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  1. GTA:World will probably never see a proper, populated counterpart. Every time someone has tried to make one, it hasn't taken off. LS:RP, even if it gets a solid playerbase, can't hope to compete with GTA:World's already firmly established four year stranglehold on english text-rp servers. The only way I see LS:RP becoming a real, solid alternative to GTA:World is if they make radical changes to the map and to their scripts. Otherwise, it'll just be an alternative for people who are bored of or banned from GTA:W. There is LCRP, which may take off simply because it's a totally different map and experience. But even then, it won't be able to compete with GTA:World in terms of playercount initially. Sucks, but it's the truth.
  2. Anytime I've ever seen Zachary Berger interact with a woman has always made my day better
  3. Shoes from some of the popular mods on here should just be added to the server as a whole. The default shoes everyone sees right now look goofy as hell. Aside from that, the suggestion of new buildings and locations from the thread that Nervous made a while ago should definitely be implemented, maybe expanded to add properties and low-income housing for illegal RPers in Cypress Flats or La Mesa.
  4. np

    Map changes

    oh hell yeah man. someone else said that east los needs some more stuff to do and places to be at besides el burro and i def agree. but adding those projects in place of the mall that, sadly, no one utilizes, would be amazing.
  5. some real wealth understanders have logged onto the forums today havent they
  6. stephen hawking said it best when he told some news reporter that people who brag about their iq are morons and i think that applies here as well
  7. i see nerds driving 500000 dollar cars in almost every place i go to besides south central and im completely in awe of people's ability to grind out paychecks like its a literal irl 12 hour shift at mcdonalds. where did all this wealth come from for your characters? did your parents own a fortune 500 company and decided to give u 5000 dollars cash every 2 hours? did you gentrify a section of the map by buying crack houses for market price at like 30k and then sell them for like 250k each?
  8. i think banning british people in general would be a very appropriate reaction to this intense issue
  9. np

    GTA:W Hours played

    wow ya caught me, he caught me guys .. he caught me 😩😞 i forgor 💀
  10. consistently got 700+ ppl in the same city but not one of them got hoes
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