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  1. The awkward drive. The party went from a 100 too 0 just cause people can't stfu. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
  2. Her first robbery. Didn't go that well. Being forced to do something she don't wanna do. No one wanna be boring, we all are just desperate trying so fucking hard to be something we ain't.
  3. So short story, this is a week of RP but how it started and how it ended was cause Larry called Becca fat making her insecure about herself and the recent events. Its in the previous screenshots so you got to read them if you wanna see. Anyhow Tyler was just an innocent poor bastard for Becca's sick play. And the reason why it had to be Tyler is cause he were desperately trying to get her fiance who Becca is obsessed with. Day 1. Day 2. Day 3. Last day.
  4. The batchelorette party. Sexy people can always be stupid! That's why other people think they are dumb. Ellie and Becca's friendship is like a roller coaster that is on fire and out of controll.
  5. Testing their loyality. Becca just tag along for shits and giggles. First we blame the blacks, then we blame F**CKING everyone else. Thank god there was no cameras. It shows that Vic and Becca didn't think this through when Harry wanna involve everyone else. Yeah burn it to the ground. She gonna hate churches from now on. Making terrible exuses for sitting in the back. Got to hate it when the little lie becomes a big big thing. Great idea Vic! Thanks alot!!
  6. Don't want Jenna to go crazy! Just another poor innocent soul that need a little help with ideas. I swear I couldn't do it!! Not that I tried that hard to talk to her. Why do guys do this?! They never think about how the girls feels?! A missing phonecall!
  7. Gus the redneck stripper. Drama in paradise. In the end Becca will only stand by one side.
  8. Og no Robert! Nice screens!
  9. Biggest secret is that cop's just pull you over to get a good look on your face. In all the darkness that's is with Becca there is still some light. Beccas wrinkles are all from laughter.Except those lines between her eyebrows... those are her WTF?! lines, and those things are deep. Its only the "family" of Becca that she would do anything for even if it would cost. Becca - the vet, designer and now the one that comforts strippers. Rude people are the worst and that includes Becca too. No one would eve
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