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  1. Flow

    discussed more than enough already, posting just to vote yes bring the snow
  2. Whatever happened was roleplayed. Two were given back to me and from what I recall I had one on me already.
  3. UCP / Login Name: flow Character Name:Cody Jones Items & Amount Lost 1x Machine Pistol, 3x Pistol Ammo, Switchblade Exact time and date: Roughly on 16th? Reason: Equipped items wipe,It was probably due to an unexpected server restart when I was on, however do not quote me for this. It had been a while since I had it equipped and it shouldn't have been so, so I apologize to an extent for the trouble. I do not have any screens of it being in my inventory. I put down the only one I had when I received it but I'd appreciate if this is taken to the logs & helped with. Thanks in advance. Evidence:
  4. Flow

    Aspiring fighter? Got what it takes? Applications now open. https://goo.gl/forms/rifXRsT497CXk63A2
  5. Flow

    Character name: Cody Jones (Prop owned by Kristen Olsen, posting on behalf of them) UCP name: Flow (Discord name?): 0BSCUR3#8266 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1676 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Terrace
  6. Flow

    ahaha nice character will follow this one! The slum's called dharavi btw
  7. Flow

  8. Flow

    Birth of the Hoxha Organization. 03/JULY/2018 During Rustem’s frequent visits to Albania, Adnan Hoxha, another notorious local mobster had a close watch on Rustem as well as his family. Although they never met, Adnan had a track of almost every Morina operation in Albania. Due to managing to keep a clean legal record, he had a few tourists visits to America wherein he studied the legal fronts & operations of the existing Albanian crew, but he didn’t act. He knew that the ruthless hotheads would fall which turned out right. Back to LS - The Morina organization with it’s ups & downs managed to make good money & continued moving on for several years, until a dutch problem came up, turned out that Bek’s first jail didn’t quite change his life. Caught up, he was gone for imprisonment. Ardy took the bullet & failed to make it & Rustem was emotionally destroyed losing his nephew, & learning about his son. Upon investigation, several properties used as legal covers were seized & started to be auctioned off. The news was all over Los Santos & hometown Albania was no exception. When the 29 year old realized that this is the moment he’d been waiting for, it clicked for him. Making immediate plans to flee for the states & with the hopes of starting something big, he was off to the land of opportunity. The moment of expansion had snapped together & came touching his feet. Wasting no time, he fled to the US & with all the money trafficked up in the homeland, he bought out various legal fronts some previously owned by Morina’s themselves & started laundering instantly. No one seems to know or figure out the new owner, due to Adnan operative extremely secretively & delicate. A new quest for him starts as he hopes to rebuild a structure of his way of operations.
  9. Why not let people post on a thread and then you decide, it'd be a nice showcase thread for everyone to look at. Good that this things back nevertheless.
  10. Flow

    No way, bbl
  11. Flow

    Arse over Tit
  12. Flow

    hehe xd
  13. Flow

    For those saying take it ic, why even bother when there's no government set up, if there's enough people wanting it oocly then make it an IC law and when there'll be a government faction the faction will have the power to keep the law or not..
  14. Flow

    I can tell it took you a while to come up with the great artwork, thread looks neat and so is the theme. Good luck.