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  1. In jails and prisons segregated by race, an ‘Other Car’ refers a group of inmates that can be identified as Asians, Islanders and almost anything else that won’t fit into the Sureño, Norteño, White or Black etc categories. Other Cars that are dominated by Asian Pacific Islanders usually prefer to be referred to as just that. As they are often a minority, inmates within Other Cars come together for protection and unity. Our faction seeks to portray a tight-knit, Asian and Pacific Islander dominated car, that make up for their size with ferocity and strict rules. As a faction we focus on character development for those who roleplay within and around our group, as well as with the wider county jail environment as a jail gang.
  2. No. Putting a county jail where a prison should be just to make use of the prison is not the way to go. TTCF works better as a county jail, not only that, but moving the location to Bolingbroke doesn’t do anything to help the lack of a prison on the server, instead just prevents it from ever happening. TTCF should stay.
  3. jobless behaviour anyways, great point in the OP @Bandit. I fully agree 👍
  4. @Snoot can't run the best faction on GTA world
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