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  1. Hey bro how its going?

    1. Shareef


      Happy new years bro i didnt see you in TS in a long time. Whats ur Skype ID???? mine got banned xD

  2. Glad we hit it, let's go even higher! 788657867364790503552363213932185062295135977687173263294742533244359449963403342920304284011984623904177212138919638830257642790242637105061926624952829931113462857270763317237396988943922445621451664240254033291864131227428294853277524242407573903240321257405579568660226031904170324062351700858796178922222789623703897374720000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000?
  3. The amount of development shown in this thread is amazing.
  4. I don’t want a FiveRP system where you submit your reports or appeals privately. In my opinion, reports against anyone, whether a player, staff, or faction, should be public. Ban appeals too. However, I do agree that refund requests could use more privacy. People metagame what they see. Hypothetically people could be robbing you a lot after seeing your refund request for guns in a hope that they’ll find one. My concern is that some people don’t like to have their character names out in public. I’m fine with it personally, but I do know that some people believe it’s better to keep them private as people hold grudges or negative beliefs about you and might metagame it. also if we really were going for transparency we’d mske staff reports public on some rs
  5. I like the ideas in this thread, but what about faction cars? On one hand, someone could use their car as a faction car to abuse the system if you make it so that faction cars are exempt. On on the other hand, some factions really don’t pull in enough to pay for their cars. For example, I roleplay with Habeeb Enterprises. We all bought our own taxis and our own VIP cars, and the other two have buses as well. We like to pull out these cars when they’re needed, but easily couldn’t afford to keep them legal if we had to. I do do think that people driving around in very expensive cars that don’t fit their character is a problem since I’ve seen more than one thread highlighting the issue, but some expensive cars aren’t even flashy sports cars. For example, one of my characters has a taxi, a Baller LE LWB, and a Hakuchou. I’d have no problem being charged a tax for my Hakuchou as it’s my personal vehicle that I always drive around on. My taxi though, I only use it to service other players. It has an RP reason to exist, but it’s rare that I make more than $2000 a week from it due to the fact that most people who take a taxi don’t have a lot of money. My Baller is in the same dilemma. It costed around 112k, but I rarely use it wnymore. It was supposed to be part of our Habeeb VIP thing but that never took off like it did on LSRP. I still keep it because we occasionally have events we can use them for, or sometimes I take taxi calls in it, but I’d never make enough to justify paying all those extra taxes. I don’t know if I’m being selfish here or not but I feel like some people’s “expensive” cars have a purpose RP wise. I don’t really think anything is expensive until it costs more than 150k but that’s my personal opinion. A permanent upkeep would make me sell those cars, but I don’t think that I’m doing harm by owning them. I think I use them to actually roleplay properly and they do fit in my wealth class RPly, so why can’t I keep them?
  6. So, RC-RP part 2? I despise script jobs as a whole, and this one just seems unrealistic since people would be a mailman-garbageman-courier-courier-fisher-miner. It’s already weird enough that people role play their professional careers which let them afford their luxury lifestyle as “mining” or “fishing” but this just makes it weirder. I’ve found that the courier job is the least boring and probably the best for quick cash.
  7. While I would like to see a solution to the issue, a tax like this is not it. I’m struggling at this point to recognize that it is an issue, but $5k for every expensive car isn’t really the way to go. We have a system on this server to give new players $200k in order to let them RP whatever they want in a comfortable way without grinding. You want to charge a tax and essentially reverse that? I don’t know if this is a big issue but if it is, there has to be a better way.
  8. i like the idea but i feel like a seperate channel encourages gta:o mentality too muč. however, since u cant rly tell them to stop, new channel sounds guči. support this.
  9. i feel like this proves it well..................
  10. i5 4690k, 8gb ram, dual 760 in SLI, asus vs228h, corsair m65 and k70 reds in red all for $450...i think i came out on top i did upgrade my keyboard to rgb w silents (thanks 2 my brozer) and a second monitor
  11. Shareef


    anyone else cop this? we need a gta:w squad squad
  12. just got the game kinda, havent installed it but when i watch my brother play it looks pretty confusing i do like the concept that there rly is no end goal though, it seems c00l.
  13. hi mang...thanks for the raffle. i just wanna dedicate this post to my boy @DoranoIS if i win none of the money will go to him but u know, free the boy
  14. i'd love to c the records of the staff team w/ multiple bans on record cause somehow i dont believe that mens.....................
  15. yes xaqt very success... good contribution to the discussion... why are u roasting I would love to be able to appeal admin records tbh but I don't see why they can't expire. If you didn't hack or anything, why does it matter that you said /ad a 90 days later Admins care. When they factor decisions on whether it's a warning or a ban, they look at your admin record. I've seen or been told myself "ur admin record 2 long 4 de chat = ban" or "ur admen record go back 2 december wtf big ban"
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