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  1. That is a juicy screen, so nice if they are mods please shoot a pm to me ❤️
  2. Vespucci Beach, a beautiful location of Los Santos full of sun sea, cocaine and platform shoes.
  3. Good luck with this guys, watching.
  4. Yeah, completely agree with this, It will make war's more manageable and stop it from turning into an absolute DM fest ruining any immersion or RP. At the moment Tongan Crips vs Hoovers is a really really pointless war, but it's on going, 11 people have been banned from the Hoovers side for rulebreaks, and I still believe that if this approach was taken there wouldn't of been such a problem in the first place. Not knocking FM in any way shape or form here but I definitely believe they need a more active role amongst war's and such deciding terms between the two opposition and setting rules etc, so your comments on stuff such as Allie's having to fill something out to request involvement and such would be a great way of implementing that. Anyway just my two cents but I'm glad somebody addressed the elephant in the room.
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