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  1. This turned into a point a finger type of suggestion, and needless to say, lots of conflicting opinions on this. If you have an issue with IC prices, deal with it IC (don't buy any, there are plenty of other pawnshops around).
  2. (( Locked pending PM investigation. Please /report for a default interior as this is way too oversized. ))
  3. Right now, the current system is so buggy that I have to constantly make sure that the leases that people terminate - go back on the market. The only issues that arise from something like this - is that the business scripts still need to be given out via from PM as you guys can't give that out - and do you want people to not fully own the lease, etc. If they rent the office, then we are not inclined to give out the bscript as we've always wanted a commercial property to go with it that players own. So that's something that we need to work through too.
  4. Since office leases are now on the market for /availableleases and can be done without an application - this is something we can definitely look into!
  5. Shout out to you - thank you so much for the time and effort you put into making this guide. It's much appreciated on the Property Management side of things.
  6. I can see with the devs if there's an option to let properties be automatically unlocked if set to no owner or property master, but this is out of my realm to let you know yes/no! If not, I can go through some and make sure they are unlocked, but administrators might accidentally lock them after as some players RP inside when they should not unless they are wanting to RP "real estate agents trying to sell them the business" before prior requesting the property (it's not needed). @FatCatTuxedo - possible?
  7. We have made strides to make it easier for players to check out what IS available on their own and not to rely so heavily on an administrator to figure that out. I'll work on a spreadsheet still, but I do have my hands a bit full right now with requests and staff applications as well as other PM projects, but I'll see if anyone else on the team can get started on one!
  8. Since this was last year, I'm honestly not sure anymore. I sort have forgotten but I think it was the process of lease-to-buy which is now up and running. We don't want to make them all leases because it restricts players from only being able to apply for it via lease request and not property request. Before you say "why can't they apply for it either way" - we could, but due to UCP restrictions it makes it more tedious on us and adds more workload. I can see if I can get a master list of all businesses, but that might be awhile as well - or get inactive businesses in certain areas on a spreadsheet somewhere.. however the /checkowner command for players have made this sort of redundant to do as well on our side.
  9. To compromise, as per the latest PM announcement: Hey guys, after reading over: We are wanting YOUR help (players who are on the mapping team, or not on the mapping team) to help accomplish this. If you have mapped a residential apartment and you wouldn't mind for it to go on the 'Request an Interior' UCP option, please FORUM PM Selena/Wuhtah. What we'd love to have from you within the forum PM: This is to help benefit other players with your help, and you will be compensated with the FP if we do decide to go with the interior. We would highly appreciate it, it does not have to be fully mapped, it can be a skeleton as well! For any questions relating to this, feel free to hit up Wuhtah.
  10. Staff members who are LEO cannot handle their own faction reports. There are plenty of LEO members who are not staff as well, I believe there's probably 15% who are administrators. There's also a good amount of civilian staff as well as illegal staff members. We are constantly trying to get more illegal focus players on our staff team as well.
  11. Hi, this was discussed within Property Management. We will forward it onto Management now to make sure all is well. We are not proposing exactly 36, we did want to perhaps lower it slightly for now, to only 40-42 hours. If this needs to be improved, we can speak on it more then. However, we'd like a couple of months to go by first to get feedback. This isn't set in stone as Management can say no. Forwarded!
  12. Feel free to forum DM me as well as there's been a plentiful of properties that have been revoked and able to be given out to county RPers. We are making it so you guys cannot buy them outright from the server to stop hoarding, inactive players getting them, and city players getting them. All that's required is a small character background story and your characters name.
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