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  1. Flow

    Thanks to @LSNN for a recent article.
  2. Flow

    Ha, I meant to say just keep your undershirt to be 15. The rest, you can choose for yourself. Basically, if you're having an outfit with a single layer, like a Polo, or a T shirt, you go for undershirt 15, and pick whatever shirt you like. If there's multiple layers, like jackets, coats and such, you can again pick the outer layer with the shirt, and inner with the undershirt. Be it either one of these two, torso has tweaks that will help you ensure that there's nothing clipping through each other. Hope that helps
  3. Flow

    @paulus Hey, the upper half of the outfit is basically a set of values put together for the shirt, undershirt, and torso. If you get undershirt 15, it'll be the invisible variant, and if you fiddle with the torso value, you can pick an appropriate such that the skin doesn't clip through the shirt.
  4. Flow

    Some quality ground level characters as of late, keep the ball rolling guys.
  5. Flow

    ** You'd either run into one of the many posters around Vespucci or an internet advertisement ** Vespucci Sports is excited to announce that they are once again collaborating with the City Government for an event where fitness and well-being are at the forefront. Tabitha Grace of the Government tells us: "I think this is really good thing for people. This Mt. Chiliad hike offers not only vital exercise, but a chance to breathe in fresh air and clear your mind." The 'Conquer Mt. Chiliad' challenge follows a previous collaborative effort between Vespucci Sports and the City Government: the highly successful San Andreas Winter Triathlon. "The Rockford Administration looks forward to continuing its partnership with Vespucci Sports to host happenings where one's personal well-being takes priority. These exercise-motivated events offer unique opportunities for the people to participate in," Grace concludes. Fresh air, exercise, and breathtaking views: the benefits offered by Sunday's Mt. Chiliad hike come in abundance. This Sunday at 4:00 PM. Free of charge.
  6. Flow

    I hear you, never took the post that way lol. And sure, feel free to reach out to me at currylord#9879
  7. Flow

    Nice to see some genuine interest on this line of roleplay. Thanks for the mention or I would've more than likely missed this @Henning Anyway, I've made a number of fights happen on the server since a couple years now. So I'll be happy to shed some light on this on the general response we see from the players as well as fighters. First off, as much as I hate to say this, heavy text based roleplay is what we all signed up for, but it simply doesn't work as efficient when it comes to fighting. The /me examples you pulled, our emotes would usually be of a higher quality, due to which it'd take a lot of time for each hit to go back and forth. So as for a viewer, it definitely starts to get boring and passive, no doubt about that. Coming on to the suggestion, it's something I had over my head a few times, but never really put any effort into. It's going to aid in a few things, make it more entertaining, we can get creative and back the match with some commentary, crowd chants and shouts, and just play it all with the cinema script in the arena. Another major issue was co-ordinating times for each fighter, giving everybody on the roster a fair chance to make their mark, this would help with the same too since they won't have to be present, but there'll still be a problem of tracking and maintaining balanced stats for fighters. You have to provide an edge to people putting in more work, but at the same time see to it an underdog can outperform too in a rare occurrence, so it's all going to be a headache if you go on with this. All in all, it's got its ups and downs. If the cinema script is fixed and you're motivated in the long run to maintain and keep balanced stats, I could see it might play well, but it's going to come with a few headaches to the point you might get this is getting too much to handle for a game, I've been there myself. It comes down to the question are you really driven to pour into it for the long run, and something you wish to dedicate yourself to, for a game. I couldn't handle it so we're just roleplaying bare knuckles with gta v mechanics fights, but maybe you could.
  8. Hey @RonanTheRefugee Although it seems iffy with the rockstar version, it's possible. You can refer to this thread, where a workaround is explained for this.
  9. Flow

    Hey @Dexterity Are you able to play on GTA V singleplayer normally?
  10. Flow

    Looking great so far. Nice touch with the mother bit.
  11. Reminds of me Jarrod lmfao. Good shit as always.