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  1. Interesting in Bobcat XL Send me an email at [email protected] ((FORUM PM)) or call me on 95458261.
  2. I know, he letting his woman do all the work. Quality RP thought
  3. An halway I never got to finish cause I went innactive
  4. When it comes to be legal I would say when I used to be Ellie and she didn't know that her father was the boss of a mafia faction. It was so funny to see how the factionmembers kept it a secret for so long and how they talked about business around her without saying it directly. She was my 99% legal char with the twist of her fucked up family. Lots of funny RP from a few people from the FD every time the gym was put on fire and Ellie had to figure a way to to explain it to them without them knowing it was a war. Not to speak about when civilians dated the factionmembers from Martorano and causing jealousy on Ellie cause she had to have a babysitter cus of a war. All the family drama, girl drama and what not made it worth it. Specially since Ellie was just the sweetest girl in the beginning when she was just trying to make her father proud by working in the gym but actually got Chaddy Daddy's fitness dancing in there but her father hated gay people and Chad was gay. It was just once but was the best gym experience I ever had. But when it comes to the illegal the best business RP I ever done was Animal Ark and the char development me and Nayeli got together. We used weeks of RP where Nay being forced to operate on humans and Rebecca didn't want that to happen. Not to talk about in the end where Nay had to hide from this biker and Becca just tried her best to help. Us doing vet RP was so fun and I really wish it could be a thing. Both of these factions has bring me so many good memories. Animal Ark never got to the part where it got official. So far its been my best experience on the server and some certain people from Martorano, FD and Animal Ark I absolute love ❀️
  5. *Username: Iz. *Verified Customer Yes Product: Acer Aspire 3. *Product Rating 10/10. *Service Rating 9/10. Comment: Really nice people who took their time to talk about the product they were selling even thought it did cost alot of money. Also asking way to much about what I was using the laptop for but its okay. I guess that's custom service. They only get a 9 on the service rating cause they used so long to go to the backroom to get the laptop for me and I was being in a rush. Also didn't wanna sell me the retro machine which I really wanted 😭
  6. Love your mapping πŸ˜„
  7. Really nice consept and quality screens πŸ˜„ Love it! ❀️
  8. Next industrial apartment I been working on that is completed. Here I been focusing that the light looks nice and not to much light in the evening and also its the first apartment I been mapping inside a building to keep it as accurate at what floor it is on. Its by far one of my favorite projects I have or are working on. Also went maybe a little bit to much into the detailing. Most of the stuff I map is customized cause I don't want it to look like anything done ig. The bedroom on the other hand I didn't detail as much as I have done on the kitchen or bathroom which took me longer than expected. Here its maybe 10-20 objects in total including walls and such but the kitchen is 100-150 objects. But then again I don't like mapping bedrooms that much. Also livingroom I didn't detail that much. Open for suggestion on what I can fix to make it look better. Thanks to @Scaryxo for helping me fix the animation.
  9. Omg @Gregaaa and @Jovis there 😭 One of the funniest RPers I known. Nice SS too.
  10. Giving you a πŸ‘ since I can't react anymore. I know who I am gonna call now when my char is in trouble, nice screens.
  11. First solo work took me 3 week ish and I never got the SS of the bedrooms I done there ( if you own it and see this I would love to get the SS of the bedrooms there)
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