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Found 3 results

  1. Louie Mo-fan Luk (born December 8th 19**), known as Lucky Louie is a prominent criminal figure within Little Seoul’s Chinese underworld with ties to the now defunct Golden Tiger Gang, and is believed to be the acting liaison between the Hip Sing Association (Tong) and the Chinese street gangs. Personal life Louie was raised in Little Seoul’s Palomino Avenue above the popular restaurant chain The Peking Duck by parents Nicky and April Chu up until the age of eight when Nicky Luk brutally wounded April Chu over an escalated row in 2002. Nicky Luk was later charged with assault and served six months in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility and fined $1,000. Louie Luk’s father, Nicky Luk, was a notable figure in Little Seoul’s underworld that, at the time, was predominantly Hispanic and Korean heavy in regards to racket control between the 1980s and late 1990s. Nicky Luk pioneered a “taxing ring” made up of exclusively local Chinese thieves that would rob from the local Korean drug dealers and then sell to the Big Circle Gang, a Triad operating largely out of Canada. This caught the attention of Peter Chong - an organized crime figure who was leading the infamous Wo Hop To takeover. Chong’s goal was to tie all Asian gangs under one umbrella across North America and Los Santos was under his radar. The uproar within Little Seoul created by Nicky Luk to defend his Chinese counterparts from the growing Korean influence was gaining reputation, and thus Chong wished to ally with Nicky Luk’s crew. Nicky, already establishing connections with the Big Circle Gang, refused, to Chong’s discontent. In 1993, August 3rd at approximately 11:30PM, an assassination attempt on Nicky Luk was conducted where two gunmen discharged at Nicky’s vehicle. April Chu was in the passenger and pregnant with Louie. Nicky was able to drive away whilst the gunfire rained on the vehicle, however Nicky was struck in the neck and twice in the chest whilst April suffered gunshot wounds to her shoulder and leg. Nicky raced the two of them to the hospital and both were immediately treated. April miraculously recovered, dubbing the unborn Louie Luk “Lucky Louie”, however Nicky suffered from a crushed larynx which meant he was bound to an electrolarynx - a medical device about the size of a small electric razor used to produce clearer speech by those people who have lost their voice box. After Nicky assaulted April the pair separated whilst Nicky was incarcerated, all while Nicky was facing indictments for involvement in organized crime. Louie’s mother entertained the underworld and accepted the royalties that came from the infamous tale of the 1993 assassination attempt. Attractive and young, April was twelve years Nicky’s senior - she fell for the charm and flattery of other criminal figures within Little Seoul after her split with Nicky. Louie was unwelcoming to the wave of men that visited their home, carrying a sour taste after what had happened with his father, resenting him for the assault. Louie spent a lot of time with the Chinese youth gangs to stay away from his home, one in particular gave Louie the opportunity to become a “blood brother”, an initiated member of the Golden Tiger Gang when he was twelve years old. Criminal activity At the age of 18, Louie was sentenced to three years for gang related crimes in 2011. While incarcerated, Louie hooked up with a Ghee Kung Tong (a San Fierro criminally influenced association) enforcer Eugene Kwok who dubbed Louie as “The Poser” upon their first interaction. Offended by the remark, as well as confining it to prison culture, Louie quickly reacted and fought Kwok in the mess hall. Afterwards the pair became close friends and joined up with the Hispanic cliques who welcomed the outcast Asians so long as they did their bidding. At the bottom of the pecking order both Louie and Eugene would aid the Hispanic prison gangs in smuggling various items into the prison itself. Louie was released in 2014. In 2019 Louie was under investigation for the murder of three Chinese underworld figures including Teddy Wong, Ralph Jyun and Victor Ly in what was believed to be retaliation to the murder of Benjamin Huang. The FBI suspects that Huang was murdered by Wong’s outfit as a part of a takeover engineered by Wong himself. Louie Luk was under suspicion due to his known affiliation with Eugene Kwok who operated under Huang. The investigation against Louie Luk was dropped in 2020 and the case remains unsolved.
  2. Philip Fong (born December 8th, 1990) is a 30 year old second generation Chinese-American and criminal figure within Little Seoul. He’s a stocky 5’9 man with distinctive rounded facial features that compliment his chubby, bulky build. He has noticeable pockmark/acne scarring ridden across his cheeks. Fong grew up in Little Seoul, Los Santos, born into a lower class household; his father a butcher and his mother a hairdresser. Little Seoul, famous for its nightlife, was a popular hub (particularly in the 90s) for drug related incidents in relation to many of the party goers; cocaine and ecstasy flooded the neighborhood. Philip excelled in his studies with minimal effort but took particular interest in chemistry in his early teens, all around the same time he moved into high school and befriended a group of boys with little interest even participating in the system of schooling — instead they were hooligans, and Philip was a thrill seeker. Philip's grades took a hit whilst his networking and street sense gained. His natural charismatic charm and sense of humor allowed him to work the room with anybody, from the teachers to the gangsters, although he preferred the latter. Philip Fong was dubbed “gau sau 教授” or “Little Professor” due to his natural academics. Despite being what most perceived as a “nerd”, Fong was able to move around the derogatory by proving himself to the hoodlums. He engaged in numerous illicit, blue collar activities. Stealing dust caps off of vehicles was the trendy crime at the time for a fourteen year old in Little Seoul, and Fong procured the finest collection. This small rampage caught up with Philip one night, Fong was caught by local police and was taken home with a verbal warning issued by said officers. Philip Fong’s parents were gobsmacked, and typically of Chinese parenting, Fong was lectured, hammered, and ultimately grounded for six months. Naturally Philip’s grades improved but his interest in chemistry was not as intense. Without real passion for the subject, Fong still managed to excel and teachers were excited for the young man’s future. While in college one teacher in particular encouraged Philip to explore a scholarship opportunity. His grades and aptitude allowed him the opportunity and thus, a year later, Fong was on his way to ULSA to study biochemistry. After a year into his tenure at ULSA, Philip vacated to San Fierro for the summer to reside with his cousins in Chinatown — Butch and Sammy Fong. Fong once again became a product of the environment, mislead and gullible. Philip’s cousins were operating in a local gang providing muscle for a particular Ghee Kung Tong. Slowly but surely, over the course of the summer, Philip Fong started gaining face within the criminal branch of the Tong. After the summer concluded, an easily influenced Philip fell into the manipulation bestowed upon him by the gang members. They would push and press Philip to take part in whatever it was they were conducting, even during the academic year. Thus Philip’s grades took another hit by being easily attracted to the streets. An MDMA escapade initiated the moment he took his first pill, and thus Philip indulged into drugs, alcohol, sex and partying. Two years into his studies, Fong was projected not to complete his bachelor's degree to his maximum potential. Dr. Jason Perry, a lecturer of his, pulled him to one side ensuring Philip that should he complete the course, he would be a highly sought after student due to his academical knack for the subject. Philip however did not take this wisdom to heart and continued to maliciously stain his reputation and aptitude whilst at ULSA — he later dropped out. Philip began working at his local BettaLife Pharmaceuticals in Little Seoul, moving back into his parents' home. In order to entertain his thrill seeking habits, Fong began conducting under-the-counter deals, prescribing drugs such as xanax to locals who forged their signatures, profiting substantially. This opened the door for Philip within the shadows of Little Seoul's criminal branch to clique up with some of the local gangs, and most importantly, party fanatics. Fong lived for the binge weekends and MDMA escapades, which eventually created a gateway to more class A drugs such as cocaine. During this time period, members of the Golden Tiger Gang gave Fong the nickname “Jaws” due to what was known as “gurning” while under the influence; the act of one's jaw vibrating, clenching or protruding. This happens whilst under the influence of various drugs such as MDMA, Ecstasy, Speed etc. The morning after gurning all evening is very painful, and this is how people ruin their teeth on drugs. Philip Fong’s teeth became abnormally sharp, which only reinforced the alias. Another side effect of Philip’s excessive lifestyle, particularly with MDMA, was that he developed a slight lisp. It is only assumed that the effects MDMA can take around your mouth and jaw had an effect on the muscles of his tongue also, which unfortunately developed the speech impediment. Eventually, members of the Golden Tiger Gang would go down on heroin charges, including some of his close friends who he was indebted to. Other members of the Golden Tiger Gang accused Philip of "snitching" due to being unable to pay off his debts, which led to some unpleasant altercations. Around the same time, Fong befriended a local businessman, Jesse Ho, who looked after the young outcast that Philip had become. Despite the external pressure Philip was facing from the infamous Golden Tiger Gang, he maintained ground within Little Seoul and continued to operate behind the counter of BettaLife Pharmaceuticals. Declaring falsified prescriptions was still very much a part of Philip’s income, or rice bowl — Philip was turning over thousands of illicit dollars per month on top of his legitimate income, which then only followed by emptying his ill gotten gains on the excesses Philip had succumbed to. A year had passed and suddenly Philip felt an unnerving sense that he was under the eyes of his colleagues, as if a hawk was watching his every move. Suspicions arose within the pharmacy in regards to the volume of stock they were clearing. To try and steer the attention away from the situation, Philip toned down his operation followed by quitting the pharmacy two months later. Paranoid and almost penniless, Philip turned to the Black Lotus Gang, more specifically, Alfred Lau, for a loan of $7,500 to cover himself for six months to a year whilst he went on the low — very much to Jesse Ho’s disapproval.
  3. This thread will be following the character development of Mitchell "Pencil Neck" Zhao.
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