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  1. **The website would be bombarded with a immense amount of traffic, viciously applying most likely un-handleable amounts of load onto the server and overwhelming them, in turn causing the website to, most likely go down.**
  2. Bro this ain't a FIVE M server. -100. We don't need OOC spawns on a Serious RP server.
  3. Sold, will be seeking contact through E-mail to set up a meeting. (Forum PM).
  4. BigSleezy

    L&A [SOLD]

    Sold, contact me through an E-mail to set up a meeting. (Forum PM)
  5. 10/10 Update, shit is wild can't wait. People complaining about expensive alarms need to sit down and stop complaining though. IF YOU HAVE 2.000.000$ TO BUY A HOUSE THEN YOU CAN AFFORD THE REASONABLY PRICED ALARMS And if you don't...then do you really need a alarm for your 2 room apartment?
  6. BigSleezy

    L&A [SOLD]

    1799 Forum Drive Room 06 Starting: 80.000$ Buyout: 105.000$ Interior: (OOC):
  7. 1801 Forum Drive Room 10 Starting: 80.000$ Buyout: 105.000$ (OOC) Interior:
  8. Apologies, I meant the Shinobi not Bati. So 50 grand for the Shinobi.
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