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  1. Hey bro how its going?

    1. Shareef


      Happy new years bro i didnt see you in TS in a long time. Whats ur Skype ID???? mine got banned xD

  2. Short description: In essence, I feel that a /setstation CEF menu would greatly benefit this server. Detailed description: Due to the great abundance of /setstation options we have within the server thanks to the donator-XMR system, I believe that an in-game menu for viewing all of the stations would help us by ridding the need to tab out just to listen to the radio station that you want to vibe with! I don't know how possible this is due to the fact that the radiostations change so constantly as peoples' stations run out, but anything would be fine. Even if there was a direct link that showed brought up the UCP IG and listed out all of the radio stations (much like the various /help options link you to different feature documentation things that explain the script, etc) -- I see this as the easiest way to do it, but if a way to make it somehow "self updating" with tiles on the CEF linked to the station or something, it would be cool too! Commands to add: More in depth /setstation or a new /radiostations command that is listed as a directory once someone types /setstation without a number following it! Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? I feel that it would both benefit our donators due to the fact that people would more likely be geared towards listening to their radiostations if they could actively and easily check /setstation to view different stations that would match the mood of their character in RP scenarios etc, as opposed to needing to tab out just to find a station that matches the vibe. Additional information: N/A
  3. Lajk that Lajk that Dzast Lajk that
  4. I give a large + support to this idea. I personally enjoy the idea of hunting roleplay being reintroduced into the server, and everything associated with it - and I feel that going out with a pistol would simply feel too goofy. Everyone's biggest argument against the re-addition of the Musket is the fact that people won't roleplay it properly. However, I feel that there is a simple and easy solution to this, as there is with every other "proper RP" idea - the admin team. If you see someone doing something along the lines of: you could simply report, and it'd be dealt with, as is any other scenario that circles around the idea of poor roleplay. In my eyes, I see that the re-addition of the Musket has more positive (roleplay expanding) potential than it does negative (the occasional idiot who'd end up punished either way?), and that is why I support this suggestion.
  5. 10% from April 16th to April 23rd!
  6. Joined January 8th, 2018 EDIT: That's a Monday.
  7. rakesh? have you heard of Unity Transit? son? im the longest taxi rper here ~ 2013 but david is the longest standing taxi company on GTA:W On topic: I completely agree with this, I do not see why I have to sit isolated from RP in my taxi just to be able to fish to receive a call. I'd rather be allowed to engage in roleplay outside of my taxi while waiting for calls. Although we would receive taxi calls outside of the taxi, we would still have to be inside the taxi to accept the call and go on duty (to avoid people doing taxi jobs in vehicles other than taxis)
  8. This is definitely an excellent idea. IRL I could go out and get a PPL for $8,000 and a decent plane for $20,000 - $40,000: https://www.aerotrader.com/listing/1970-Cessna-150-5011874008 I don't see why roleplay servers portray aviation to be some sort of game set only for the millionaires, because it most certainly isnt (in the US atleast, where we roleplay our server), and GTA:W should be a trendsetter in terms of diversifying and completely changing aviation-based roleplay. Just with every aspect of roleplay, aviation can easily be monitored by staff and I don't see how it could pose a problem other than easily-dealt-with trolling, and there are much more benefits to allowing and increasing the amount of roleplay centered around aviation versus making it game meant only for 1% of the server.
  9. Habeeb Alcoholic Imports Backstory Habeeb Imports, an alcoholic beverage importer based in the heart of Los Santos has a long lasting connection with the domestic producers of various long-loved refreshments within the state of San Andreas, stemming from the establishment of the Banjo String under Rafi Habeeb's lease in 2017. The Banjo String revolutionized American taste buds with brews that have appealed for tens of years in the Middle Eastern world. Al-Chark (or Al-Shark) was one of the top sellers in Habeeb's Banjo String, leading to a popularity with the drink. Alongside Alcoholic beverages, Habeeb offers non-alcoholic brews such as the Lebanese Malt Beverage Laziza, and popular alternatives to Coca-Cola such as Mecca-Cola, which is an alternative to Coca Cola produced and marketed by Coca-Cola to the Muslim world. Products & Pricing Habeeb now specializes in importing the beverages that were previously imported strictly for use in the Banjo String, and markets it to the masses, with a sight in commercial (bar/restaurant) sales, and private sales. Al Shark Alcoholic Beverage - $42 per bottle or $456 per crate (12 bottle pack) Laziza Non-Alcoholic Beverage - $12 per bottle or $60 per crate (6 bottle pack) Mecca Cola - $14 per 1L bottle or $8 per 500ML bottle Contact Info: To place orders, you can contact the following numbers & emails! Shahid Tariq - Lead Import Agent - 4957756 or [email protected](FORUM PM)
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