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  1. Flow

    Hey @Dexterity Are you able to play on GTA V singleplayer normally?
  2. Flow

    Looking great so far. Nice touch with the mother bit.
  3. Reminds of me Jarrod lmfao. Good shit as always.
  4. Flow

    Considering the fact that it's 2020 and not 1955, I believe the situations should be escalated slow and one step a time. I might be missing something out but disputes into bloodbaths should usually be a no-go & an absolute last resort.
  5. Flow

    "So what I'm alive now!" Fun archetype, looking forward to where this goes.
  6. Flow

    Hey @Waterflaps. That's not supposed to happen and very strange. When you purchase a surgery and haircut and save them to all outfits, it's meant to be applied to them throughout the course of you having the character and not deleting it. It has to be some bug that'll be hard to reciprocate and dig into. Are you able to switch between outfits back and forth till the time you're logged on, meaning do they save normally as far as you're online?
  7. Hey @jcat Have you tried this?
  8. *You'd run into several posters & online advertisements* Vespucci Sports is proud to present the 2020 Winter Triathlon! We have been working tirelessly to realize our goal of a healthier society, and we are very happy to take this first step towards that goal! First and foremost, this is a fun and pressure-free event for both first-timers and experienced triathletes alike, but we are offering cash prizes & free subscriptions for the first three to finish the triathlon! This event is a Government sanctioned event in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs.
  9. Just ban erp, kappa. If it's a minor and an adult, its all besides the point, anyone trying should be taken out asap and is simply a matter of common courtesy. But overall I'm all for this personally. @Centi hit the nail on the head to add to it further.
  10. Flow

    All those trial bump-ups are very well deserved, saw them in and around almost everyday. Congratulations to everybody.
  11. Flow

    If you consent your CK to a faction, that's besides the point. The leadership may have you out whenever they feel like it's time for your character to go, though I assume you refer to the CK application system. You can read in-depth about it in the application link I'll leave down below, though the gist remains that there should be extremely solid reasoning & an escalated storyline prior deciding to CK someone. There are several questions you can ask yourself like, Who was the victim involving himself with? Were they given enough chances before deciding the hit as a final resort? Did the victim know what they were involved in and the stakes of it, how long has the tension between the parties been for, and so forth.