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  1. *Username: Iz. *Verified Customer Yes Product: Acer Aspire 3. *Product Rating 10/10. *Service Rating 9/10. Comment: Really nice people who took their time to talk about the product they were selling even thought it did cost alot of money. Also asking way to much about what I was using the laptop for but its okay. I guess that's custom service. They only get a 9 on the service rating cause they used so long to go to the backroom to get the laptop for me and I was being in a rush. Also didn't wanna sell me the retro machine which I really wanted 😭
  2. Love your mapping 😄
  3. Really nice consept and quality screens 😄 Love it! ❤️
  4. Next industrial apartment I been working on that is completed. Here I been focusing that the light looks nice and not to much light in the evening and also its the first apartment I been mapping inside a building to keep it as accurate at what floor it is on. Its by far one of my favorite projects I have or are working on. Also went maybe a little bit to much into the detailing. Most of the stuff I map is customized cause I don't want it to look like anything done ig. The bedroom on the other hand I didn't detail as much as I have done on the kitchen or bathroom which took me longer than expected. Here its maybe 10-20 objects in total including walls and such but the kitchen is 100-150 objects. But then again I don't like mapping bedrooms that much. Also livingroom I didn't detail that much. Open for suggestion on what I can fix to make it look better. Thanks to @Scaryxo for helping me fix the animation.
  5. Omg @Gregaaa and @Jovis there 😭 One of the funniest RPers I known. Nice SS too.
  6. Giving you a 👍 since I can't react anymore. I know who I am gonna call now when my char is in trouble, nice screens.
  7. First solo work took me 3 week ish and I never got the SS of the bedrooms I done there ( if you own it and see this I would love to get the SS of the bedrooms there)
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