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  1. “Effort is your greatest ability, because if without it you have nothing except inability. There is no such thing as failure if you try, because at the end of the day you were successful at putting yourself out there.”



    Goodnight GTAWorld!

  2. Look at you [email protected]! I always knew you’d go far starting when you came to me for help on apps and displayed potential with the discretion that management aims for. @Doostyyou’ve always been an amazing administrator every time I’ve worked beside you. Happy you’re moving up and still at it! @mj2002it seems just yesterday I was helping you as a new player. You and Effion are role models now and I have no doubt you two are going to continue succeeding. Holy shit... Parker and ZumBombie are orange names now? It’s crazy but you guys are going to do great! @FearnR @Bombie Congratulations to everyone that has been promoted and accepted to staff. Take it far!
  3. Appreciate you, never forget what you did for me


    1. Bash


      Not exactly sure I remember, because I’ve recently returned, but you’re welcome!

  4. Mitch

    ? love you bash bud

  5. I thank you both kindly, but I have left the team for now. I do thank the community for the love and support that I did receive during my tenure. Farewell
  6. Please edit this suggestion according to the proper format to prevent it from being archived.
  7. ((Please give a better description of the business you are aiming to purchase and put more effort into your advertising. It is vague.))
  8. Please correct the format of your suggestion to prevent it from being archived. Thank You!
  9. @Navster_ The reason you we’re still banned is because you attempted to create another account in hopes to what I assume continue playing. Ban evading from any of our platforms is an offense that can result in a community wide ban, so going forward you should stick to 1 UCP account as per our limits anyway. I lifted the ban on the account causing the issue. Have fun.
  10. Hey Mom look I made it in the credits!! I wonder who mapped the electronics store...
  11. inb4 mallrat jokes are made
  12. Thank you! It’s always a pleasure @cryybabyycryy!
  13. Actually going to feature this so its easy to find for new players and even veterans like myself!! Very helpful. Great job @effion
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