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  1. It's silly, for sure. The economy on this server is such a way where 20k really isn't a big deal to a lot of people, and they let you know it. I don't think there's anything that can really be done about it though. Unless we just like start shaming people OOCly about it then it's a IC issue. Make a big deal about it IC, show them how absurd it is through your RP. "Whoa!" *Wide eyed in amazement he called out. Looking the man over like his next potential robbery victim* "Where you live bro!?" Otherwise not much can be done about it.
  2. Everyone posting saying there is "No point" are just thinking in terms of shooting people looool... the point of this server is roleplay, with that said there's no point NOT to have it in the gun store for those of us who wish to RP with it.
  3. Short description: Let people RP the musket as a single shot 308 rifle Detailed description: Don't see any reason we're letting the animations of the musket rifle dictate the way we treat it. Aside from the engraved hammers the rifle resembles modern 308 hunting rifles far more then a musket. I'd argue it's some weird hybrid between a shotgun and a rifle, or a flintlock. But again don't see any reason why we can't just say it's a single shot rifle. People claim handguns are any type of handgun their hearts desire. Commands to add: na Items to add: Musket to gunstores How would your suggestion improve the server? More variation in the gunstores, more possibility for sport shooting RP and such Additional information: GTA Musket: Real Single shot 308 rifle:
  4. What items would there be? This sounds highly RPGish and unrealistic. The only thing people try to smuggle out of jail is their prison uniforms. Even if this was RL why one earth would you risk bringing a knife or something on you through being released?
  5. Sorry, I thought that read "Suggested template"
  6. Think it would be awesome if we could give property keys without physically being in the property. Could be as asimple as /givepropertykey address name
  7. Contact 9893331 or 4041 House info MP:100k Furniture 80k Starting bid:250k Buyout: 380K
  8. Seems like the fuel in this fire has burned out a bit and that's good! To do a TLDR for everyone there has been some great points made in defense of the PD, iterating all the steps they do take toward ensuring quality in roleplay. There's also been points made that the types of issues people are stateing they have with PD can also be said for other factions. All these are valid points. We don't want to put anyone in the spotlight with this discussion, and perhaps I should of made the title reflect that a bit better. I will say that I personally believe that starting to address these issues within the PD is a great first step toward addressing them in the entier community, and therefore chose to put PD in the spotlight for that reason and am sorry if I'm attacking anyone with this as it needs to be a topic about everyone playing their alts as expandable and otherwise. But with that said the points were also made in terms of CK's and people simply starting new characters within the PD as opposed to criminal factions who have to start fresh characters. There is a WHOLE lot that started to get thrown around here, and because of this it totally makes sense why Syrike locked the thread for all of us to cool down for a bit. So we really need to keep this constructive and such. If you don't see an issue please do not come in here throwing out your opinion demanding an explanation and proof toward it. Let's constructivley try to think of ways we could help encourage people to take their characters safety more seriously. Let's try to think of ways we can discourage people from using positions to treat their time on server as a chance to let loose and shoot people (criminals and PD alike) Could there be rules set in place? Could PD members who CK be made to jump through the hoops again instead of reverting to their old position on a new character? Could we start punishing criminals for CKing out of roleplays and situations, or their players for not taking their characters safety into realistic consideration? These are things that we aughta be spitballing around with this subject.
  9. Well this isn't the place for that man. We arn't here to shame people. I get that whole point where murder is shouted but no fingers are pointed. But here we have a community shouting "murder" and we dont actually need to point any fingers. We all see and recognize there are issues here to be addressed. But instead of coming at it as a community, people like Keane and such are trying to deal with it in specific situations. Not everyone is bitter, not everyone wants people to get in trouble, not everyone feels comfortable disclosing how they know certain things (like myself). What do you want us to do. Point a finger at someone, he points a finger at someone else and so on until a bunch of people are punished and in trouble over a general discussion aimed to improve community RP? Let's get a grip here guys. I don't need to say this again. General discussions are NOT the place to start witch hunts.
  10. Seriously dude wtf are you doing trying to get people to call eachother out on general discussion? Cut it out.
  11. I hate to say this but lol! don't listen to Keane!!! We should not be naming and shaming eachother here. We all need to get on the same page which is pretty simple. All of us here as RPrs in this community need to be held to the same standards. This is not an arguement about who works harder OOC and what ever else because that can go on for ever an no one is going to be right and honestly.. it's not even somthing we should be talking about. If you don't want to do the OOC work required for the RP you're involved in then simply don't involve yourself in the RP. It is NOT a valid point to be made in this argument from EITHER SIDE. Please, let's get back on subject ad start brain storming ideas we could better ourselves as a community. Like I said, we need to lead by example. All of us.
  12. No. These are not the same things you're comparing here. By all means, criticize bad RP. What I said was stop criticizing OOC involvment, saying that PD work harder OOC then criminals do. It's not fair and not a valid argument.
  13. Yes. Everyone who says the LEo's work harder then illegal factions need to stop that right now. It's an invalid argument that is being made off of ignorance. Illegal factions work very hard. They have to go and create RP that you as LEO's get called down to interact with. They have to make businesses and set up systems and they have discords just like you and blah blah blah. I can keep going on and on but that's not the topic here. Bottom line is stop trying to say the LEO's OOC involvement is any more valid then a criminal characters. It's rude and needs to stop.
  14. No you dont. Again, not gonna name names. Perhaps I can have some friends step forward to tell you their experience but that is incorrect. People Ck and namechange right back into the swing of things like it's no big deal. Instantly.
  15. Keane c'mon bro. You're an admin.. don't encourage a witch hunt here on general discussions bro. We're not here to name names and point fingers. There are plenty of people reading this who know we're talking about them, and hopfuly that's enough to help push them in the right direction. But what we're here trying to discuss is ways that we as a community can help enforce and encourage proper RP. And yes Keane, you are right that the title of this post could potentialy be changed to reflect the fact this isn't just a PD issue. But the PD are direct ambassadors of the server. They are as official as an official faction gets and in term are going to be the spotlight of this discussion. They need to lead by example here on server. It is not an excuse to say "every other faction does this aswell." We all here see an issue, and now lets address it productively. Is there rules or punishments that can be put in place to help enforce things like this? Should the community be encouraged to write more non fear RP reports on police? Should police have to start from the bottom after a CK just like illegal factions do? Should PD members be subject to punishment or perhaps even dissmissal from the force should they only choose to lay a robo cop without a life outside of the PD? In that is a big part of the issue Keane. Yes, other factions do this.. but other factions are playing their MAIN CHARACTERS when they do this stuff. And if a faction IS doing that stuff.. you and I both know they don't have any gun/drug supplies/ They're a bunch of DMers waiting to be banned from server. It's the factions that rise above nonsense like that who are recognized and rewarded. So please, let's not make this a he said she said bickering match. Everyone here on server should be held to the same standards.
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