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  1. Offering full price, would like to buy ASAP. When is a good time for you?
  2. sorry, fell into some issues. not for sale right now.
  3. Price lowered again.
  4. Looking to rid of sorry
  5. Too many big booty mods. Great work on the seb stuff though. Was hoping for more normal wear for like… Average body and older aged females but will work with what we got.
  6. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath with office and balcony, quiet neighborhood. Two car garage with workout area Buyout: $240,000 Not looking for bids, make a reasonable offer.
  7. Well taken care of Hellhound for sale, Under 750 miles with all scheduled maintenance is up to date with reciepts. Asking $140,000 but open to offers, Not looking for trades at this time.
  8. Meth, heroin and coke make you a junkie with poor life choices.. not a double strengthen sharp shooter with a cheap excuse for shit actions.
  9. My issue is the time, car mileage and gas useage on top of the above. It’s less than 10 miles on the car each way. Takes little to no gas and /time doesn’t not change. You leave the city at 01:00 you are in Paleto at 01:10 how is that at all possible to throw into a rp? I cannot think of any possible way the script can be edited for these, mainly /time that would make sense on the sever.
  10. LSSD Maritime Cadre basic dive training, 20:00 06/FEB/2022, Zancudo Area. Deputy Villalobos and Lt. Watson trained SEB team members the basics of scuba and evidence recovery, with the help of LSSD AIR divers completed a underwater search of a sunken plane wreck.
  11. First wedding ever held in TTCF, Inmate Greene marries his former writeaprisoner.com penpal Devlin Bell.
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