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  1. Absolutely. I'd say 30 minutes would be safe.
  2. 99


    "If RICO act, more surveillance equipment introduced as well as other techniques that do not require the detective to ask anything OOCly were brought back? We'd see actual fear in criminals because they'd never know if they're being investigated or not, if there's a detective out to get them or not. I don't get this need to make it "fair" for illegal factions. In real life the amount of resources law enforcement can pull to go after criminals is ridiculous, life isn't fair for in real life criminals, why should it be for ones on GTA World." This. This. This. It's not meant to be fair. If we have a 50-50 balance, neither side is ever going to be challenged to do better. It's just always a meet in the middle, keep the status quo situation. Criminal factions don't need to be smarter because frankly, there's no need to be smarter. Nothing works better than having tools to push people and players past their little 3 x 3 comfort zone and develop their factions/characters with a different approach. We're in that comfort zone right now. There's no push from either side, therefore we just sit here in this mess until something breaks.
  3. Please. End our suffering and add this.
  4. To echo yours and someone else's sentiment, I applied for a garage job and the questions that were asked to even get in the door as a trainee were so in-depth and detailed that not even my attempts at googling the questions during role play was sufficient enough. I wanted my character to sound semi-competent and I was by no mean copy/pasting answers, but I was certainly paraphrasing for good quality. One of the questions I couldn't even find a good answer to. I understand we're striving for realism here but that kind of hyper-realism is just way over board. I suspect this strive for hyper realism is what's led to a lack of interest in many of these jobs, let alone the in-game money. I totally get we want to strive for quality, but we can't expect people to have certificate/degree level knowledge of these jobs. That's just insane.
  5. Getting in with the app =/= Also sticking to those same standards you wrote about in the application. Anyone could pull up the rules and answer some questions, as evidenced by some of the people who have been let in here. Passing the test doesn't mean they plan to follow those rules once they start playing. Hell, many people don't even thoroughly read the rules before going in to play. Enforcement of rules should be just that, enforced. Let's logically take the same opinion you have about filing petty reports and apply it to enforcing rules. If you think there should be a big risk to filing a petty player report, why should there not be a big risk in breaking the rules in general? Rule enforcement is already light-hearted here, in my opinion. People who have broken rules multiple times or blatantly break rules get off with warnings and 60 minute ajails instead of bans, all the time. In fact, I think if the rules were enforced to a more strict standard by the Admins, we'd have less player reports in general. Now if you're talking about minor things like minor spelling mistakes, grammar issues, etc? Yeah that doesn't need to be so crazy and definitely shouldn't fall under a player report. That just clogs up the system. Powergaming, deathmatching, metagaming, etc.? I think the punishments should be more strict, not less strict. I respect your opinion though, everyone has one. To each, their own 😁
  6. Honestly the rules aren't that bad. They are quite straight forward and if people were to take 5 minutes to read through them, we'd all be better off. I do also agree that people can be petty and in such instances those people should be warned about filing petty reports. In regards to your other topic, it's also understandable that we're all here to play a game. However, we're here because we want to play on what has been deemed a "heavy role play" server, which tends to take things a little more serious than your average server. I expect a certain amount of rigidness to attempt to uphold a standard so we don't devolve into a GTA Online clone.
  7. Interested in the Sandking Crewcabs you have for sale. Would like to see what options are available on the couple you have for sale. Thanks. You can reach me at [email protected] ((The new mail app)) or via cellphone at 848-6501.
  8. Think billiards was put in, but its buggy as all hell.
  9. Thank you for responding and taking the time to bring up these concerns to the right people. Looking forward to seeing what changes are in store.
  10. All warning should go on your record. Granted, not all warnings should affect your chances for applying for things or doing things, but there should at least be a record. Hell, even put it as an unofficial warning but at least document it. There are so many admins that issue these unofficial warnings, with no record of it. People get reported and another Admin picks it up with no knowledge of their previous "unofficial" warning.
  11. Just because you haven't experienced it, doesn't mean others haven't. Don't be naive. Also, the purpose of the server is not to serve just the criminal side. You act as if crime rate was lower, the server would die. I have news for you, it wouldn't. Life would go on.
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