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  1. Username: RedToad Comment: This is a great idea, I hope the city does more to end homelessness. Donation Amount (If any): $1000
  2. Great call/text me at 3298937 or send me an email ((Forum PM)) and we'll get it sorted.
  3. Noted! If no-one else replies with a bid within 24 hours it's all yours.
  4. For Sale is my 1 bedroom apartment with a bathroom on San Andreas Avenue facing Legion Square, in front of the cinema and steps away from local restaurants, clothing stores, police station, gym, dealerships, other retailers, etc. Located on the sixth floor and the sixth room. Starting price: $90,000 Buyout: $110,000 Exterior: Hallway: Living Room & Kitchen: Bedroom: Washroom:
  5. Username: RedToad Comment: You damn hooligans I hope you get incarcerated
  6. Big sad abusing a poor boy like Tomas 😞
  7. Was craving RP after having had played years of SAMP on LS-RP and PR-RP as well as a few others, contacted @secretamerican since I saw him online on Steam playing GTAV and he got me into it. Haha thanks man.
  8. Rating: ★★★★★ Username: RedToad Comment: Nils is a great photographer! He captures the essence and beauty of Los Santos and everything it has to offer, highly recommended.
  9. Withdrawn, good luck!
  10. Great! Phone number is 3298937, available all day.
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