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Information — Supplier Program [OPEN]

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The Supplier Program offers a platform for standalone players and players in official factions who wish to become a cigarette courier, electronic devices supplier, drug supplier, or firearms/melee weaponry trafficker so long as character continuity allows. Suppliers will receive their cigarettes, electronic devices, weapons, or drugs from Faction Management via quality roleplay scenarios that relate to the submitted background story and are from that moment on free to sell them however they wish within reason.


One of our main priorities is to create a healthy market for players to obtain guns or drugs in. This is why we require creative and active players to be members of the supplier program. Those selected for the program must have a flawless concept and sound reason for pursuing such routes. We're constantly looking to improve the quality of roleplay within organizations themselves, and for illegal organizations, the drug/firearm trade can be detrimental - please ensure you put a lot of thought into this before applying as it comes with great responsibility.


If you believe you can positively contribute to the aforementioned, you can sign up for a position of supplier by filling out the application at the bottom of this post.


A new change to the supplier system is now the introduction of major and minor suppliers. This means that we are changing some of the roles, as well as adding on some other supplier roles that we consider minor. The minor supplier roles will not receive as large an amount of items as the major ones, or they will be considered not as influential - and by that rule not be something we need to regulate or limit by faction as much. And factions will be allowed to have 1 major and 1 minor supplier in their ranks. This does not mean we look at the minor supplier applications with less quality control than a major one, but we open up for different fields of RP on the server through these roles.

Supplier Information:

  • OPEN  — MINOR - Tobacco (closing date: N/A)
  • CLOSED — MINOR - Electronics
  • CLOSED — MINOR - Melee
  • OPEN — MINOR - Weapon Specialist (closing date: N/A)

  • OPEN — MAJOR - Small Gun Supplier (closing date: 8th August)
  • CLOSED — MAJOR - Small Drug Supplier
  • OPEN — MAJOR - Gun Supplier (closing date: 8th August)
  • OPEN — MAJOR - Drug Supplier (closing date: 8th August)


  • You must have a relatively clean administrative record.
  • Your character cannot own a Purchase Firearm (PF) license if you intend to become a weapon supplier.
  • Stockpiling is not allowed - You are supposed to distribute your stock and IFM will check up on this.
  • You may only be supplied every 4 weeks and all stock must have been sold before you can request another.
  • Factions can only have one major & one minor supplier in their ranks,
  • You are not allowed to apply on alt characters.
  • You must agree to follow internal supplier program policies and regulations at all times.
  • By applying to the supplier program you accept that Illegal Faction Management can remove your strawman position if they believe you are no longer fit for the role, if you leave the position that generated application acceptance or you are punished for breaking server rules.
  • Anyone who meets the above criteria may apply to be a minor supplier, you do not need a faction.

Additional Gun Supplier Regulations

  • The applicant must be applying on behalf of a faction.
  • That official faction must have been official for at least 3 months.
  • That official faction must have a theme befitting gun supplier.
  • That official faction must have a reputation of good roleplay and abiding by rules.
  • That applicant must have a clean admin record, a realistic character, and must have a realistic background.

Character Background

In your application, you should clearly state how your character has gotten into the business and how they would obtain the contraband from an in-character point of view. Be creative but do not exaggerate, you will not receive more weapons because you claim to be a South American Guerrilla soldier. Stay within the boundaries of realism as far as realism goes in small time supplying. 


Note from IFM — Updated 15-JUL-2021 


MAINLY, we are promoting drug supplier. As of right now we're looking for drug suppliers that fit the following drug themes:

  • Pills (oxy, valium, adderall, vicodin, codeine, xanax)
  • LSD
  • Ecstasy, MDMA
  • PCP (given the script effects associated, we are being very choosy with this)
  • Steroids
  • Mushrooms
  • Codeine

Obviously, a supplier "theme" can include multiple drugs listed here.



Format for weapons, drugs, tobacco & electronics suppliers:


UCP Name:



Character Name(s) (Please include all alternative characters and bold out the one you wish to be a supplier):


Admin History Screenshot (On all accounts - screenshots will be checked):



Which supplier role do you wish to apply for?:



Explain your character backstory AND how they acquire said items (No more than 1000 words):


What faction are you in? Rank? Do they know you are applying?:



Why do you wish to RP a supplier?



Format for weapons specialist job:


UCP name:



Character name:



Character background:






How did your character acquire skills to remove serials from weapons?



Which tools is your character using to remove serials?



Can you detail the process you're doing to remove serials?



Screenshots of your serial removal roleplay (past or present):

ANSWER - provide screenshots that are embedded


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  • OPEN — MINOR - Tobacco
  • OPEN — MINOR - Weapon Specialist
  • Timeframe: Indefinitely



  • OPEN — MAJOR - Small Gun Supplier
  • OPEN — MAJOR - Gun Supplier
  • OPEN — MAJOR - Drug Supplier
  • Timeframe: 1st August - 8th August (this is for applications only, you are not guaranteed a response within this time frame)
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