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  1. Flow


    I found his comic...
  2. i love u dear sir


  3. Yeah, let's keep crossing concepts out as if there is an active LCN family, an Irish-American OCG in the west coast or anywhere near it. Let's also come up with a ratio & limit the number of characters for each descent based on the LA population. I can go on and on, but the quoted post really sums it all up. Point being, if someone is coming off reasonable, doing their own thing, respecting all the server rules in the process, there's absolutely nothing wrong in letting them have a shot. If they start going completely out of line, they can always be shut. If they're subpar in general, they won't get any traction and eventually die out.
  4. Flow

    Seaside ABZ

    Recall the last time this was a thing and it was well done. Do it justice, good luck guys.
  5. Looks good. Come a long way with this character, keep taking it farther.
  6. Flow

    Outlaws Motorcycle Club

    Neat, good luck guys.
  7. Can't say I know much about nortenos but I have to agree. If we're speaking LCN and being completely realistic the only thing that'd be approved for a strict LA lore at the very best is a group of wiseguys having their money in a bunch of businesses as investment bankers, no families, no crews. There's also multiple other official concepts that I can name that'd never really flourish west coast, point being if someone has a good grasp of what they're trying to portray then why not let them have a shot.
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