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how and why are there so many rich people


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7 minutes ago, knppel said:

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to create a better playing environment for the location, which is the prime idea behind mapping in a game, not ensuring interior decorator is a profitable job (not like most would rp it)


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The wrong is stated by yourself and you're contradicting your own statement. You said above yourself you make more money than you'd ever use.

Then why make money at all and not do it to simply create suitable locations for people to roleplay in?


I never said I do it out of charity. No. I map for money. If someone wants to volunteer hundreds upon hundreds of hours of their own time for the better of the community? More power to them. I could use that time to work a part-time or full-time job and literally make thousands of dollars. It's foolish to believe I'd do it for nothing but a smile and a thank you. No one does anything for free, that's not how the real world works, and apparently and not surprisingly, not how a virtual one does either.


It's a lot of money but I personally do use it. My character's pretty much broke, yet he spent over $1.4m on various "cheap" stuff so far. It's expensive to be poor.


20 minutes ago, knppel said:

You can just as much map for item commission fee if it was about the mapping.

But you even state you want to make money ooc opposed to roleplay around it.

I get it, others do it too, but still you're part of the problem if you do it too, and not part of the solution (which would be to not milk people ooc so to not force them to grind in return unless once again it is an in character motivation to make money.)



Everyone is part of the problem, though. That's how our system works. The problem is a factor we'll never be able to account for - time. We can simulate everything else, but we can't simulate time. At the end of the day, some people will be (way) more active than others, and that will reflect in their position, status and wealth. Heavily. You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, doing the most, most, most mundane stuff - working as a cashier in a grocery store, being a delivery driver, working as a police officer. What should these people do? Regulars with millions upon millions in their bank accounts?


On the other hand, what should they do about our in-game economy, which is everything but realistic? An economy in which it's super easy and cheap to get your hands on the biggest, best, most luxurious, but it's hard if not impossible to get a run-down trailer that will put you back millions? To buy a shitty muscle car that barely works but have to spend $100,000 on the car and $5,000 on the rust? But then you open a deserted diner in the middle of the desert and have people drive 5 hours from the city to visit, and you'll make millions back because every person entering gives you $1,000 and if you're active, you get $20,000 a day without making any sales.


Your whole argument is based on the hope of a realistic economy, which is something no server was able to achieve so far, GTA World included, and no server will be able to, unless you get millions of players to spend every second of their lives in-game and, thus, actually recreate a realistic world and economy.


At the end of the day, no one cares about assets. What's your problem with me having $1,000 or $3,500,000, if all I do with it is spend it on various businesses, services and, overall, role-play?

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Basically yeah, the whole "IC or not IC assets" is a bit complicated. Generally speaking, not taking them as fully IC is a simpler way of managing it.

My own character's supposed to be middle-ish class with an indebted business, and yet I have over 1.2 million in script money (all of it obtained IC). How can I conciliate the two? 


Either A) I RP that my character got very rich, but then I get scolded by admins and people who don't like rich characters to be RP'd, or B) I ignore the script amount and continue RP'ing him as a middle-ish class dude with a struggling business. 


To be noted, this is also useful if you want to set up a different character later down the line. Every single character needing to restart from zero (or an initial 200k) is not really realistic or even credible :x 

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3 hours ago, Topinambour said:

Basically yeah, the whole "IC or not IC assets" is a bit complicated. Generally speaking, not taking them as fully IC is a simpler way of managing it.

Economy is not that simple though, even if some prices are hardcoded and never change.


While it's one thing to claim one isn't actually using the assets, in practice we are.

Means, if my "average Joe" character has 3,5 m at hand, he might buy a place for these (in which case the players will argue that it's only due to unrealistic house prices they are forced to use money they'd realistically not have. Already adding complication, not reducing it).


What people arguing to not rp money fail to see is that their not roleplayed money DOES affect their buying power and allows them to spend more than their character would on anything (from houses over cars to guns).

This indirectly leads to characters with money, regardless how roleplayed, HAVE an effect on prices.

In fact, specially if not roleplayed one will be willing to just pay opposed to seek a profitable bargain.

This in return limits access for similar themed characters who do NOT have an ooc money pool to drag from.

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People own expensive cars and houses because players like to roleplay that, not because they are affluent. On top of that, why does it frustrate you? I always found money on roleplay servers a stupid mechanic to begin with. Let people roleplay what they want and if they want to roleplay a tech billionnaire from scratch, then why not let them. Why do I have to roleplay a bum first? There are also plenty of people with big bank that choose to roleplay characters with money problems because they find the concept more appealing and use it as a character motivation. So it's not like the analogy goes for everybody.


In-game money is a roleplay enabler because it allows you to spawn assets you need to create roleplay. Be it because it allows you to express your character or creates an environment to which you can draw other players and create roleplay.


The pursuit of a realistic economy is stupid if you know you will never achieve it, and it has never been achieved in the decade this platform has been around. Do you think people won't make bars or nightclubs if money isn't scripted? If anything I always found it limit possibilities rather than create possibilities because some business concepts will never make money in this child-like server economy.


In my mind I am all for removing the economy entirely and giving people the possibility to spawn assets infinitely because people will take what they need. But that is not this server's concept. So so be it.

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