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  1. Hello everyone, In an effort to streamline the screenshot editing process I've created a simple 3 step process with the aid of https://chatlog.gta.world/. Step 1: Navigate to -> https://chatlog.gta.world/ Paste your roleplay text. Step 2: Click -> Step 3: Open the downloaded file in Photoshop and drag it onto your screenshot. Outcome: Should hopefully save you valuable time with formating, removing the background colors on the text, etc. Any suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out. Credits: lexch - GTAW France chocomint - GTAW France Exodus
  2. Hello! This will be implemented in an upcoming revision. Keep an eye out for the change log. Thanks!
  3. Wonderful! L & A.
  4. Cool, happy to close this suggestion?
  5. I made some amendments, let me know how that looks for you.
  6. Hey guys - thinking about implementing something like this directly into the server and I was wondering whether any of you would be kind enough to provide me with the relevant PSD's for this?
  7. By popular demand... /characternote /cnote /cn - Will be in a future update. Keep your eyes peeled on the changelog. It will allow for 30 lines of text for the time being.
  8. As promised - it should be available in one of the upcoming releases. Keep an eye our for the relevant announcement.
  9. I don't think you need this to create good motorsport roleplay. Look at the Pfister Super Cup for example. Consult property management about building a Formula style concept. Lease with the government, PD, FD to make events possible and down the line, as your organisation grows it might create the potential for some script-wise implementation. Personally don't think that a feature implementation is a place to start. On that note, locked & archived - if you happen to go down this avenue, best of luck — as a big fan of F1, I hope to see this come to fruition in some capacity!
  10. But it's not behind a donator status? And it hasn't been behind a donator status since the 24th of February... Anyway, locked & archived. edit: I noticed that it was never announced in the changelog, I will have that added in the latest log.
  11. For clarity, the chat auto-scrolling issue has been fixed. If you're still experiencing this issue, please raise a bug report. On the topic of the property-wide auto low, I don't see an issue with it personally and will look to implement it in a future update. Thank you for the suggestion @Crocker.
  12. This has now been implemented, thank you for your suggestion!
  13. Sure. This will be amended for the next change. Thanks for reaching out.
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