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  1. I met up with a guy I knew for years on SAMP, cool dude, but he tried to convince me for 30min that there is no such thing as ancient Greeks, in-front of a bartender in my hometown that was founded by ancient Greeks ( he's Macedonian)
  2. Good to have you near Geo, char is wonderful
  3. Lippi

    My Artworks

    One of the few Professionals around benefiting the community with their excellence
  4. There's only one char nicer than Ellie on GTA W, that's the lady the roleplays Ellie!
  5. Username: Lippi Comment: hardest working designer out there, has skills
  6. Yeah there has been a case where a certain somebody decided to RPly steal chairs from an interior I was working on ( they had furnishing rights as a design assistant/employee) He unwittingly deleted/sold some chair objects that were not even being used as chairs, ripping in to the fabric of the structure/ non-furniture per se. It took about five minutes to repair because luckily I had caught him in the act, but had I not, I would probably be looking at a lot more complicated damage to the interior, regardless of the RPly missing free-standing furniture.
  7. Short description: one should be able to save the interior setup at a certain point in time. Detailed description: Currently, the 'undo' option in the furniture system ( pressing delete directly after an action) can go back 1 step, this is extremely handy. However, in a creative process, one might want to test ideas, and as most of what is made IG is puzzled together from many objects, it is a very time consuming process. What I am suggesting is that there is a submenu added to the furniture system that would save certain setups, just like saving progress in any game works, just like a ''save game'' and ''load game'' there should be a ''save furniture [name/date]'' and ''load furniture [name/date]'' Commands to add: none, instead edit the /fur menu Items to add: ? How would your suggestion improve the server? The virtual environment where most RP happens is largely made up of the 'built' environment/architecture, it's the key premise that sets the scene. The creativity of the playerbase largely contributes to the server by enhancing this crutial aspect, by IC means through the furniture system. Advancing the system with designer tools as simple as this one will manifest itself in the overall quality of what is made IG. Additional information: The difference in furniture value between the different saved setups should be calculated/refunded in some way, either through direct cash as the current system does for objects individually, whichever the management finds suitable. /discuss
  8. Very nice! Any houses with a pool table?
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