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IFM — Properties [OPEN]


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Illegal Faction Management (IFM) works along side Property Management (PM) in order to manage properties that have been requested for a faction's usage and further their purpose as illegal entities under the umbrella of the organization. This must benefit the faction as a whole rather than a single member, for example, individual apartments are not going to be going through the IFM process.


When appropriate and requested by PM, IFM will provide insight to requests from illegal members of the community and provide our input and opinion on their property requests that do not come through IFM. This is to give an experienced point of view in terms of illegal enterprises and real estate.



  • a trap house for a gang;
  • a specific business for your faction;
  • a faction clubhouse for an MC's chapter;
  • a small grow farm;
  • a chop shop;
    • The chop shops are under strict rules, components will be set at 1 and they will NEVER be used to modify vehicles, they are there as chop shops and not mechanic garages. The 1 component allows them to function script-wise. Anyone caught abusing this will be punished and the chop shop may be revoked from the faction.
  • a scheme related property;
    • Requires an active scheme where said building is key for it to properly function, the scheme must have been on-going prior to a dedicated property being reviewed.

Illegal Faction Management always promotes as big of a range for roleplay as we possibly can, however, this is a system we have set up with Property Management, and in some cases, they are much more equipped to handle some requests that come in and you may be referred to instead submit a property request.


Warehouses should go through Property Management, however, you may be asked to also seek approval from IFM if this is a specific property requested due to illegal operations. This is something that Property Management will liaise with you directly about to ensure that the process is streamlined.



Any faction that has been approved as an official faction (this means groups are ineligible for this procedure), can apply for a property. When a property is requested through IFM, it is through a lease which  means that it cannot be sold on. In the event the owner of the property goes inactive or leave the faction, the property will be given to the OOC leadership of the faction.


This is set in place to ensure that faction properties remain within the faction.



Please submit this application under IFM - Reports & Requests with Title: [Faction] [Character] Property Request - [Type]



UCP Name: <answer>


Character Name: <answer>

Faction & position in said faction: <answer>

What type of property are you requesting/name of it: <answer>

Is this property owned already: <answer>


Where are you requesting it (include pictures & coordinates):



Why does your faction need it (OOC):



What is the IC reasoning and backstory for said property:



Additional notes: <answer>





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