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  1. Flow

    Was wondering how helpful this would be, and only to find someone's done all the work. Props!
  2. Flow

    I respect that, no worries at all. And I got it, again apologies for having you go through everything and rule-breaking of course. Thanks for the time. Here it goes.
  3. Flow

    Cheers for the quick reply, appreciated. I'll go on with what you've asked from most recent to as far as I can recall. I had received a motorbike from one of Gambler's characters as soon as I started Valdrin Agimi, just to get him around and a vehicle to start with, and it was planned that I return him as soon I have the base paychecks, though it wasn't transferred between characters, it still wasn't roleplayed. I believe I had paid Eli Davenport a sum to help them get started with their character. I have paid Adi Begovic multiple times money without roleplay, though it was OOC being for the interior objects, since he's working an interior out for me. I'll also add if it counts for anything that I owed Gambler's character 30 grand for the drugs provided to Valdrin, but due to me not being able to login for a couple days due to personal reasons, Rinor Istrefi paid them the same amount and I transferred it to Rinor as soon as I got back & able to play, though this is condemned & regretted too not being roleplayed. As for a transfer, I've had one pistol transferred from one of the characters I deleted a month ago to Cody which I'm more than willing to be wiped.
  4. Flow

    Apologies @Keane, typed this out really late without even realizing I'm logged in, I'll add some more input to the explanation. Ever since a year and a half I've been on the server, all I've done is tried & provided roleplay not only to me but as many people I can as I go. Be it the MP dealership food truck on my Italian last summer which led to 50+ interactions and led to a very interesting plot, the restaurant or Alpha Fitness wherein several characters partook and developed their characters around a sport. The intentions behind the drug transfer weren't any different, we had a small clique planned out in Vespucci who would supply drugs on a small scale & roleplay along, which we did. The purpose of the transfer (as obvious it is by now) was not to stack money up on a character. Don't get me wrong, I do not try to justify myself by any means, the way of going about it was horrible. Though I had roleplayed every bit of the transfer, it's definitely something that I, as a player should not take upon me and consulted an admin / done a request before proceeding. I'm ready to comply and do all that's necessary to nullify it by a wipe and I'm worthy of the same. That said, I truly apologize to the server causing any harm to the economy by my silly behavior & of course due to breaking the rule. Other than this which I don't want to be repetitive about the previous ban wasn't for anything similar & was reversed, which I will go into detail if necessary. I still have great plans on the server & ideas to flourish more IC events & roleplay in general, a lot of it which was planned very soon. Thus, do hope this is considered - thanks.
  5. Flow

    Terrific, county looking better than ever. Keep at it boys
  6. Flow

    i suggested simplifying this a long while ago any update @-Andreas? 😛
  7. Flow

    I will bump this.
  8. Flow

    ---- the other day ----
  9. Flow

    bonus- random banter @[email protected]