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  1. The boat is well maintained and as good as new, barely being used 10 miles. The purchase won't entail with any insurance cost. Bidding starts at 280,000$ Buyout is set to 320,000$ Auction will end in two days after the last bid.
  2. The modding part is irrelevant since mods do stay on lease renewals but yeah, I do agree. It'd be easy if base lease prices as well as the renewals just included part of the insurance cost, perhaps 50% of the insurance could be just added to the lease prices and they get insured at the same time too.
  3. If you have your forum account linked to your UCP, you can change it via the ucp for 30 world points. Alternatively, you can simply make another account.
  4. You've went an extra mile with these journals. Very well done.
  5. Flow


    Classic Perry.
  6. Phil never had the makings to hire hospital staff, I guess he coped. Very neat regardless.
  7. Come a long way, nice stuff man.
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