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  1. -1. If you get headshotted, you die. It's quite tough that you got headshotted, but we're very lucky to tank 7 9mm bullets and survive, if this was IRL? Poof, dead!
  2. i have my left eye on this faction, i have my right eye on abuela
  3. wow man, take this far! i approve of this!
  4. roleplay how you want man, have fun. obviously to a realistic standard, dont let these portrayal regulators tell u otherwise cus they think their above u
  5. I call this guy, he say he no have Hellhound.
  6. To 150!!! Arghh!! Thank you everyone.
  7. Messaged yesterday but no response, I'll take it off your hands.
  8. Pretty self explanatory, SMS or call me on 90290041. Or email me.
  9. Can you stop trolling and derailing the thread? Thank you. It's true, LSSD is more roleplayed orientated compared to LSPD, I've seen it, other people have seen it, we all know it. I wouldn't say everyone in PD is a robo cop but there'a good majority that don't know what the fuck they're doing. I've had one too many bad experiences with PD, just praying for a better experience every time I roleplay with them. It's just like @joebidensmokesyescasaid...
  10. This is getting out of hand, it truly is. Please stop faction bashing Crazy Riders, they have amazing potential. PD please keep your remarks to yourself, before I call the authorities.
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