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how and why are there so many rich people


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i see nerds driving 500000 dollar cars in almost every place i go to besides south central and im completely in awe of people's ability to grind out paychecks like its a literal irl 12 hour shift at mcdonalds. where did all this wealth come from for your characters? did your parents own a fortune 500 company and decided to give u 5000 dollars cash every 2 hours? did you gentrify a section of the map by buying crack houses for market price at like 30k and then sell them for like 250k each?

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Cash is used to enable roleplay. Main reason for the starter paycheck is to be able to afford the character's first car and house/apartment opposed to joining the server and having to put on the grindset.


I personally ignore the number on the top right corner of my screen and roleplay the character based on their economic status and cash flow as to what makes sense. If I have an idea for a specific roleplay or (new) character concept, there is sufficient fundings to support that.

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I think it comes down to some very simple factors.

When new to roleplay, the most popular character arch-type is a young, attractive, wealthy and successful character - basically, a persons 'view' of what kind of life, their alter-ego would like to live IRL.

GTA:W as a server, facilitates this by making it very easy for people to play this kind of char - the following are examples of how this is facilitated.

1) It's far too easy to make large amounts of money in a short time - Wages / unemployment and starting checks are far too high.

2) Prices for items are far too low.

3) Taxes are far too low.


This means it's exceptionally easy for any starting character to:
a) Do very little to earn huge amounts of money
b) RP a millionaire.
c) Buy property and furnish it as though its a multi-million dollar apartment

d) Buy a super car.


If you want a 'grittier' setting, then the ease at which players can obtain wealth needs to be addressed & until a more realistic economy is put in place by staff, this situation is not set to change anytime soon.


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