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  1. Feature Showcase: Casino Games - Slot Machine ** THE WINNINGS ABOVE ARE FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES AND DO NOT CORROLATE TO REAL WINNINGS FOUND IN GAME. ** ** WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO AMEND THE ODDS AND THE RELEVANT PAY OUTS AT ANY TIME. THE CHANGE WILL BE REFLECTED ON THIS PAGE. ** YOU CAN WIN BIG OR LOSE BIG SO PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY. OVERVIEW In an effort to bring an exciting twist to the Casino Scene, we have put together the first in a series of Casino Games that will soon be available on the server. The Slot Machines will be available for all contextually appropriate business types and will be paired with handful of new Slot Machine objects that can be deployed within the relevant businesses. The Slot Machines have predefined odds that cannot be manipulated by businesses nor can they be viewed by them. Only 1 Player will be able to interact with 1 Slot Machine so be sure to form an orderly line as you wait 🙂 The winning requirements are satisfied when you meet one of the win conditions below. All combinations have to be in a row to satisfy the win requirements. The minimum bet is currently: $ 100 The maximum bet is currently: $ 1, 000 (This will be increased with time & testing.) To satisfy the win criteria, the relevant fruits need to be next to each other in the reel. COMMANDS Simply approach an interact marker for a slot machine and press Y to begin your session! Alternatively, you can use the /slots command to the same effect. The SPIN Button, spins the Slot Machine. You can alternative use the SPACE BAR . This - button allows you to decrease your bet by increments of 50. You can alternatively use the LEFT ARROW BUTTON. This + button allows you to increase your bet by increments of 50. You can alternatively use the RIGHT ARROW BUTTON. Alternatively you can also enter your bet amount manually. BUSINESS OWNERS The winnings for the machines wil be sourced from the business cashbox. If less than $10, 000 is available in the cash box then the machines will not operate. You will soon be able to lease Slot Machines from the Property Management team.
  2. Hello everyone, In an effort to streamline the screenshot editing process I've created a simple 3 step process with the aid of https://chatlog.gta.world/. Step 1: Navigate to -> https://chatlog.gta.world/ Paste your roleplay text. Step 2: Click -> Step 3: Open the downloaded file in Photoshop and drag it onto your screenshot. Outcome: Should hopefully save you valuable time with formating, removing the background colors on the text, etc. Any suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out. Credits: lexch - GTAW France chocomint - GTAW France Exodus
  3. Hello! This will be implemented in an upcoming revision. Keep an eye out for the change log. Thanks!
  4. First of all, unfortunately, there are a lot of background events that occur when a player disconnects from the server and with the nature of the Character Kill we need the background events to conclude so that all of the information can be saved, hence why the player is kicked from the server on Character Kill. Secondly, /kick is intended to do just that, kick a player. Forcing a character change defeats the purpose of the command. In summary, while we appreciate the suggestion and the corresponding discussions, neither of these changes will be implemented. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of RAGE MP developers recently mentioning that in one of the upcoming releases, they will address the slow asset loading times which should reduce the time it takes to reconnect to the server.
  5. Cool, happy to close this suggestion?
  6. I made some amendments, let me know how that looks for you.
  7. Hey guys - thinking about implementing something like this directly into the server and I was wondering whether any of you would be kind enough to provide me with the relevant PSD's for this?
  8. By popular demand... /characternote /cnote /cn - Will be in a future update. Keep your eyes peeled on the changelog. It will allow for 30 lines of text for the time being.
  9. As promised - it should be available in one of the upcoming releases. Keep an eye our for the relevant announcement.
  10. I don't think you need this to create good motorsport roleplay. Look at the Pfister Super Cup for example. Consult property management about building a Formula style concept. Lease with the government, PD, FD to make events possible and down the line, as your organisation grows it might create the potential for some script-wise implementation. Personally don't think that a feature implementation is a place to start. On that note, locked & archived - if you happen to go down this avenue, best of luck — as a big fan of F1, I hope to see this come to fruition in some capacity!
  11. But it's not behind a donator status? And it hasn't been behind a donator status since the 24th of February... Anyway, locked & archived. edit: I noticed that it was never announced in the changelog, I will have that added in the latest log.
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