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Evolving the Illegal Community Regime (IFM)


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Hey. I've recently taken over leading Illegal Faction Management, and as per tradition, I'll give the regime rhetoric that comes with a new captain of the ship. Bospy remains within the team in as senior IFM to continue to contribute his invaluable knowledge. If you've been here a while you might know about my personal takes in regards to IFM, despite what changes have been pushed, and how there is variations there.


I'll keep it "short" and sweet and just get to the point.


Transparency / IFM Response / Gatekeeping

Transparency as a whole has been historically shit, alongside a long history of gatekeeping and extended delays with responses. 


In the last few months this (transparency) has been attempted to be bridged, more so than it ever has been before, but we still have a long road ahead of us and mountains will not move overnight. IFM — Noticeboard has been a large step in this, and it is something I plan to keep actively using in order to spread what illegal changes are going to be happening, or happen, or just general information. In regards to supplier applications, yes, I am very much aware that responses and criticisms for reasons of denial are more productive than being aired out. I agree and I always have and it was not my decision to adjust this until now. This will not be something that changes immediately but it will be something that is changed when IFM is able to handle it and when quality as a whole is managed more efficiently.


IFM deals with a lot of things, not to discredit any other sub-team as this is due to our own shortcomings rather than reflective of any other degree of work, but we do see a large turn around of work that ends up on our desk which needs to be handled more efficiently than we currently do. Agreeably, half of this is unnecessary work that has been brought upon by ourselves due to restrictions and red tape. I'll be working forwards to start cutting said red tape, as recently seen with removing some restrictions on shanks, fires, etc... We are a small team but we are constantly looking at ways to better and expand,  inexperienced hands in the kitchen is how shit burns so we continue to provide internal information wherever possible.


Contact me directly via forums if you don't receive a response from something from us, I'll get back to you, my door is open just walk in and state your case. I am working with Web Development to get UCP support so we can streamline all processes and make it less paperwork for illegal roleplayers to exist.


That being said, gatekeeping plays a large part in why we have so much extra to deal with. I am not sure where I will start in terms of this, but you can expect to see less being put forward behind barriers in the coming future and previous barriers being broken down.


Faction System / Supplier System

How factions as a whole work is being discussed within Nervous' "The Great Debate" Discord, this is something you can expect changes around for the benefit of illegal factions. I am not a fan of beneficial NPC welfare in order to appease those who are not here to develop their characters and would rather free handouts and sacrificing roleplay. I am aware this was a large part of the infamous tier system proposed by community members, and posted by myself for feedback, but that is something you can expect to see more of in terms of displaying ideas that are brought up privately. No massive shadow decisions being pushed, discussions, involvement. "Transparency". 


I will be pleading the case for melee items to be less gatekept within Faction Management. We also want to just increase the amount of buck ass guns on the server, pocket pistols and the sorts. This is currently on ice as we wait for RAGEMP to fix the issue with modded weaponry.  


Factions will be treated more as individuals for their concept.  Unofficial Groups are due to reopen extremely soon, we're just waiting on the conclusion of a discussion via the debate Discord.


Drug statistics between June 2021 - January 2022




IFM Requests / Properties / Modding

Our IFM — Requests Board is an area for creativity and roleplay that is not possible within the script itself, or to enhance your own roleplay to be pitched. Fraud schemes, theft schemes, drug production schemes, metal schemes, bike production schemes, exporting schemes, and many more. These are open to everyone, we have had complaints in the past regarding these being gatekept also, but I am a firm advocate for unique roleplay, or roleplay that promotes development.


IFM Properties will not be gatekept as heavily anymore, factions are free to submit requests for properties that fit their concept if they benefit the faction. We will not be overtaking PM on this however, some referrals still may be made. There will not be a limit (within reason) to how many we will give to a faction. For example, a faction may require multiple mini-shacks spread out for a farm, or an MC with multiple chapters has more requirements than an MC with just the one. The thread is likely to be revamped soon also. Factions will be treated as individuals for their concept and their development in all aspects, not just properties, as much as possible.


Modding is my secondary sub-team and thankfully Oggy, Head of Modding, is absolutely on board with bettering the scene for illegal roleplayers. I am working directly with him on the upcoming clothing pack, primarily focusing on adding clothes that will benefit the gang scene but also clothes that can be meshed well with our server-side mods we have for MCs so they have more variations.



tl;dr there is a lot of work to be done, a lot of goals to be met and in general obstacles to overcome. I have always been a proactive rather than reactive member of IFM and the team as a whole will take on this approach in due time also. I do not plan on this changing any time soon. My door is open, hit me up via the forums


When "The Great Debate" has concluded, there will be a more solid "action plan", for now this is where I'm at and this is what you can expect to see.


Illegals on this server will always be my priority along with IFM's, making everyone happy is a pipe dream but concerns will always be valid and considered along with constructive criticism. There is a lot that needs to change. 



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