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Weed Farming

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Feature Showcase: Weed Farming


- /plant

Plant a seed on your location.

- /harvest

Harvest your rewards from the plant.

- /takeplant

Destroys the plant before it's fully grown.

- /feedplant

Spill a water bottle on the plant.

- /weedstatus

Displays various details about the plant.



In order to grow weed you need a certain amount of the following components, a light source and you also need to feed the plant when it says so in /weedstatus.

- Seed

- Cottonseed Meal

- Phosphate

- Wood Ash

- Limestone

- Kelp Meal

- Water Bottles


Weed Stages

Weed needs to through three growth stages. This can help you see the growth progress.

At the last stage, weed can be harvested.





Every player has a few skills that affect the weed growth time and the amount of rewards given during /harvest. You improve these skills by planting and harvesting up to a certain point. As a result, some players are more efficient at growing and harvesting weed than others.

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