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  1. I believe it is 100% okay! Just make sure you refer to the rules of the business section and also abide by them! Good luck to the idea! I think it's super cute and I hope a lot of people go through with it. I know that the tow trucks and flatbeds ARE a bit buggy though, so just be careful in that regard!
  2. Yeah - unfortunately that car doesn't have the hood so you could put it down 😞
  3. Which car is it? Sometimes you need to mod it at a mechanic garage in order to put the roof off - some they simply don't lower even if it looks like it could.
  4. Yeah! This still happens sometimes - it just isn't as much right now because a lot of the places are burnt out. They usually settle for just advertisements as well - so keep an eye on that.
  5. If you're talking about mechanic shops - they ARE open. Sometimes they do not put the blip up to stop themselves from getting rushed by customers. The amount of people they get can be overwhelming and they are held to a high standard in roleplaying out the mechanic work. I highly suggest perhaps making an "appointment" via forum PMs (IC EMAIL) to a mechanic garage shop that may be recruiting mechanics. This could help you.
  6. Amazing screenshots - amazing faction ❤️ Love interacting with you all IC and seeing your frisky business on the forums!
  7. In reference to Ribsey's guide found here: Post 1.1 the clothing IDs have changed for both females and males, so here are the updated clothing IDs. If you need a more in depth guide on how scuba diving works - Please refer to Ribsey's wonderfully made Scuba Diving Guide! Female: Shirt: 251 Undershirt: 219 Pants: 97 Shoes: 70 Torso: 1 Glasses: 28 Male: Shirt: 243 Undershirt: 184 Pants: 94 Shoes: 67 Torso: 0 Glasses: 26 Please make
  8. Hi! If it's a car, /vpitem [ITEMID] You can find the item ID by /inv
  9. Hi! Try /togtyping And then /togambience
  10. New update when? Give us more mappings!
  11. No worries about discord! You can always PM me on the forums, and I will get back to you that way as well! Do not worry too much, just have fun and enjoy the server and the community here. Learn as much as you possibly can from the people around you! Mostly everyone here is helpful, or wanting to be, and if you ever come across any toxicity, just reach out to one of the staff members here (including me)! Don't be shy to ask questions either, so thank you for asking and reaching out about your worries. I hope we have settled them now!
  12. Hi! Please don't stress too much about it! The discord is available to answer questions and the /helpme command in game is also implemented in to answer questions. Low quality roleplay scenario is what you learned mostly from the application you submitted to get into the server. If you have poor character portrayal consistently, you will probably get a report. More than likely, you will be asked to fix it! The severity of the punishments will probably depend on the situation and how the admin record of the player looks (as in if they have received a warning from simil
  13. Did you alt tab when it was reconnecting? If you try it again, it should work. Sometimes it's a bit finicky when I alt tab.
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