulevard & Brouge Avenue, for anyone interested in learning more about the faction, you can find out more on our official discord https://discord.gg/4Scz2xTgKZ
  11. NORTH EAST TOONERVILLE RIFA XIII BREAKDOWN Toonerville Rifa 13 (TVR) is a mixture of organized crime and reckless crime affiliation crew that hails out of Vespucci in Los Santos, the group has been around ever since the 1930's. This criminal gang started from when several individuals came together as a group, to face challenges of there new lifestyle in the United States coming from Mexico. As they first was known as the Lost Souls but disbanded from the name and came across there current name in the late 1940's. They are predominantly a Mexican-American posse and they honor the Mexican Mafia. Taking everything into account, it has come about after various racial episodes between Afro-Americans and Mexicans. The Afro-Americans, ruling the numbers in Vespucci, started to menace the Mexican young people of the space, whom stayed without insurance after the disband of Penner Projects Tokers 13 posse. As dark on earthy colored violations developed altogether, the Mexicans started to put together in groups and shield each other on the off chance that any racial question would happen. They are a strong tight Surenos an alliance for combined action The individuals usually sport the colors black, blue flags and other clothing to show off there strong pride magnitude of there affiliation with the gang. The politics in the gang are routed far down in a deep path as they have close alliances As the umbrella follows upon strong bonds with other gangs apart of the umbrella with the gangs Mexican Mafia, Sureno's. Their area is loaded with neediness, viciousness, and group movement which makes the road posse more fierce as there still a creating road pack upon themselves as a affiliation titled group. DRUG OPERATION CONSPIRACY Around the 1970's members of Toonerville came all together upon a plan to start making fast cash, as they were in a very low down situation. The affiliates came upon a plan that was organized and thought about for about almost a year entirely. Which afterwards they came across distributing narcotic's around Los Santos. The members decided to start off slow as they started the operation in there local territory to locals that lived in the projects. As most were buyers and fine with the distributing from members, as most had addictions. Some people didn't enjoy the operation as they caught there eyes on it, but didn't have a clear understanding. The individuals that didn't like the operation started to have a hate for it as it was going on where they lived at. Which the residents in the area decided to become informants about there conspiracy, as alerting the LSPD and others about it. Toonerville members became to get informed about the informants in the area, as they received names and photos of the informants. Affiliates of Toonerville was alerted all of this from there Upper Echelon status members, as they were told to get the informants gone. Which members understand and builted a plan quickly before the informants could figure out there operation they had going on fully. Toonerville affiliates continued to murder the informants after kidnapping them execution murder style, which the LSPD lost there informants and guidance to develop a case on Toonerville basically left stranded. After having the case attempted to be executed against Tooneville was left stranded, that didn't leave the LSPD not looking or still attempting from the small information that really lacked from informants that didn't know that much knowledge about the operation. The LSPD began to do crooked tatics and other things to attempt to bring down, develop more information about this supposed drug ring going on. Which the Los Santos Police Department began to pick up Toonerville members hanging around there turf for questioning, which basically forcing them without allowance. As to not cause more attention as Toonerville known they was in lately, some members agreed to not make things look as highly questionable as they thought. During the questioning with the LSPD highly questioning the members attempting to force information out of them. Most of the affiliates didn't fall victim as expected and didn't tell any information, as a couple members did as they only told a little information. Which the guidance of the Upper Echelon and members from Mexico was alerted of the informants lingering around the members and who told. Which they told members that was insiders to get rid of the informants. Toonerville affiliates took close account into the new information as they were told by higher-up affiliates, they all gathered together and planned hits on each one of the two informants. As afterwards all successful crimes without no trace back. Besides them getting rid of the informants, now with the little information the Los Santos Police Department received. The LSPD began to make warrants and search warrants of the affiliates that was informed about supposedly in the ring from the old informants, which the LSPD has successful conclusions after the warrants. Making successful arrests and finding narcotic's in some of the affiliates households they put out search warrants on. As they charged all with charges. Which members that didn't get indicted back in Toonerville caught on now closely about everything, which they proceeded to grow on there operation all around Vespucci other then there territory making things obvious. Which Toonerville affiliates began to move more smarter, which Los Santos Police Department still been watching over Toonerville keeping close eyes. But haven't had more information about it. Over the years Toonerville still rises into the thoughts as unknown about there supposedly drug distribution as no information has been developed yet, as some still believe it still going on but no evidence has followed. MYSTERIOUS TIMOTHY MCGHEE Apparently one of the vital figures throughout the entire existence of Toonerville Rifa 13, Timothy McGhee was brought into the world on April 27, 1973. In the last part of the 1980s, conflicts with different packs had incredibly diminished the measure of an area that the TVR could call their own. McGhee had been eventually enlisted into the striving posse. He would get one of it's initiative by the mid-1990s. That of McGhee criminal record could occupy a whole room. As ahead of schedule as 1989, a very youthful Timothy was blamed for assualting a watchman with a gun. Just five years after the fact, in 1994 the man was condemned to four years in jail for assaults' with a cop. He would just serve three however, ultimately recapturing his opportunity in 1997. From 1997 to the mid 2000s. McGhee gathered an amazing number of charges for both homicide and other brutal violations. In 2002, a team of in excess of sixty officials started looking for the culprit. A prize of $55,000 USD was even offered, yet no one offered enough clues guarantee the achievement of this activity. Ultimately, the police sorted out that McGhee was really running Toonerville Rifa from outside the state. The shot guest would just be captured in 2003, when a Bullhead City based group saw a man taking after Timothy leaving a structure that they saved control for some time. Proceeding, the TRV's chief would be gone after for the homicides and condemned to capital punishment. He is at present held at San Andreas, as he anticipates for his execution.
  12. Del Perro Motel Schooling & Carlos' education Mateo & Carlos, the Loco brothers
  13. This Thread will follow the life of Sergio Diaz, growing up in Tortilla Flats territory.
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