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  1. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: White man... Puts even they own people onna streets... Disgusting how FAR greed and injustice go... Homeless man I pray you, come and seek Jah's temple for LIGHT
  2. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: We live in stolen land.... stolen through greed and violence (settlers and colonizers) Police and white man are the problem. Dangerous cattle behavior.. always try to kill my people (genocide).. Is any wonder black man (and ooman) feel unsafe... Black lives matter
  3. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: haha wyfolx mad. I am BLACK, I am DANGER, I AM BULL.
  4. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment:Das rite. I man dem never hurt nobody. Why oyinbo ooman attack I and I wid insult? Why throw the first stone. Righteously, Ras Baba Black.
  5. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: Very detailing articles. Baba Black fact check and approve. #BLACKED
  6. I miss my beard as well.. It's gone
  7. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: As BLACK man this very true and not surprise, because America history. American White man always racist... look at stealing land from Native America, kidnap my brother and sister from Africa, enslave and kill dem with predator police force after slavery illegal... Not surprise that Nazi Trump supporter mad they lose election war and murder my people now... Trump allow them for TOO LONG to behave like ANIMAL. Ban Republican party before CIVIL WAR and more casualties of war on BLACK man
  8. *Bababunmi Karaboga reports all pro-.police comments for Hate Speech to LSNN*
  9. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: No. Police protect corporate interests (like always) No harm done by protest (where proof??). Police take violence, protesters no. Stop corporate America + consumerism before it consume YOU. Also Biden president and Biden2024 ez election win, nazi
  10. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: Very disgust how many nazi + murder sympathizer in comments now... Raid? Can't stop progress. RIP man who killed.
  11. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: Very violence, very deadly, very evil... I gots hurting big time in the protest... Police want to kill (disgusting)
  12. Username: BabaBlack420 Comment: I attend protest... The country I immigrating to has... DEAD.. The police try to kill I and I. Where is love? Where is freedom? It all go down in a fire... FREE CANNABIS NOT FIX THE SYSTEM PROBLEM, MR. POLITICIANMAN!!!!!! - Baba Black
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