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  1. You can disagree with me all you want, I don't mind but there's absolutely no need to be so obnoxious and hostile whilst doing so. An article from 15 years ago is hardly relevant anymore. Again this is a supposedly civilized Western city not a lawless state. Believe it or not some people actually do just want to live normal, law abiding lives and whilst most will certainly put the safety of themselves and their families first, they won't want to cop jail for covering for dangerous groups. That's why witness protection programs exist, they even exist in-game although they're used much more sparingly. But honestly it seems like you're trying to blow things completely out of proportion so you can bring up irrelevant and outdated information to justify blatant dm. If someone calls cops infront of people who just committed a crime, they got what's coming to them. If they do it when they reasonably believe their out of line of sight and earshot, it's not reason to gun someone down in the middle of a busy parking lot. Whether or not it happens in real life is irrelevant, why? IT'S A GAME. Being shot everytime you legitimately call the police, whether you're a victim or a witness trying to save someone's life by doing so, or so they don't end up next completely saps any fun out of it. It goes two ways, whether you like it or not. I'll ask you politely, to tone it down a bit. I've done nothing other than disagree with you.
  2. Like I said earlier, civilians don't think like criminals. You don't want a witness to call the cops? Either don't commit your crimes in public areas where there are going to be witnesses or give the witnesses a reason to fear repercussions instead of just resetting them. To add, noone irl would risk life or execution in a Western civilization in which authorities are still controlled by government, for the cold blooded murder of someone who called the cops, infront of witnesses and cctv. A law abiding citizen can cop charges for not reporting very serious crimes and loose everything, it's their civic duty. Do convicted felons go after jury members just because they found them guilty? Nope, because it's just as stupid as killing someone for calling cops on them unless they're doing it right in your face.
  3. There are rules on what is and isn't reasonable escalation for a reason, not every player is a criminal roleplayer. Criminal roleplayers wouldn't exist without the legal roleplayers and vice versa, there would be no server. So things have to be fairly balanced for both so that they can both have fun and develop their characters instead of being gunned down for calling someone an idiot, or sneezing in the wrong tone. Nobody would have meaningful characters if criminals were allowed to dictate the narrative just because they felt like some target practice. Just as much much as there wouldn't be any meaningful illegal characters and a variety of illegal factions if all crime on a game that's literally about crime, was suffocated because a legal character didn't wanna die for doing something stupid or felt criminals had to abide by their moral standards. There HAS to be balance, and some rules and guidelines so players know what may or may not be appropriate else it's just not fun for anyone.
  4. If you had read my post properly (at least it seems like you haven't) you'd have seen I covered this exact issue and even agreed that was stupid and they should expect what's coming to them for it.
  5. Wuhtah the type of admin to staff report herself for writing Groz sucks in the condensation on the bathroom mirror.
  6. Regular civilians simply don't understand how criminals think and operate, they might realize a person is dangerous or an area is dangerous but if as a victim they're robbed of valuable or very personal belongings they're of course going to call the cops. Most aren't going to resort to illegal acts to retaliate and get their shit back, or perhaps just perhaps they don't want to risk their livelihoods and food on their families tables over some stolen items and would rather just let the cops deal with it and be absolved of any legal trouble. Most people go through their lives never being arrested or charged with anything. If they're not a victim and see someone else being beaten, robbed or murdered I doubt they'd want to cop charges for not reporting a serious crime, and again risk their livelihoods. It's not a normal thing for someone to see in a civilized Western city so of course they're gonna call the cops. This isn't the slums of Brazil or Mexico. However on the flip side I would agree that most sensible people would get far out of view and earshot before even thinking about calling the cops, calling cops so obviously infront of violent criminals is certainly asking for trouble. But worth being chased across the entire map and killed for it? I doubt it. Scare the shit out of them, make sure they don't talk but don't kill them just because they witnessed something you were dumb enough to do in an area people would be likely to witness it. Couple of days ago I literally saw a report for dm because someone was shot outside of an open casino infront of witnesses just for snitching. If you were careless enough let someone witness your crime, honestly? That's on you not the witness. There needs to be some sort of rule clarification on killing players for 'snitching' because right now, it's pretty silly.
  7. Oh I agree, it should be done but it's not always possible to do it quickly depending on L3 availability (it may be l2 now I'm not sure). But I said it might not be worth the effort, since it'd be a lot of extra work to implement something more streamlined and the overall benefit may not be worth the time it'd take to code, when everything can technically be done already with a little investigation.
  8. It's not needed, as it can be done via the ucp by a level3 admin. You can't just wipe someone's inventory after-the-fact without knowing what was on them at the time and where it is now.
  9. I often requested this to be done, but sadly it requires a L3 admin to delete shit so depending on availability it may or may not be possible and then there's the added issue of proving what they had on them at the time. If inventory items at time of disconnect/death could be stored in a temporary log that any admin can read, that would at least solve that issue and make it easier to request item deletion, and I'm sure it can be done. Not really sure it's worth the effort though? But wherever possible, it's certainly something I'd like to see done more often.
  10. This is pretty much how I'd like to see it done, as long as it's properly roleplayed? I don't really have too much issue with it (sadly I doubt a lot of it is), especially if sometimes it doesn't work out due to complications with ingestion etc. Realistically it wouldn't be a 100% success rate, ingesting sealed drugs..is risky and not because of the legal risks.
  11. I have years of experience as a member of staff and as an admin, I'd say I'm more than qualified to give my 50 cents. This is a suggestion forum for a reason, to give suggestions that could benefit the server as a whole. If it's a bad one, then it'll get archived. Everyone whether they're admin or not is welcome to give their opinions in this community. It is you infact, who have no right to tell someone they can't make a reasonably articulated suggestion just because you disagree with it. Do illegal roleplayers have it hard? Sure they do, but it's also pretty difficult to actually be a corrupt cop as there's measures in place to make sure that not every cop is corrupt. Things ain't perfect on either side, but telling someone they have no right to make a suggestion is just wrong.
  12. Those aren't unwritten rules, nor specifically mentioned because it's basic common sense (not every instance of powergaming can be covered in the rules) not to do these things. if you need rules to specify that these things aren't okay I'd question what you're doing on a heavy rp server. But Wuhtah has offered you their DMs, I'd strongly advise taking her up on it so you can learn to avoid making mistakes you might otherwise fall foul of. That being said, Wuhtah nailed it with regards to what this thread is about. It's been very clearly stated numerous times throughout that we want harsher punishments for those who are being malicious and knowingly disruptive, not those who just fuck up once in a blue moon. I don't understand why people are having trouble understanding the very clear difference.
  13. Who said anything about bans? If your idea of fun is ruining other players experiences just so you can get your fix then you're on the wrong server. Let's not derail the thread please, it's been constructive thus far
  14. Yeah the "I didn't realize" excuse is getting really old, you didn't realize a lifeguard tower or FD station was a crime free zone? Like hell you didn't. Robbery rules is iterally one if the questions covered in the application process. It's really a joke that players are getting away with such obvious rule violations, they know what they're doing.
  15. I'll agree that many players who do this probably don't understand the risks involved, if it goes down and sits the wrong way it could get stuck or worse the container could split. Do most going into prison have time to swallow and properly store their drugs? I doubt it, unless they actually planned to go to prison to smuggle the drugs in. I'm all for some extra checks to ensure there was proper roleplay, I doubt most who say they ingest drugs actually roleplay it adequately. Let alone roleplay anything going wrong, bags bursting, getting stuck, causing constipation etc
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