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  1. I talk to Dino sometimes, have im on facebook, he's a cop IRL he's a really nice guy. Man that guy Twinkie can't believe it, where the fuck is he haven't heard anything from him man. but definitely Dino was a cool guy, I'll tell him that you remember him 😄
  2. And yeah as far as i know Emilio was a croatian guy but definitely the best person from balkan i really liked is Pablo Cortez he used hobo skin I mean there were some cool guys on ngrp but definitely like you said racists nationalism and other bad things were on most of the time 😕
  3. Nah bro I was their biggest enemy, I was with Bosnians Nandord Mudan, Joe Mudan, Aten Mudan, Dwayne Mudan, Pendula Mudan and etc etc 😄
  4. Sinterp Mudan Wish we had some more beef on ngrp
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