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  1. speaking also as a judge in JSA, no, no juvenile system, when kids can block wipe entire streets with automatics they deserve to get the whole book thrown at them. M character's are already a cry for special treatment and 'ima kid uwu"
  2. The driveby as it stands is not sync'd properly and should not be permitted as it stands. I.E. the sound doesn't even register properly either which causes delay in response which overall in terms of fair play, is ridiculous. https://streamable.com/np2hx2 https://streamable.com/0jkjf0
  3. i only RP as a LEO, the motivation comes on like a warm hug, not unlike a heroin needle
  4. come to the county, open up a 24/7 truck stop so we can have somewhere to sit at during the night shift in sapr
  5. cant wait for people to think modern day laws apply to them in the frontier cant street side lawyer when the noose is around ur neck
  6. $150,000 Roger Stanfield
  7. God I remember SADOC so fondly sometimes, I miss it, being a corporal in the intel unit and also doing parole, knowing all the lifer's by name, knowing how they acted and being able to tell something was up just by the tone they said something in their text, good times.
  8. Do a massive server-wide wipe like what happens in Tarkov. Remove all assets. Also force people to complete 100% of their sentences, introduce cooldown for name changes, offset the $ hit by allowing people to pay to have the cooldown reduced. And make every death a CK.
  9. ye, removing south LS will really assist with the overall stability of the server as well as the overall stability of mental health
  10. Get rid of the rank restriction, allow people to get a CDL and operate big rigs, and increase the pay. There, problem solved. edit: oh and dont give the base 250,
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