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  1. ((This is just a showcase about the developing of our project. Business topic: Soon Discord: https://discord.gg/wg2r2D8bRP)).
  2. White Coil Raiden used for business purpose now for sale. It's a great car for youngest and people who gonna make a difference in the world driving an electric card and help to contain urban pollution. 521 m/i - 10 Days of Insurance. More info by clicking here. Make your offer or contact me via email or phone at 4331.
  3. If I'm not wrong, you can see the expiry date on UCP > Characters > Pick the one where the premium is active > Under "Details" or "Attributes".
  4. Personal experience with the new system: My Platinum is expired, and the new adv system works so bad with a jewelry. So, if you don't have /bad or /blip you can only send a /cad every 60 minutes with poor results.
  5. Selling a cozy, one-bedroom apartment with a nice view from the city. Great building with garage and pool, near the Bank, 24/7, gym and University. Market Price: 200.000$ Furniture Worth: 759494 Starting: 350.000$ Buyout: 675.000$ Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/ez4Aoy7 Exterior: (( OOC Info )):
  7. LEAVE A REVIEW Your feedback is very valuable to us! Stars: [⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐] Username: Comment: Stars: [⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐|⭐] Username: Comment:
  8. Quindi.. Esiste sto server di italiani?
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