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  1. Not everyone's an alcoholic lol. If the only businesses that open in a single area are dusty ass bars then no wonder why the area's dead. We do need more businesses that CREATE RP like I said, actual stores. The fact that the only business that isn't a bar that actually opens in the area is a ARCADE is lowkey depressing.
  2. There's about like 6 different bars in Sandy Shores in general. The only one that opens up at least ONCE a week is Trippy's. Honestly what we need more of is shops and restaurants, I've been suggesting that for a while but whenever it was mentioned IC and OOC it was automatically turned down lmao
  3. Like I said on my previous comment that got deleted apparently. I'm all for seeing southerner characters as long as the portrayal's right. And as I said previously-previously, Sandy Shores is full of EVERYTHING, personally, I like seeing the diversity as long as certain characters are being portrayed in the right manner. Otherwise the only problem in Sandy left would be the illegal factions that power trip, I really think they don't understand that not everyone is into illegal stuff which is quite annoying.
  4. Said this once and Ima say it again, we're in Desert Shores (Known as Sandy Shores in GTA5), realistically it's really just a community of people trying to live their lives. Judging by your Facebrowser posts along with the other people you've attracted to make almost trollish looking and sounding characters (No offense, it's the way a lot of people see it), it really just makes everyone else in the area look bad. Would also love to state that Desert Shores was never mentioned once in that video you posted, you named places that don't matter when it comes to this argument. Don't be upset when people actually start to notice you and when/if you get outcasted. TLDR: It doesn't really matter, don't expect your character to be welcomed with open arms if that's the case.
  5. Sports cars, hell no. Gold chains? Why not? There's plenty of business opportunities (though no one wants to take them). You could be anyone and live your life however you like in the county as long as it makes sense. Hell, I started my character off poor and after a good year of playing and now she's properly earned her wealth due to her artistic ways. Because it's the county and not the country, most of those stereotypical "Fuck my cousin" characters really ruin the whole scene. The only reason why you and other people seem to think that is because of how GTA5 portrayed it. Sandy Shores is based off of California's "Desert Shores", which is really just a normal community full of normal people trying to live their normal life. You're gonna have your crack smokers, your meth tokers, your nerds, your bikers and all of the above. The basis of Sandy Shores being full of mainly ONLY illegal rpers being bikers and "mafiosos" that think they fully "run" the county instead of welcoming more legal rpers (that would brighten and liven up the scene) with open arms is a genuine problem as well.
  6. They used to ignore shit, not sure what the case is but if that IS the case then good for them. This still doesn't excuse the fact that I've literally seen random people that barely rp in the county pop out of one of the houses or trailers that could actually be used by someone who's ACTUALLY rping in the area.
  7. I have before, that's the thing. PM usually forgets or doesn't care lol.
  8. You're right to some extent but city characters usually end up disturbing the peace actually. At one point we literally had a huge group of quirky goth femchars with stutters and sports cars showing up which really ruined a lot. This too, it's really just the fact that people are stuck in their own little world of thinking these spots are in the middle of butt-fuck Kentucky lol. Like I said before, a good 75-80% of the factions are power hungry and/or tend to go on a power trip sometimes. I think probably the only problem with Paleto is the fact that you got mostly city characters owning a house up there just to say "Hey I got MONEY, I have a vacation house look at me.", or usually just the same stereotypical clone character either being in FD that has dyed hair and little to no personality or once again (not being toxic, just stating the norm, again.), a country character. Now, there's nothing wrong with being from Texas or Kentucky or whatever, but it does get old when everyone and their mother thinks it's cool to implement that into an area that has so much more potential. In Sandy? I expect to see freaks, geeks, normal people, mentally ill people, bikers, and maybe even some "real 'muricans", but it seems like people really just enjoy sticking to the same old shit that ruins that experience.
  9. County roleplay has been destroyed by people who enjoy making typical "Yee-haw /me tips his cowboy hat and jingles his spurs" aka country characters (even though we're in the county and not the country), people buying trailers only to use their exterior mapping kits to build HUGE walls around them, property hoarders, literally no other businesses than 2 pawnshops and 12 bars which barely even open, factions power tripping and jumping to conclusions towards every character assuming that their forte is doing illegal deeds (because what's legal rp??), and the list honestly goes on. County roleplay had so much potential and was actually extremely enjoyable at one point. But due to a hefty amount of the residents, businesses, lack of research AND inactivity, county roleplay is sadly dying out into a big mess. (I'm not being toxic I swear, I'm simply just stating what it is.)
  10. Can we use Panda Points to get access to walkstyles?? that would be pretty baller
  11. It's all yours! Please provide your number so I can further contact you about the final sale.
  12. ((I'd appreciate if you could maybe send me your character story and why you believe you should get this house, I'm only looking to sell this to someone who wants to RP in the area or who have been there for a long time waiting for a house for themself, thanks!)) Noted.
  13. This spacious Rancho home comes with a nice little backyard and decently sized garage, located right across from the units. All other information is provided below. ((Interior Pictures -https://imgur.com/a/U0MEdky)) BUYOUT - $283,457 ((OOC Info)) ((I have every right to deny any offers or to close the bid if I feel the need to.))
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