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  1. Seems this got off topic and toxic. The issues on the previous page were already addressed and it looks like we have come full circle with the same issues being brought up again and again. Management is looking into this, and as I've said so many times before - if your report is taking 30 mins - 1 hour or longer, screenshot a picture of /admins and send it to staff management with the time and date. Again, a lot of us have already clarified that it's not JUST the "we have a life" thing. We have other subteams and other admin duties as well. Yes, the things mentioned for "red tape" have been mentioned and are also being looked into. I promise, you legit were all heard. Unsure of why the toxicity started (with the Crocs), but cool your jets. I apologize for having to lock this thread as I know previously there were suggestions/complaints of not locking threads - but it's legit the same thing over and over again with the spice of toxicity in it towards other players now. Hopefully in the next few months you guys will see changes, however, understand changes do not come into place over night. Thank you to those who participated in the conversation and were calm and civil and added suggestions.
  2. It seems like you are taking things that are supposed to remain IC, OOC. This isn't really healthy and sometimes it can be because you're trying to roleplay 'yourself' within the game instead of a character you created. I do recommend perhaps looking a bit to yourself on why you're taking this so harshly. The characters have a dislike to your character - perhaps your character has a certain flaw or personality trait not other characters like. Don't get too worked up over it OOC, it is just a game at the end of the day and I am sure you are a nice person IRL/OOC.
  3. When it's specifically related to items, yep! We actually tell the players via forum reports to ask for the refund. If the items are still on the reporting party, we do in fact delete them or yoink them, depending if in a property or on the character.
  4. Hm. It's level 2 now, and even if level 3 is needed - we have a ton of active ones to wipe money at least or get logs. I do this in some cases, but my punishments are usually harsher than just ajails, so I don't really remove the items. There's also times where I don't even think to remove the items, it doesn't cross my brain. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing to implement. I can see that some people might take the L to keep a gun, and that's just.. mind-blowing but also probably true. But it definitely depends on the situation. If someone is DMing, yes, probably take it. If someone did not DM and broke the rules, also happened to have a pistol on them, probably won't take it.
  5. This isn't exactly what is happening. Roe v Wade was passed to let states say if abortion is legal or not. Every single state could vote that the woman has rights to their body - we do not know. Management's ruling was made because it's already been in play in the server and almost every single one of us did not notice. A quick chatlog check and the word 'abortion' was used less than 500 times. Some of it picking up 'abort' as in abort the mission as well as 'aborted' - so even less than 500 times. This will not affect the server whatsoever - the people who voted for it being able to be mentioned IC are not saying it's a small issue - it is a huge issue IRL. They are voting that they should be able to mention it IC as per tons of reasons which you can read in the thread about it. If it DOES affect the server, if toxicity and insensitive remarks DO start happening - I am sure this will be brought up again and it can be dealt with. Right now, no 'freedom' has been removed. The war was not allowed to be discussed IC because just check out the discord channel amongst it. There was probably 100+ bans because some people just can't help themselves. I believe the discord chat was made so people could talk about it at least there and we could monitor it heavily. You don't need to tell Shanks what happens with Roe v Wade - he didn't go to the supreme court and rule it himself, it's not his issue, it's not his thing. He had nothing to do with it. George Floyd's was banned because there is constant talk about killing black people, racist remarks, etc OOC and IC. Abortions are hardly talked about nor really discussed. Plus again, the supreme court ruled that states had the decision, not that they are abolishing abortions altogether. If you want to discuss this more - please privately DM Shanks or me and we can discuss it, this thread isn't the place unfortunately.
  6. Stay on topic - this is about if you want agree/disagree about Roe v Wade talked about IC or not. I advise you to go to DMs to talk about senate things if this is something that you guys want to talk about - or make a different forum thread on it.
  7. Since we made it so COVID and the Ukraine/Russia war is not talked about IC - they are asking if the same will come of this and if the community wants it or not.
  8. Hi guys - I will be heavily moderating this thread. This is for IC purposes only - if you can talk about it IC. Any troll posts will be removed. Any toxicity will result in a warning on the forums and perhaps content moderated/banned. Please keep it respectful. Continuity & Management are working together to deem this to be taken IC or not - your input does matter.
  9. I'll get in contact with the player and ask them to make a more 'defined' thread of it being taken IC or not. And if they don't want to, that's okay too. It's a sensitive topic, which was why the gun was jumped on immediately. If I was in Zani's shoes, I probably would have done the same. It truly is up to them and I hope they do ask the staff team/community of how they feel about it too. I believe they are discussing with LFM too about the SCOTUS thing, so I'm sure Roe vs Wade will be discussed. It is a weird thing to debate on, I agree. And I completely understand where you're coming from. I think it will be ruled that it cannot be discussed, but again, I don't know 100%. I believe it's more sensitive than COVID, perhaps along the lines of sensitivity with the Ukraine/Russian war. I did nudge Nightmare Night about it, so we should have an update!
  10. As a woman living in the states, it's a sensitive topic and a pretty scary one at that. I believe continuity is discussing amongst themselves and will give an update if it can be allowed to be a topic on IC matter or not. But in all honesty - I rather not see this in game. Yes, it's real and it's happening, but take it from my view - I might have my rights taken away (extreme side, probably won't be, my state can rule that it's MY choice, etc) - but the thought is still there. I rather not deal with it, and it will bring up unneeded drama. As for it being discussed OOC - Zani asked a lot of administrators on if it should be posted or not. A lot said no. IF we allowed it to be discussed OOC - we would need to be constantly moderating it, which isn't a huge deal as it falls under our scope of responsibilities, but it just seems like it would be a very... touchy/sensitive topic and not many of you are sensitive to the cause (not saying you guys aren't). Actually, a lot of people RP pregnancies and then abortion or miscarriage. It happens quite often than you really think. But I don't think it should be on the server, plain as that. That's my opinion too! There are a lot of people who might want it, as per Nightmare Night (community cannot make up it's mind if it wants us to regulate politics from the real world or not) - quote. It's still being discussed, and I'm sure he'll give an update here on if it'll be taken at least IC or not.
  11. So, has there been any mention on how this can come to a compromise without admin intervention? Any ideas on how to limit the amount? Would you guys agree OOC in /b on a "roll 1-100" to see if it's successfully done? If you get the L, are you willing to RP out the consequences (being sent to hospital, perhaps dying (CK), etc)? I don't want everything to be red taped, neither do you guys. So let's think of some ways to NOT have admin intervention here.
  12. This was stated by the head of supports that something like this is in it's infancy stage 🙂 things like this do require some time though!
  13. Of course! So, when people are given the 'reserved' role, it's not really a role - they are not denied nor accepted to become a staff member (support). They are simply put on the sides and their application forwarded within the next cycle. During this, they are 'noticed' by the staff team as it goes on a list and we just simply keep our eyes on them. We don't watch them like a hawk, lol. But if we see their name pop up or happen to be roleplaying with their character, we definitely SHOULD take notes, but sometimes we forget. But I believe they get feedback too on how they can become accepted by doing XYZ, but don't quote me on that. We can always check back in our own player logs as well! I remember Adv and I used to do this when we just made the staff team and could vote. We had search the Chatlog Assistant (anyone can download) and checked who we RP'd with and such if we kinda' knew a name! I don't do this anymore since I don't have time to roleplay. But I hope that answers your question!
  14. The next player who uploads a picture will be warned and content moderated. This isn't a place to shame, and frankly, I am tired of getting it brought up after I spoke on it already. Please knock it off.
  15. I think it was introduced because we had some issues of previous staff (before my time) of taking up slots and not doing anything. Not that there are 'slots' - but perhaps the community reached out to management/Nervous about this and that's how they fixed it. I truly don't know what I can, and cannot state, but there was probably... last year sometime that a new minimum quota was introduced and was immediately backlashed upon, so it was removed. I'm not going to go into specifics about that, but just know that it IS trying to be worked on. As for your question.. I don't want to talk badly about the staff team. I love these guys even when a few of them drive me up a wall, and I would defend them if it needed to be. I know of a huge group of them who do so much hard work, and then, eventually - they burn out. I believe probably because they took too many bites from how much they are able to chew. So, I will refrain from speaking my opinion, but I will answer for myself! I only go for the minimum amount because of the time restraints I have. I try to 'make this up' by taking on more stuff that is outside the scope of the game, which I believe makes up for it. It may not in the eyes of players, and I completely understand it. If I have time, then hell yeah, I jump on and get on reports. I don't necessarily go: "Oh, I have x amount of reports, I just need to do 2 more then I'm done." I don't keep track of it like that, I check back to make sure I meet that minimum - and then I KEEP going. I don't just call it quits there and stop altogether. If I have time, I'll pop on and do the best I can. If the discord channel (called #admin-pager) goes off, and I'm available to hop on, I'll do that as well. I am 100% with you, I am the exact same way. I'm a firm believer of second chances as a lot of people know and probably hate in some areas if I'm being honest, lol. So, the manager, Pillsbury who is on LOA is considered the "Head of Staff" - we then have two branches of Support and Admin, the head of support commented earlier on. He and a few others who were accepted into the staff management subteam are in charge of going through the applications to see who gets approved, denied, and put on 'reserved'. On these applications, the majority of the staff votes - we can vote yes/no, or no for reserved, etc. We can either put this publicly so the entire staff team can see it, or we can put it privately so only staff management sees it. There are some criteria that the players have to meet, I do not know 100% of every single piece as I am not staff management. However, when I was support - a big thing was discord presence (helping in the newbie channels), forum presence (offering feedback on suggestions) and clean admin record. Usually, staff members want to know the new supports coming in, want to get a firm grasp on them, etc. I'll share MY personal experience with one of the applications (I don't think I'm spoiling anything, but sorry if I am guys!). The applicant, to me, had a very strong application. However, they did seem 'new' to me, but they seemed eager. I checked their discord to see if I have any personal messages with them - and if I do, I add on if it was a pleasant, neutral, or bad experience. I don't outright say "This player was toxic, don't let him/her in." I tend to TRY to give constructive criticism "I had this scenario with this player, they were frustrated and did show some signs of venting/toxicity towards me, so I believe they might not be ready right now." If it was extreme - I would say probably not added into the staff team anytime soon, etc. If I haven't had any experience with the player, I check the public discords to see if they have a community presence, try to understand their actions/who they are/how they interact that way, etc. Then forums. If I see the player is involved in a faction or a group that I know an admin is in, I tend to toss the admin's name, so maybe staff management can hit them up and ask about character portrayal/roleplay. Again, I am not saying this is how you get into the staff team, this is how <I> review staff apps (which I don't accept/deny people who come in). This is not the 'universal' way - this is the 'Wuhtah' way, lol. I appreciate the information here. Management is VERY open (from my experiences, I know others can say different and will say different) and receptive of criticism and change. Will the change come immediately? Nope. Will they AGREE with the change? Not always, and that's okay - that's where compromising comes in and suggestions from you guys help. Forum reports are a great example. Yes, there is still a backlog, but not nearly as bad as it used to have been. Management heard from staff and heard from players, and implemented something that would 'ease' the tension off of both sides. I do realize that not many people want to be in the heat of discussion because it can lead into miscommunication, like what happened with us. It can also lead into players venting their frustrating and somewhat taking it out on you, the person trying to listen/get feedback. I'm not ever going to go to ANYONE in the staff team: "well why don't you respond, it's YOUR subteam they are complaining about." That's not how it works in my mind. If I see PM, LFM, IFM, etc getting bashed - I'll bring it up to the respective subteam leader or even just anyone within the subteam: "hey this is going on, if you want to respond and give them some info, I'm sure they would appreciate it" and I also put my own little comment trying to speak from MY perspective to what I see. Almost all of the time they respond and it helps ease the situation, and they get good insight from it. Thank you for the chuckle with the Clash of Clans game. Hm, yeah. With this, it's a little tricky. If we make it so someone can lockpick apartments, and they can roleplay taking/grabbing things then 'upload' their roleplay to the forums, that might reduce the wait time altogether in game, but it will add forum work. Then, that player could miss out on opportunities in case the owner of the apartment comes in 2 hours later and takes a gun, unknowingly it could have been yoinked 2 hours earlier, and we'd have to do some extensive log searching. I do believe maybe an appointment forum can be made - that might help? I did tell players to reach out if needed, no one has - but the opportunity is still there. Thank you for accepting my apology and not holding it against me as well. I think getting insight from each other is a small step along a good path / hopeful future as corny as that may sound. I'll definitely look forward, if I haven't stated this yet, of seeing your input on a lot of different discussion threads or suggestions moving forward!
  16. It seems like we were discussing two different things, I thought you were saying "You should deal with the toxicity back to you". I apologize for the miscommunication on my side of this conversation. There IS a certain forced level of responsibility - We are required to handle a certain number of reports in game and forum requests per month. However, the reports have become more increased over the past year or so, which is why the minimum amount may need to be raised perhaps. You are right with the statement "I have a life, I can do what I want" - 100%. But, I can't get mad at administrators for meeting the minimum requirements because I don't know what's going on with them IRL. I'd like to think that if they can't handle and keep up, they would leave the team instead of being forcefully removed. There definitely needs to be. I agree with you here, but let's be honest - We received 40-80 support applications. And probably.. 3-4? Look good enough to pass through. It is pretty strict IMO.. People are known to have made a mistake a year, maybe two years ago, and even with a perfect history - that small roleplay that they did might affect them in the application process. I believe I'm speaking a bit too much on this topic, so I will end things there - but I do believe that this might be getting changed or at least looked more into. Did you leave the team because of burn out, or because it shut down? If this is getting too personal, just tell me to shut up. I just like to know how other people handled administration, why they left, etc. If you could give any suggestions from what you learned/seen from these servers, I'd honestly appreciate it. It may help us here. I think we miscommunicated here as well. Most of the time - you can roleplay a robbery without administrative supervision, Rule 12 covers this a bit more in-depth, you only need an administrator in certain areas of the map. For warrants, I believe we should trust the more 'senior' officers within the faction and perhaps 'lead' the search warrant and go to the LFM handler who handles PD or SD with the logs of that search warrant. Then, the LFM handler can look over it (hopefully quickly, or even just a regular administrator since nothing was taken at the time) and then the admin could say "You guys would have found X" if the team looked in the correct spot. I think this might help with wait times in that regard, but I am not LFM and that's up to them ultimately. I stated this, and I felt like it would be taken the wrong way, to try to let you know there is a LOT more than what happens in SAMP servers. The passive aggressiveness you may have picked up, in which I did apologize for sounding harsh, was because I simply thought you were saying something that I did not agree with: "Admins deserve everything they get/signed up for." - roughly, of course. Which means the abuse. That's why I reacted the way I did. Again, you did take this the wrong way. It was just to alert you of how much is behind the scenes, and most of it is truly needed. You are correct that newer player's opinions are always welcomed, especially with those who have come from other big servers and can offer reasonable suggestions instead of others who just want to complain. I am not saying that this topic was created to complain (even though it harbors quite a few), it was made to understand why in the world is this going downhill. I touched up on this previously in this response back to you. I'm glad you care a lot about the server, and I do look forward to reading any suggestions you bring forth from past experiences or even creative thinking. Of course we did. I'm not saying you guys are in the wrong here for asking/complaining about it. But when you complain, offer helpful ways to improve. I never said players should feel bad when they're waiting 1-3 hours. I said players should feel bad for being toxic and rude towards administrators. Yes, but my workload hasn't changed since my year being here. In fact, I probably have taken on more (that I personally wanted to, not because I had to), but I have also given up being able to handle 400-600 reports per month. It's a give and take. Bottom line is that there is a quota that is being met by the administrators. If it's been met - they are in the clear of not being removed from the staff team. Then there are administrators who are doing more subteam work/forum work than in game reports - and this is also okay. However, we need to find that balance and that's on the staff team - not you guys. So, I apologize for you guys having to deal with it as of now. But please, use the temporary fixes I have stated within this thread to fix some of the issues you guys are having.
  17. Please refer to my post. I accepted this position to help you guys - yes. I did not accept the position to get abused. If that's guilt tripping/victimization, my goodness has the world changed for the wrong if this is how you feel IRL too - or just over the internet. Players SHOULD feel bad when they are constantly shitting on us, for what? Because we told them no? How about instead of shitting and throwing a hissy fit - you talk to us like a normal adult and see if we can come to a compromise. If the admin comes back to you and blows you off - then go higher up and staff report. If you want to be listened to - be respectful. Volunteer Firefighters do exist, sure. However, they spend less than 10 hours most week because of it. They are also put in that position to try to get resume/job experience as they are in school or academy to get paid to become a firefighter. Let me reiterate what I just said: - They spend less than 10 hours a week. Most actually spend 4-6. (Source: I'm in a family of volunteered firefighters.) - This means, a bit more than 1 hour per day for a week. Some admins spend that 1 hour a day helping out. Most admins spend more than 1 hour a day (up to 6 and perhaps more) per day to make sure JUST the in game reports are handled. I'm not talking about anything else. An administrator can literally sit in game for 6 hours and still work their ass off to handle game reports because there are just so many. How is this something the way the server works? What exactly do you propose in this situation? It's not intentional - the server grows more and more every day and at some point - it's going to burn administrators out, so the burnt out ones take breaks and the ones who are just placed within the staff team go full throttle. Thus is the cycle of life. Please, enlighten me about the SAMP solving the issues instead of just pointing out flaws within the system that we literally already know and have been trying to work on. How was it solved? What exactly happened? Any information would be great. I also don't know which servers you are referring to, but that's great on them that they have a shit ton of workload and do not have short response times. Could I ask what the playerbase is with them? Common Courtesy rule states: Even if someone did a rulebreak, you MUST continue to RP. So, if people are breaking Common Courtesy, I'm not sure how to respond to that - that's a player issue, not an admin issue. Could I also ask what the player base was like, in numbers, for the server you administrated on for SAMP? I disagree and agree that the system is inefficient. In some ways, it works brilliantly. In other ways - there's room to improve. The server is evolving and growing, so yes, the staff team and rules need to as well which is slowly being worked on. I feel "against players" when they purposefully call me: A faggot, a bitch, that I'm power-hungry, that I am biased, that because I am a woman I showed my tits to make staff, etc etc. There are tons of insults that not just I, receive on the daily. That's where the mindset of against players comes in. I don't believe administrators are "better" than the players on this server. We aren't, we were just chosen because we're wanting to help players... amongst other things. Clean admin record, community presence, etc. Topics like these do force us to take more "workload" or try to get on because in the end, we want to make it so you guys have fun/have the least amount of stress. Obviously, this doesn't happen. So to be frank - yes. The admin times are horrendous and I have given multiple fixes on how to keep trying to work through it. Staff reporting is the biggest thing unfortunately. I don't want to see any staff member get reported for inactivity or not doing what they are supposed to do - but sometimes, a little kick in the ass needs to be done. Again, I believe you might be a bit newish to the server and don't quite understand how much goes into this server. In SAMP, I did play for a bit, but it wasn't nearly as in depth as GTA5 is. If this is your first GTA5 server, welcome. If you have been on other text-based GTA5 servers with a huge player base, I'd ask if you could reach out to me personally in DMs and maybe we can think of a few things together to fix a bit of holes we have going on right now. You guys aren't asking for too much when it comes to response times. We never said that, nor did we guilt trip anyone. We are giving you information, as best we can in our positions, of why the response times may be slow. I'm not trying to justify it so to speak from MY perspective. I'm letting you know, that back a year ago - I was able to get on for 10-12 hours a day. Now, I'm lucky if I get on for a hour. However, I put my time and effort in a lot of other different places whether if it's pushing suggestions, picking up forum reports, asset transfers, refund requests or property management related items. This isn't me justifying anything - this is me letting you know that things have changed from my side and how active I used to be to not so active in game. On discord and the forums, I am insanely active because woo, mobile. I hope this sheds some light, and I do apologize if I came off too harsh within any of these words.
  18. Lemme pop in real quick. These are actually pretty small things IMO. You'll not cop a ban or harsh punishment unless you've done other things in the moment besides this. Please don't worry, the majority of what this thread is about is malicious intents. The things you have stated aren't really malicious. But it does seem like a lot of your confusion runs with the powergaming rule. If you want clarification on ANYTHING, send me a DM.
  19. I dig this, since this is a general discussion thread - I do recommend throwing it up as a suggestion. More than 80% of the server complained about this happening in which why rules have been implemented like the ones you've listed that need approval. This was probably a huge decision on management as well because it DOES restrict, but it was clearly needed. All of the things you have said are related to the illegal-side RP which, in all fairness, is where most of the reports come from. I know there are TONS of illegal RPers that are fantastic in roleplay, level-headed, etc. I appreciate that side, I don't and won't understand it completely, but I don't want them to be restricted. However, since the problems tend to stem from that 'SIDE' (I am not saying LEO or legal RPers are perfect, there are still plenty of reports on them) - rules tend to then try to 'iron out' the issues over there. So instead of complaining about it, give suggestions. People were robbing in the most unrealistic ways - how do we solve that? Well, the hot topic right now is to permanent ban or make use of temporary bans - which this was suggested in a rule suggestion thread (deal out harsher punishments, especially for repeated offenders). So, this might be in the works of being fixed, I can't comment on it as I'm not a member of management, but I do know it was forwarded. I appreciate your bluntness, but with every server - there is red tape. Newer servers, less red tape. Less populated servers - less red tape. In this next one, you mentioned pretty much only IFM and PM subteams, there are RPQM, normal admins, LFM, forum moderation, contuinity, whatever else. Managing reports will always be a thing. Managing properties has ben a thing we have been doing a few different changes with. However, do you really think we're going to improve in a night? In a month? No, lol. I don't know if you know - but property requests used to take 2-3 months. We have made it so it's 2 weeks now is the majority maximum waiting time - sometimes this goes over depending if we're waiting on IFM or other issues with the player. That's an astonishing achievement that I am damn proud to be part of a subteam for, For vehicles, again - I previously mentioned this. Modders/developers (I don't know the difference) have to put in their own time to implement vehicles. Vehicles do not take a long time to process and it's easier than requests themselves. Yes, is it annoying to the player? Of course. I am trying to fix that, but again - we also need to make sure portrayal is going correctly here as we try very hard to alleviate RPQM reports as you also can tell they get backed up sometimes and people complain about that. Faction concepts with red tape - you get benefits. You don't need to be in a faction to roleplay. You don't need to REQUEST for vehicle to roleplay. You technically don't even need a business to roleplay. Does it aid in it? Yes. People choose to request it, and we have to make sure it's going in capable hands - if it isn't, we do compromise with players. For admins making monthly charts about guns and drug usage - this helps the playerbase and shows transparency which also was a huge topic a half a year ago, but since we have started steps in that direction, has died down. Now, it's seen as us being burnt out lmao. It's hard to keep both sides of the coin happy and balanced. I believe that the communication between players and administrators is strained and flawed. I am not better than you. I am not above you. I am enforcing the rules, yes. I have multiple players in my DMs daily that have given me shit and have staff reported me - but what do I do? I still help them as you pointed out - it's my 'job'. I will not be the one to complain, I did sign up to help people - but again, like I said previously, the verbal abuse is disgusting. I would love to reach out to you about problematic staff members, but that is not my place. Please, I beg you - if you get in a situation where a staff member treated you unfairly and was rude to you - staff report them. We hear about a majority of our staff reports, sometimes, staff members get put on final warnings themselves if it's shown to be a consistent problem. Again, we all have our bad days. I'm pretty sure half the server has cussed me out at one point in time - but I don't hold it against them. Nervous* created a server, and management, helped create that culture where it's open to suggestions from players - to make you guys feel heard, just as I am hearing you about this topic. What if we just locked and archived this thread at that first point made by Zach? Would feel pretty shitty, as I believe you guys deserve to know what goes on behind the scenes and many other admins feel the same way as they have told you so within their responses. You're right, we cannot cover every single rule which is why Rule 0 is a thing at the admin's discretion. If you think this is abused? Report it. The new rules that have come about now (which I still get confused on until I reread) have been because people consistently break those said rules and complain to staff management about 'This isn't in the rules, yet I was punished for it' are the ones who made the rules be rules to begin with. To be fair, if mutual consent happens with a car crash, I don't see why you guys couldn't void it. I do recommend screenshots to hold yourselves accountable in case this does come up in a player report (it has before). I am not saying DO this, but I am saying this could be a suggestion as it is pretty miniscule. I agree, there are specific cases where I go "I don't understand this punishment" whether too lenient or even too harsh. I believe it should be looked over again, and it is. Again, I want to thank you for your opinion and your contribution. Also, thank you, as a player for helping other players. People seem to think that they need to have a red or green name to be helpful and that's not the case. So, thank you for your time in making the server a bit better by being that way instead of rude/toxic and go "you're just fucking stupid". 🙂 As Selena stated, this is a bit off topic. The handbook I do not believe should be published, not to hide anything, but simply - it's not needed. Staff Management is literally your handbook. Players are encouraged to report staff members if they think they were abusing the system in any way. Even if you are wrong, staff management gives you some information of why and that's always nice to hear. It's like player reports in that regard. You got DM'd - or think you did - so you'll player report. The handling administrator will tell the other person, the other person will give you the information of why you're in the wrong, and if you're not stubborn - you'd go "Oh, I remember, thanks. I'll drop the report now." Again, if you disagree, that's okay too. Explain respectfully why you disagree and perhaps suggest something to fix it for future occurrences. Will this always have the outcome you want? Nope. Welcome to real life (I do not mean this in a sarcastic manner). Again, if you read what Wally said previously - they are looking to perhaps getting support members some commands in game to help with these types of reports and issues - but you won't see that for quite some time. Instead of saying it needs an overhaul, I would appreciate some suggestions besides the ones you have listed as there have been multiple points addressing them within this thread already, but again, the issue and topic at hand "What's with the admin response time" - so let's stay within that scope. Bless, this is a true response and I appreciate your response as well from a retired administrator point of view. All in all, I understand the response times are slow. I have given you guys some alternatives to break-ins/warrants because the time I had where I was on for 2-8 hours a day is limited to maybe 1 hour every other day. Most of my work now is on the UCP and forums, so that leaves me lacking in in-game activity reports (I do still meet my quota every month). Yes, right now the forum reports are also behind and have been behind, but since the new system has been implemented, they have been being handled a bit more frequently than how it was to begin with. And I also appreciate the new system because seriously - if you guys gave these essays to your professors, they'd be impressed of how much you can write just on DMing.
  20. Please do not post screenshots of ajails you disagree with and go 'Do we want people like this on the server? No right? Ban them!' This is not what this thread is for, and frankly, if you disagree with a staff member's actions - feel free to take it up with them personally and then staff management if nothing good comes from it. Saying what is bolded above will not be tolerated here as it is seriously unneeded. You all have rights to your opinions, that's perfectly fine - but there is a time and place and that added nothing to this suggestion thread.
  21. We're working on this. And when I say we're, I mean management is discussing the handbook as a rule suggestion thread was brought up roughly because of this. I appreciate the feedback, I personally do listen to this to some extent unless I am questioning it. I try not to permanently ban or temporary ban unless I have such firm proof that the player did XYZ wrong which is usually easy to collect. Final warnings - I have a few players that have them. One I unbanned because he was banned for 7-8 months and kept appealing and appealing and appealing. I gave him a shot under a final warning, he was permanently banned with no chance to appeal (unless I retire) within a week. Another player, same time line, I unbanned them and they are doing amazingly well. No punishments for the last 3-4 months. It truly depends on the player and their mindset - sometimes you literally cannot tell until they spit in your face that one last time.
  22. From my point of view, we don't want to overwhelm them. I believe @Wally who is head of supports now can give more information here. Currently, you go through 3 months of support now. You focus on apps and in game tickets and you can get into SOME subteams as either your first month of support or second. TAs already cannot handle most reports on their own (roleplay reports). Flipping cars, unlocking properties, etc are the ones they mainly do. If we have supports doing this, then TAs are sorta just there until an admin can pick them up to train them and we have limited number of admin trainers. Before you go: "Well, shouldn't every admin be an admin trainer?" Yes and no. As I said before, if I handle a roleplay report, I usually can make it under 10 mins, stretching it to 15-20 if people type slow or if I'm waiting on evidence from them. With a new admin in training, it can stretch pretty far and I simply don't have the time to train them VIA in game. I don't mind picking up player reports on the forums with them, but in all honesty, I do a lot of training within Property Management that I don't want to train other admins in other areas. We have enough trainers and staff management to do so. Basically, TAs would be sitting ducks if the supports could handle reports as well, and yes, we can probably restrict supports to only have access to TP and flipping cars, etc, but supports are to support the admin team. Mostly with applications, discord, forums, and tickets. If they were given report access as well, they would probably focus moreso on that since most admins do not focus on apps or discord anymore simply because we're too busy with reports in and out of game. This is just my two cents, I don't know if it's correct or not. But I'm sure Wally will give more insight to you when he's available to.
  23. Right so, who you only pointed out are administrators within Property Management that take up probably.. 15% of the staff team. I don't deal with house requests, so I will not comment. As for leases, if you have paid attention to other posts, there has been many changes with this already. It takes me 5-10 mins to deny or accept a vehicle request unless the player is literally asking for a rare car. If you check out the forums, you can see that we left vehicle requests open to combat the need to try and get leases out there more often for some vehicles that are gatekeeped behind requests (again, not property managements decision, so please don't even). We're also re-advising a program that allows for players to request for vehicles that are not in the car dealerships and not within the lease request itself. However, I wasn't happy on how long it was taking and the amount of effort needed and the random ass supercars keep getting requested, so I removed it temporarily to fix it. We're not backing ourselves into a corner. Every day, for the past week I have seen 10-15 new forum reports pop up. 40% could be handled if players respectfully talked to each other and treated each other like human beings. Yet, you guys aren't like that. You guys like to be toxic and rude and bitchy towards each other for God knows why. It's seriously a sorry sight to see. As for adding pointless rules, go ahead to the rule suggestion area and see how many players want to add more rules and enforce it more harshly. What we brought upon ourselves is helping the playerbase, server, and whatever else grow. We brought it upon ourselves to help you guys achieve fun. What I did not bring upon myself: - People bitching me out because I said no. - People calling me names and whatnot because they disagree with my decisions. - People being undeniably rude and toxic towards me because I have a different color name and they think they can. - People calling me on discord randomly (at 3 am in the morning) to state they are in a crisis and they need immediate help (IN A VIDEO GAME). - People expecting me to be online 24/7 and get angry when I cannot and will not. I promise I could probably list off many more and other administrators could too. You guys literally abuse us behind the scenes and then expect us not to be burnt out. It's honestly a joke, it's saddening. The playerbase needs to grow up and realize we're all humans. And before you go off saying: "Well why don't you enforce Nervous' 0 toxicity policy" - why? Well, we are a teaching community and I understand the frustrations players have. I do, I hear you and I do. Most of you don't mean to do what you do in the heat of the moment and it's all brushed under a rug by me because I don't hold grudges. I understand the frustrations, but believe me, if I go off on ONE of you the way any of you go off on an administrator, I'd lose staff and probably get banned. I would never do this anyways. I understand staff is held to a high standard, in which I agree, we should be. But man, some of you guys need to hold yourself to a high standard too because it's just pathetic to see someone who claims to be a grown ass adult act like a toddler when told no. I apologize if I offended anyone here, but I did lay out the firm truth within this post. The burn out DOES come from handling so many things, but the 70% bitching 30% thankfulness also comes much more into play than handling things. Disclaimer: Not speaking for the entire staff team Disclaimer: not saying the entire playbase is like this either.
  24. I can push this in the next staff meeting and see how it goes.
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