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  1. she was fearless and crazier than him she was his queen and God help Anyone who Disrespected The Queen.
  2. so after rping it on my lap, say i get pulled over and i want to shoot, do i have to say /me bounces out with the pistol, even though i've rped it being on my lap before?
  3. The rules make no sense. You can't even copy and paste a /me line, so that means a roleplayer with extreme dyslexia will need to power through a /me line in order to get out of a car and shoot somebody. This is bs lmaooo. Admins will tells us that anything you have script wise is on your person, you must rp it. So why is the script being neglected in this particular instance? If I RP my pistol out in the car and on my lap, why do I need to further RP bouncing out with it? Do I rp /me gets out of my car everytime I park up? No I don't. People need to wake up and see that this is used to suppress roleplayers and give power to others, shit's a joke. Please remove this rule.
  4. the only IRS id like to see is the International Roleplay Services cuz 3/4 of the server sucks at rp
  5. what is a solid reason to not get behind this lmaooo?
  6. the makk balla black muslim, eagle, wiccster and the emero walked in to la vida... @joebidensmokesyesca @WESTTHEDEAL @Phil
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